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Sun Supreme
03-31-2007, 08:57 PM
Does anyone think that the Native Americans got it worse than blacks. I think so. The whole "reservation" shit is reall scary. These people are like caged animals, not by behavior, but by living standards. I don't see how that shit happened, oh wait, white people can do anything. Did Natives choose this themselves? My Afro-American ass seems to think that this country should be majority Native American being that that the are the original AMERICAN. When you think of america you think of all types of people, but amongst the shades of black, white, yellows, browns and the mixes we tend, no, I tend to forget about our red brothers and sisters. Sure they get and honorable mention of sorts but to be honest I have never seen a full blood native. Mind you, I live in North Carolina which was home to several tribes and now a couple of reservations.

What's The Fuckin Deal With The Natives

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