View Full Version : PERSONAL RAPS (feel free to rap meaningfull shit)

04-08-2007, 02:55 PM
jus a ryhme about the worlds current state of "limbo" if you know what i mean.....
(i know ive been actin a bit stupid with all the battle threads n shit but iam pretty weak in that department, hence the reason i posted them)anyway feel free to post constuctive feedback........peace

emancipation proclamation-evil cocasion earthly salavation
encapsulation of the nation,the wise n patient rids the earth of subliminal syncronization
a nuclear detonation, zion means of cerebral celebration
a decietful excavation, of all culture n races, dynamic global difflation
tired of rasin our handz to the sky screamin "holy redemption"
so we gotta move our mindz, be4 the final laciration

i got a hole in the soul, like the space has black mass vortex
i feel empty and whole, the ever pain of my frontal cortex
no one to console, goverment payments and income tax checks
too many snitches an moles,resort with uzi,s n tecs leadin to early deaths
how many last breaths, souls stolen, crack cocaine, crystal meth
why do we all relise the meth - od, when its too late n theres nothin left

decisive devils in any form on diffrent levels
tearing the earth to pieces for diamonds oil and precious metals
i boil a kettle watch the water bubble and boil
one stage to another like flowers grown from sun, water n soil
i toil in my sleep i awake shake violenly and contemplate
my fate in the millenium of hate, for heavens sake
i fell crushed and scraped like tectonic plates, a love of platonic hate

04-09-2007, 05:17 PM
It was divine lyricist as you said it would be.Also I like you star wars picture.