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Black Man
03-29-2007, 07:09 PM
- The Blackman is God, The Black Woman is the Earth, and the Babies are the Greatest!!! Allah-U-Akbar? :nonono: The Babies are the Greatest....:yes:

- Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) was not a civil rights leader, however he was instrumental in the civil rights movement.

- Black people have it twisted...they reward their enemies and punish their friends.

- The black voting population....seems like they carry a sign saying "Exploit Us Please" Voting does not equal power, political power, a voice, a political voice...

- Hiphop is not "american cultue" Although Hiphop is not exclusive to blacks/browns there are other "races" who were involved in the early development of the culture or better yet, the spread of the culture. Beastie Boys, yeah they're old but they're not the founding fathers, nor is Rick Ruben. Respected yes, founding fathers no!

- for 2005 the unemployment rate for white men 16 and over is 4.4%
the 2005 unemployment rate for black men 16 and over is 10.5% Damn that's more than double the unemployment rate of whites and there's twice as many whites as there are blacks. WTF???

- In the United States people abolished slavery for the sake NOT of the negroes but the white man. Many people have the impression that President Lincoln opposed slavery and therefore signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Slavery was abolished by Lincoln because it was a means to deprive the South of stabilty.

- When we divorce the history of blacks around the world from American-Black history, then we get a distorted view of the long journey of those called "black."

- Jobs....does the governement create jobs? Hell no!!! The only "jobs" they create are the ones to keep the "governement" running (defense, social services).

- Big Ups to Ramesh....you do the knowledge first and foremost...I like that.

- The racist will take your money and smile while doing it. Integration is nothing but a shell game whereby blacks pay other people for services and feel "good" about doing so but feel that doing business with there own is parochial or closed minded.

- Remember, he (or she) that does business with you still may hate you.

03-29-2007, 07:49 PM
you need to start a blog