View Full Version : C & D....Ceptz and Dusk

tha god concept
04-06-2007, 10:02 PM
Alfred Hitchcock hip hop wet off the embalm till we drip drop
spittin with Dusk till dawn makin fun of you funny fucks rockin flip flops
spit hot till we chill hops.....
slangin boulders to fiends infront of i hops
gankin faggots for i pods....
double dragon with two cocky mc's braggin
rhymes clean as soap on the rope leavin you sloped and hangin

04-06-2007, 10:29 PM
C&D repeatedly beat MC's
conceited Meany G's spreading ur brain like a game over the greenery
seems to me the scene must be revamped and conquered
im with a tramp from yonkers, her backside got stamped with "bonker"
my whole camp's been ponderin while ur existance still remains
wonderin if i should flip the pistons to ur insides and kill ur brain
with the criminal feel, insane ways of displaying verbal strength
kick ur gerbals and make u and ya herb's infertal men.

tha god concept
04-06-2007, 11:31 PM
Kid-nap leviathan...Concept and Dusk wired~n~ ridin the tide in
yall shell shocked like tortases struck by lightnin
clash of the titans cause we be the midnight mauraders typin
shawshank escape when the pencil break from writtin
real microphone cypher tones conductin lightning
slice a whores throat with morris code exictied with blind typin

04-06-2007, 11:45 PM
my minds ripe with rotten delight
the kind who was shot with a knife, u cant see like a spot in the night
when ur caught in the light if pimp limp and start talkin trife
ill rip ur left leg off and beat u wit it til ur walkin right
im eatin pussy and coughin lice, dont fuck wit no fags
ill clone ur big toe and stuff ur body bag with toe tags....wut?...yeah!!

tha god concept
04-07-2007, 12:00 AM
Dusk and Ceptz eatin in the last supper till nothins left
when we write the righeousness even the scumb bags feelin blessed
Al Capone hype lyrics like when he sniffed
pounds of green and keys white to death
like Kurt Cobains heroin shot gun sucidal myth

04-07-2007, 12:04 AM
i g2g rite now so the opposite of harrow (hello)
we will continue this lyrical blood bath orgy tomoro....juan.

tha god concept
04-07-2007, 12:05 AM
sounds good fam......we killed it,,,get at me for the next episode homie!!!!

04-09-2007, 09:48 PM
spittin, leavin ninja stars stuck in ya head
wit my written, even injure yall uppin' this thread.

tha god concept
04-28-2007, 01:33 AM

Peolpe that read this can feel concepts mental like telecaneeses
anyone else.....yo...they is underneath us
skoolin a wide varity of kids like public highschool teachers
pissy under the bleachers, underachievers that got that gwop snatchin ya sneakers
cuttin the throats outta the vaticans speakers
church is frozen over beneath us.....aim gats at the sleepers
wake up or mad hang-over creepers
an ounce of dro plus that pad locked safe with the gutty blows
who the fuck knows....whos nose chose the righteouse pose
im remember that album you snowed.............
c-section pull out birthin a microphone with styles you cant merk out

tha god concept
04-28-2007, 01:39 AM
" I NEVER EVEN HAD TO AIM at THE SICKNIN.........then throw the clip in after the brain starts trippin.........hungry belly when you jelly in the kitchen........leavin ya crew with juicy wholes like a cunt while wiffee bitchin" !!!!!!!!!!!!

tha god concept
04-28-2007, 01:41 AM

ceptz the wholehole maniac

tha god concept
04-28-2007, 01:59 AM
"whenSHE creepS"

The time you save is like pullin old grandma out the grave
head huntin human skin and flesh inside this tetris maze
whos game juss got played like ten lions in tha cage
humans humiliated like old african slaves made to degrade
eat the rotten meat....yo...aint this cotton sweet
i chopped the softest beat.....
im jeff dahlmer underneath the forgotten bed-sheets
off point when Ceptz speaks cause his profile be CREEP
lead the herd of peeps to death like human's sheep
for a price too cheap......
yo my mic slaps beats,..........
dont step up unless you poor like wine or kids with flies on cheeks
every other idea gets put into work while tyour mother creeps

04-29-2007, 09:35 AM
some ill shit in here most def, Concept and Dusk collabin', dope rhymes, PEACE!!!