View Full Version : the endless movement

04-15-2007, 04:24 AM
for those who didnt know i be the original
to escape ten most wanted and land up on the interpol
a criminal rapin bitches on beats
i'm in your kitchen with heat cookin up chicken and beef
and im down to serve any nigga that be fixin to eat
niggas gettin kicked in they teeth cuz they be lickin my feet
fuckin jockers you need to floss out all of my nut hairs
sayin that they love my style but who the fuck cares
cuz i just be rockin these beats for the hell of it
i pay my rent by holdin more weight than an elephent
and i think i'm heaven sent but chances are i'm goin to hell
cuz i'll be broke as hell stickin niggas for the phone in jail
and they wanna work at a bank so they go and tell
but i'll be poppin a riot cuz i know the hole is cold as hell
and i aint goin by myself/ i'm bringin some company
i'm in love with drama i'll tell these niggas to dump on me
i'll tell bitches to fuck with me when i know they got aids
and have em slappin me spit on my face and call me names
i cant help it i got schitzophrenia on my brain
and when it gets to ruff man i'll go jack osamas plane
when i'm dyin of syphalis overdosin on ridalin
i'll fly over the ocean and crash that shit into switzerland
and spit on they flag cuz i know they wont do shit
this shit is ruthless respect to the endless movement

fuck that nigga stuk

04-15-2007, 05:08 AM
Pretty straight forward, but a nice verse. Wasn't much in it in terms of content or creativity, but it read well as a hip hop flow. Would sound good over a beat no doubt. Nice drop dude.