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lord patch
04-09-2007, 01:18 PM
notes from new palestine: revolution overturns and destroys everything
that gets in its way

"Uninformed is the worst way to be unarmed."-The Media, Welfare Poets

download bruh martyre chairman fred hampton:


re: Davey D's Hip Hop Political Palace

and the black peoples media-- turning off channel zero and spring house cleaning

no diss to bruh "d" -- b.u.t. -- question-- who runs this forum? these
cyber so called brothas like lighthouseali, nobleone and the zionist
racist they give props and voice to -- not to forget the ones who are
allowed to join it -- the ones they allow to attack our martyrs,
prisoners and revolutionaries?

what rings with tuth is what bruh j.r. of the block report once said
when queried about fairness in journalism by bruh davey d in
"Breakdown FM-The Audio Rebellion is Real pt 2 w/ Minister of
Information JR" and i paraphrase -- why should we be fair and give
voice to people who are not fair to us and ours? who own most of the
major league media what kill our souls and lie like crack heads? why
should we not use our media and mediums to knowledge and report on and
by and for ourselves and others who allied with us and share our

what we don't need is to turn our spaces into foxes, via cons, vh1's
and jerusalem posts or sounding gounds for the jdl (jewish defense
leagues) the well hidden armed wing of the adl (anti-deformation
league), aipac or the neocons --

"I'm giving you a lot of material, what will you use? What will you
present to the American people ...? Not you personally, because you
are subjected to editors. You are subjected to people who have another
view. You're here to get information, but what they do with it, that?s
another thing.?" -- hon mins louis farrakhan -- "Farrakhan speaks to
the media"

who runs the media and mediums?

for that matter -- what's the weight of the world?

there's going to have be a point where so called black sites and
others will have to also knowledge that, like the b.e.t.s and vh1s,
and via con artists and other white and/or yahoodie run mediums and
the rappers/mcs we criticize for working with the gooberment, and
those whom attack our and the people (s), that this and other sites
like these, are also susceptible to infiltration and puppetry by and
for the same people who have targeted hip hop/rap and chosen our so
called leaders and agendas.

"the enemy joins the gangs, like he did most of the black
organizations, and places snitches around our leaders. they pretend
like they are a crip or a blood, but really they are agents of the
government of the united states of america. they give you an ak-47, a
mac 10, and other weapons that are rejects, and cannot shoot straight,
so when you try to kill your brother, a baby or somebody else innocent
is killed instead as a result of your foolishness." hon min louis
farrakhan, "special message to street organizations"

who pays them to patrol these sites? or what is it that the powers
that should not be have on them? what and why do they fear? and why is
it that they assist in messing with our peoples and committing acts or

what we need, as one moderator of the sons of afrika mentioned -- is
our own intel ops -- sam greenlee dropped science on this when he
wrote the spook who sat by the door. going under ground -- and covert
and overt in ops. isn't it time we got really organized in this
disorder -- we seemed to have done it with street teams for rap and
hip hop -- why not diversify -- this time, as bruh martyr chairman
fred hampton told us, one which will ---

live for the people

struggle for the people

die for the people

we need a weather undgerground -- a baader-meinhof (red army faction
raf ) = b.l.a.

live for the people

struggle for the people

die for the people

what we need is a hamas

knowing basic hmtl should not be the only qualification for running
black cultural sites. wearing a suit and tie or dashiki neither. this
time and space should not be a place for egos and old bro clubbers who
give virtual hi-fives to each other and their zionist chums in order
to advance their careers and pour/poor concrete on the graves of our
peoples and the youth folk who try and uplift and be intelligent over
becoming retarded by the bourgeois bastards of banality -- peace to
sista souljah

"If revolution is tied to dependence on the inscrutability's of
"long-range politics", it cannot be made relevant to the person who
expects to die tomorrow. there can be no rigid time controls attached
to "the process" that offers itself as relief, not if those for whom
it is principally intended are under attack now, if the proponents of
revolution cannot learn to distinguish and translate the theoretical
into the practical, if they continue to debate just how to call up and
harness the conscious motive forces of revolution, the revolutionary
ideal will be the loser -- it will be rejected." -- bruh martyr george
jackson -- blood in my eye

what we need is a nym (native youth movement)

we are at war -- and have been for 400 hundred years -- we must act
accordingly and deal with situations and collaborators in the
appropriate manner which all collaborators have been dealt with from
those whom collaborated with the ulsters in ireland, nazis and germans
occupiers of france and italy to amerikkkacentrists/fascist after the
iranian revolution.

what a message -- we must start sending -- if this bee a TRU movement
-- if we really wanted revolution and to uplift our peoples -- and not
an over used slogan for hip hop hooks -- who may be down b.u.t. not
beaten -- gravedigging -- and it is the bourgeois classes what need it
the most not the masses.

the masses-- they ready b.u.t. are being held down, misdirected and/or
their great works under reported or ignored to keep the peoples in

we are good at claiming to help our peoples and they minds by
attacking the poor/the masses (nas) b.u.t. we shy away from those who
really kill us who are a part of or claim the bourgeois classes as
their crew of what has been refered to as the 10% or (1%).

"revolutionary change means the seizure of all that is held the 1
percent, and the transference of these holdings into the hands of the
remaining 99 percent. if the 1 percent are simply displaced by another
1 percent, revolutionary change has not taken place." -- bruh martyr
george jackson -- blood in my eye

the poor can bee and are righeous and teachers too -- in fact most --
if not the majority -- have been our revolutionaries -- b.u.t. have we
been loyal to them?

