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Ultimate Fist
04-13-2007, 06:15 PM
OK we have a deep quotes thread. I would like to start its opposite- the WTF quotes thread. Quotes that are strange/retarded/etc

From "Fundies Say The Darndest Things" (http://www.fstdt.com/)

"In my home town in Georgia, during the 20's up til the late 50's if one of the local blacks was being given a hard time by some white trash, they would complain to the local Klan who would "take care" of things for them. My grandfather owned about 60 or so sawmills and planers in Georgia and South Carolina and employed mostly negroes. My grandmother lived to be 103 years old. Some of the people who worked for my grandfather used to come by the house to pay respects to her at age 92 and older. The last one died about 15 years ago. One of them was the one that carried my grandfather over his shoulder for over two miles after my grandfather was hit by a falling tree and knocked out. Don't ever try to tell me we didn't get along and have mutual respect for each other."