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03-27-2007, 12:56 PM
Vission Is The Ability To See What Is Invisible To Others !!!!
Peace -all My Peoples ...just Finished Up The Hell Raza Video Featuring Myself ,r.a The Rugged Man An Timbo ......didnt See The Finished Version Yet ....but Shyt Was Lookin Serious On The Moniter.....plus Raza's Album Is Pure Fire !!!! Str*8 Like That !!!
Make Sure U Keep Ur Opticals Open 4 His Album ....yeah An I'm Lookn 4ward To The Next Black Market Album .....my Street Album Titled "hood Iconz " Is On The Way ....maybe I'll Put A Lil Taste Up On Myspace 4 Those Of Us Thats Tired Of This Microwave Shyt We've Been Gettn Fed.... !!!!!!!!! Until Lata Keep Ur Aura Up.....an Stay Tuned I'm Still Reportin - Love 2 All My G-kings And Queens !!!!!!
Prince Ali -cap D- Betrayal-khomeini- Syn-christ Castro-rafyiq-mugabe "if U Dnt Get The Fuk Up Outta Here"-tonya-e
Murd=moe- Camay-my Sister Melissa -vanessa (baby Siss) -rachel-abi A.k.a Kiko - Miranda Master M-miranda Jane-big Mamma Melissa Outta Q.u - Net Net -scram Jones-squeeze-havoc -mega-lake-....evry Body Stay Up And Last But Not The Least Gasuz....4 Closing My I-tunes Deal So My Real Hardbody Teamsters Can Copp My Joints On The Digi Download Aura ..love Is Love !!!!!!