"the to slave, the revolution is an imperative, a love-inspired,
conscious act of desperation. it's aggressive. it isn't "cool" or
cautious . it's bold, audacious, violent, an expression of icy,
disdainful hatred! it can hardly be any other way without raising a
fundamental contradiction. if revolution, and especially revolution in
amerikkka, is anything less than an effective defense/attack weapon a
charger for the people to mount *now*, it is meaningless." -- bruh
martyr george jackson -- blood in my eye

ain't no half steppin

if we are serious about a movement -- the peoples/the masses/nas are
made manifest via destroying the con by turning off channel zero...

then start acting accordingly.

the way things are -- this is nothing b.u.t. shuffle along white and
zionist cooperate ass kissing decorated with few blackology terms,
titles and fake concerns. they want us to feel lost and in need of
neocon and bourgeois approved leaders who lead us into the samo
"plantation to penitentiary" rat trap we have been for the past 40yrs
-- because up until recently -- we were on the come up and an actual
threat to the imperialist -- b.u.t cosbyism and the disneyifacation of
our culture has lead us into greed or ghetto mindset of comfort or

"insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people
expecting things to turn out differently. by that reckoning, we are
truly insane. we have been attempting to converty euroamerikkkans
since we arrived on these shores. we have tried moralizing them
despite their obvious immorality, we have attempted (just as abuse and
incest victims do) to defend our tormentors in the false hope they
will cease abusing or lighten their maltreatment. it has not worked
... so how do we save ourselves? we must first admit we are at war,
admit who our enemies are and act accordingly." -- junious ricardo
stanton -- "it's time to try something different"

what we need is a hezbulllah

if we are to look at how we really got here and how things have
remained in down spiral for the masses -- do not look to the masses or
point fingers for they have been active and righteous under
overwhelming conditions -- let us look to the self appointed leaders
of the bourgeois classes or = those aspiring entrance -- who make
deals to keep the peoples in place - distracted, propagandize,
defamed, misdirected, downplayed and neutralized -- via voice, panels,
papers, publishing and the tely medium.

"... if your are not committed to your soldiers and prisoners then you
ultimately fail" samia halaby defend palestine, ny, and al jisser
group "voices of resistance to u.s./israeli war in palestine,
lebanon & iraq" workers world party

what is being done is selling the masses capitalism and calling it all
liberation and now revolution -- b.u.t. what it really is is using our
peoples -- a few select -- from oprah to jay z and obama as a tool
to colonize afrika and our minds for the masters. it works well for
the bourgeois classes -- for it advances their cause, class and
position and therefore them = the 10 to 1% -- for them it is a
revolution -- one of privilege and capital and not of movement and the

b.u.t. one day the masses of amerikkkanada, inshallah, will shake the
world, finally,
and take those who have held us down/oppressed us and/or collaborated
with the oppressor and act accordingly...

"...these people generate wars in Asia and Africa,...These are the
people who, in the last century, caused several devastating wars. In one
world war alone, they killed over 60 million people.... In the near
future, Allah willing, we will put you to trial in courts established by
the peoples...."-- mahmoud ahmadinejad

a court of the peoples

live for the people

struggle for the people

die for the people

"Revolution is bloody, revolution is hostile, revolution knows no
compromise, revolution overturns and destroys everything that gets in
its way. And you, sitting around here like a knot on the wall, saying:
'I'm going to love these folks no matter how much they hate me.'
No,you need a revolution." -- Malik Shabaaz (Malcom X), Message to the
Grass Roots

i hope this matter can be seriously looked into.

khoda hafez

1428 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
New Palestine/Fernwood/The Hood
Victoria, BC

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Revolution is Bloody:

see also:

"Hours after a ceasefire halted a five-week war between Israel and
Iranian-backed Islamic militias in Lebanon, reported the New York
Times, "hundreds of Hezbollah members spread over dozens of villages
across southern Lebanon began cleaning, organizing and surveying
damage. Men on bulldozers were busy cutting lanes through giant piles
of rubble. Roads blocked with the remnants of buildings are now, just
a day after a ceasefire began, fully passable." Who cares if Hezbollah
is a State Department-designated terrorist organization? Unlike our
worthless government, it gets things done. ...One year after the
routine matter of a Gulf Coast hurricane, half the city's population
remains refugees--screwed over by a government that hasn't lifted a
finger to pretend that it cares. Horne describes "Vast swaths of a
city emptied as if by a neutron bomb, with only the fecal brown
floodline up under the eaves to suggest what went so very wrong--that,
and the ghostly dried brine still coating the dead lawns and
landscaping." -- Ted Rall -- 'Why America Needs Hezbollah"





Native Youth Movement
by Z Friday, Mar. 23, 2007 at 9:22 PM

The Native Youth Movement (NYM) is Native Peoples Liberation Movement,
fighting for our People, our Land, and our way of Life.The Native
Youth Movement is in the midst of becoming a Grand Council of Young
and Old (Veteran/Battle Tested) Warriorz alike. A Warriorz Society
with the Young Warriorz serving as the Physical protectors, and the
O.G.s (Original Guerrillas) as the Advisor Warriorz, giving direction
through lessons, age old teachings, previous battles, and from the
Spirits and our Ancestors, who have passed on this responsibility of
defending our Indian way. NYM is a Unity point for Young Warriorz from
many organizations, Nations, and Societies throughout Turtle Island.
We receive our direction from our true elders, those who left our
instructions in the rocks, the stars, songs, War stories and way of
life that we must insure continues forever. NYM is a part of the
Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, when all of our Nations will
once again unite and Take Back our Land, and the Youth will once again
be the majority of our populations, that time is now. This Unity and
true power scares our enemy so much they will not stop until they feel
we are no longer a threat to their evil and devilish crackah ways. NYM
uses Education, Agitation, and Direct Action to achieve our goals, our
goal is Freedom! We will not be stopped until Freedom is achieved.