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03-24-2007, 01:15 PM
1. Rebel Rap Family
2. We Can't Be Stopped
3. Homie Don't Play That
4. Another Nigger In The Morgue
5. Chuckie
6. Mind Playing Tricks On Me
7. I'm Not A Gentleman
8. Gota Let Your Nuts Hang
9. Fuck A War
10. Ain't With Being Broke
11. Quickie
12. Punk-Bitch Game
13. The Other Level
14. Trophy

03-24-2007, 01:17 PM
thats a hardcore fucking album The best Geto Boys record Scarface is on fire on this one and the beats are dark and fit well

03-28-2007, 04:54 PM
Willie D is my favorite group member. He always tells the truth and he don't give a damn who doesn't like what he says LOL. I was listening to I'm Not A Gentleman song yesterday. That song is so funny. Willie D is crazy LOL. Peep out the funny lyrics.

Ladies first. Who the fuck made up that shit? 9 times outta 10, it was a bitch LOL. I'm coming at you like this cause your pussy ain't no more important than my dick miss LOL. I'm not your muthafucking dog LOL. I won't run to you at your every beck and call. Bitches act like they handicapped. Want me to open doors, pull up chairs and all that hahahahahahahahahaha. I'm the muthafucking gangsta of love so how you gon rub me like i'm some kind of scrub? Think your pussy made of gold? Well it's not. You couldn't get a dime for it at the pawn shop LOL. I won't pack your bags out the store. Nor will i take you to a play or a musical whore LOL. And break my neck to be extra polite. I'll take your muthafucking ass to a chicken fight LOL. If it get cold, you gon sneeze cause i ain't giving you my coat so i can freeze LOL. People say my manners are minimal. I'm from the ghetto ho. I'm not a muthafucking gentleman LOL.

I'm not a muthafucking gentleman. I told you that in the first rap. Hell naw i won't remove my cap when i go to your mom's crib, it's on my grill LOL. T shirt, sneakers and jeans is how i feel. Your mom grit her dentures cause i be eating with my hands and not the proper utensils hahahahahahahaha. I don't give a damn if you ain't got a seat. My feet hurt too. You ain't no better than me LOL. Stand your ass up LOL. Wait your fucking time LOL. I don't give a fuck if your 9 or 99 LOL. Drop something if you want to freak and i won't leap to pick it up like a geek. I'm a let you bend over so i can see that ass LOL. I might laugh, giggle or grin. You can say Willie D is out to win. People say my manners are minimal. I'm from the ghetto ho. I'm not a muthafucking gentleman LOL.

I'm not a gentleman or a nice guy or a good fella. I'll straight up tell a bitch to suck my dick LOL. Fuck that beating around the bush shit hahahahahahahahahahahaha. When i go see a ho, i don't knock on the door LOL. When we go to a restaurant, i don't let her pick it cause she'll try to choose the one most expensive LOL. You don't like it when i walk in the front zone. Well slow punk ass ho, bring your ass on hahahahahahaha. You say i disrespect women like i'm crazy but every woman ain't a muthafucking lady LOL. I treat a ho like a ho and a bitch like a bitch and a lady like a lady but i don't sip dom perignon or listen to Luther or Kenny G. It's Geto Boys and Jubilee LOL. You won't catch me holding hands at the shopping mall. If i'm real sweaty, you know i'm getting them draws LOL.

Willie D is off the hook hahahahahahahahaha. Ya'll should peep his solo albums Controversy, I'm Goin Out Like A Soldier, Play Witcha Mama, Loved By Few Hated By Many, Unbreakable. All of these albums are good to me.

03-28-2007, 09:46 PM
classic...anything else is retarded

04-04-2007, 07:36 AM
Classic for this one. Very important album.