View Full Version : steam rolling

04-12-2007, 09:26 AM
got buckets of shit nobody wants but dishing out anyway

people watch because its more fascinating than what is otherwise seen

the allure of natural disasters

these things that nobody calls good
but relentlessly fascinating

a naked woman has less pull than a woman in lingerie
and this is true for very specific and identifiable reasons

killing motherfuckers mostly by letting them kill themselves
watch as they flock toward a pestilence

this thing they seek - where is it exactly?

these things that everybody 'knows' yet cannot demonstrate


looking people in the eye and speaking

producing a series of written text on demand

skeleton + skin roaming a planet communicating with like objects

nothing more - but more importantly - nothing less

there are things we dont know
there are things that are unknowable

we will know the things that are knowable
we will determine a boundary beyond which the unknowable exists

sloppiness is old fashioned

those who commit themselves to planning yet are timid to action will be run over

there are certain achievements that are not celebrated

according to the universal justice system - the only people allowed to criticize are those who are committed to assisting that which they criticize

there exist beings on this planet who will trip you up at every opportunity they get
- they do such things as pointing out inadequacies but stopping short at offering solutions

these beings want your attention
and their desire for your attention is endless
a bottomless pit
relentlessly hungry

some suggest it is only curable by lava
others suggest that it may be curable by dedication and effort piled on effort

pay no attention to those beings and situations which provide you with no nourishment in return
unless you are paying attention to it in order to destroy it

if anybody needs me ill be in the trenches using every tool i can get my hands on

there are people who will fuck your ass up if you dont move correctly
and if you havent met them yet
you will meet them soon


04-12-2007, 10:49 AM
nice - like spider hanging on the ceiling upside-down with his fuckin arms crossed