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my bad negros

i got it

drippie k
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Jim Kelly
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Black Man
04-03-2007, 05:04 PM
Need a review....here's one like ta hear it here it go....red gone wild is dope. I was pleasantly suprised. Dope beats and rhymes, what hiphop is supposed to be. I was able to listen to it straight through, to me that says a lot. I would suggest going to pick it up. And the song he did with meth.......speechless.

04-03-2007, 10:59 PM
Listened to it about 4 times already. I must say Imma little disappointed, it's above average for a Redman LP, he could of came harder. Lyrically hes def still there, but on some tracks IMO he suffers from a lil bit of that GZA syndrome where he isnt as hype as he usually is with his voice. To me only Sermon & Rockwilder know how to fuck with his vocals to make him sound nice like on one of my fav joints "How U Like Dat" showing the true funk Reggie is known for. His crew Gilla House is alright, picture another HouseGang/Northstar/T-Unit/Scramblers only with a Jersey twist, but they dont help the album. Another problem is his posse cuts with Gilla House "Sumtn 4 Urrbody" & "Get `Em", the beats both get repetitive REAL fast, if your gonna have a posse cut at least make the production a lil more interesting or switch up the beat at least. Theres some filler tracks on here too [Suicide, Pimp Nutz, Fire] that make the album lag as well. BUT there ARE bangers here no doubt, a ringing bell sped up vocal cut "Bak Inda Buildin'" follows the Timbo banga "Put It Down". Sermon came through with a few beats, I was impressed with Def Squad joint with Biz on the chorus "Walk In Gutta" & the funky Marvin Gaye [I believe] sampled "Rite Now", meh I think E also made Soopman Luva 6 but it was forgetable. "Blow Treez" is off putting to me, with that Southern-sounding chorus & harmonica in the backround, but I did enjoy Meth's verse. "Merry Jane" is cool with me, Nate killin hook like he always has. Wasn't impressed with the Pete Rock joint, hes done better recently, I had to add "Fuck The Security" & "Lets Go" to make the album better, bottom line RGWTA was solid effort, but let me down in a few areas, Muddy Waters 2 will hopefully be better