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07-23-2005, 07:42 AM
Detroit City home of motown, automotive, an hard labour/
Where cops done take u in, Take u to the bridge an then the tasor/
Trailor parks on 8 mile, pretty homes in belle isle,/
They own style on 11 mile, they done smile on 7 mile/
A.K's in the trunk a the car, u never to far,
from niggas who'll spare, pop off ya top like a jar/
Crime infested city weve been dealt our blows/
Kids grow up on concrete whitch produces a rose/
On Cass Ave son we sellin crack on the corner/
Till theres a mourner, makin plans to make cream like time warner/
Pimps in da street slappin bitches for money,
Nothin is funny tourists scatterin like a jag on a bunny/
Hittin like Gene Tunny hit up the gym for frustration/
Our own nation, niggas here broke like a Haitian/
harsh conditions there a murda a day/
a burden to pay, stalkin like a bird on the pray/
word a the day, children hit by the bullets that spray/
Commin this way, Clean up the city some other way/
Kwamie Kilpatrick for mayor we got tigers an lions/
No bears we formin like the ions, Chillin like Hawaiians/
We got hard rock cafes lavished downtown casinos/
Run By Ginos, who resemble young Al Martinos/
Me myself um on 7 mile ridin dirty, high as a birdy/
grown men issued curfews to be in by 11:30
Walls bleedin, bums breedin, knowledge readin/
Umma be doin this shit till my hair starts receadin/
Believin that Detroit gone eventually get better/
Cuz remember like the red green show "We in this together"/

07-24-2005, 11:00 AM
sucka free city dirty tenderloin gritty soldiers shimmy to districts cluttered expensive summers tourist walk the streets in utter dismay from the urban decay they should've never swayed into the ghetto homicide news flash at 10 murdered by young men identities unknown sympathy not shown spacial gaps from the working class to the elite bigotry discreet but believe me it walks talks and sleeps my feet collected alot of miles raised as a mission district inner city child seen bums burnt out sleeping covered in bile shopping carts pushed and piled with aluminum cans the neglected stand out in the cold brown paper bags rolled beneath the bottles neck urinating in public a drunken mess a crack heads gauntly gawk looking for the dope mans heart consignment barked veins injected with black tar a teenage hookers youthful age 1 hard year on the stroll adds a decade race cards and sexual preferences play in jobs we strive to obtain gang violence a 38 specials sounds the proceeding silence is the pain the golden gate and bay bridge keep the Bay Area bound gentrification moving us out...

07-24-2005, 01:42 PM
London north west were nigguz get laid to rest on doorsteps like Gill Dando
Brent cronicles propagate tha filthy unclean corners and alleys we manouver in blak balley 2 tone green dipping fru tha interlocking blocks of small squares and rectangles crack rocks dangle from the persil bag between my legs clients need food so let the weed be fed....i flip clothes every hour they cant pinpoint me on my project mantle....slip between tha shadows like karlos tha jackal....my face off.....chalkhill estate home of tha derelik d'jour lounging on tha glass steps curing his alcholic system viens screaming for unholy componants....desolved children inhale the potent empty apartments accomodate tha wispering rodent....but its northwest london....tha gates bolted but the hands of poverty still reach from out the dungeon

07-25-2005, 01:33 AM
Its quite a interesting verse, has its own effect of depression. But its quite a good descriptive verse. Had its up and downs. And to Bigben and BlaK. Peace

Keep posting

07-25-2005, 01:20 PM
My city's frozen opened from the birth of the Omen only the chosen and priviledged live fearless money stained their spirit while cash can change the poorest direction to flourish the right reflection contemplate my connections electrical signal wires convecting subjects subjected... Have you ever see the inside of SF General the poor sit coughing overlooked by the police a mini station for lease the hospitals mini triage being watched by uniformed beasts lease laws for dogs while under aged monsters claw... spawned from the rawness its appalling ya'll... family left brains falling far...the calming call of sirens stall a restroom occupants brawl flounders and salmon flipping slippery escape tactics raped addicts methadoned cabbage a face planted in the soil as organs are broiled an Organ players keys vibrate in mortuary's fortunes nightly ferry'ed across mail is lost return to sender bar coded endeavors my minds a cuisinart blender insert a thought my roguish talk will engrain the sidewalk with outlines chalked!!!!

07-25-2005, 05:24 PM
Uppin!!! someone Paint us a picture of where U live!!

07-26-2005, 12:20 AM
Ayo This Vancitys' Finest/
My Home In Bc/
To All The Weed Heads/
That Stands For Best Chronic See/
Yo I Pay My Bills/
Shippin Shit Overseas/
My Herbs Kill Anything They Got/
In The West Indies/

Sicka than aidZ
07-26-2005, 02:24 AM
trouble mahfuckaz, thats whats up

Sicka than aidZ
07-26-2005, 02:30 AM
"big shout" to the middle of no where.../
fuck,...I think I just saw a grizzly bear...../
livin in the mountains is only good for one thing.../
ridin quads an gettin faded.../
drunk as hell hopin I make it.../
docs say im schizo,...I say "free money" than theyr'e like "fo sho"...
cant work cuz they think im crazy.../
all them useless bars cant phaze me.../
we smoke so much bomb, Lazy hazy,..lsd an cubensis../
not much,...methamphetamines...my place got raded.../
fuckin chumps tried bustin us for some over the counter shit,..just tryin to get,...medicated.../

yo, i fucked up, my playlist jinxed me...^thats deming


07-27-2005, 07:51 AM
Um like "REPPP YOOO CITYYYY" petey pablo twistin round the towel,/
Where Niggas stalk u like an owl, Detroit Lions on the prowl,/
Quick ta call a foul quick ta make a scheme,/
Quick ta rob ya ass in reality or a dream/
Quick ta soak ya shirt, red an yellow cuz u pissin/
Cant hit me umma toothpick, even wif a shotty ull be missin,

6 BARS in my City

07-27-2005, 07:26 PM
City, not as soulfull as the above but still sunny
were niggas get robbed for Tv's not money
Honey and Oranges and fruits
never cold so no timberland boots
Ft.lauderdale on the prowl origanilly way of tampa bay
not San Fran half of them fucks is gay
but also by way of HAvana, Cuba district Ve-da-do
first song i listened from wu was ICe Cream spanish Elado
so i represent diffrent lands an cities
that why my flow goes from rugged to silly
nevr been to philly but love to eat steak
i Never Rep a city if the shit is fake
always holdin weight were ever i step
Never fallin short and thats a most def.

Undead Ninja
07-27-2005, 09:32 PM
Central Florida, I rest my head bitchs fuck with me get bang bang dead. Don't make me drop a clip on the po-po. Bitchs drivin round my block real slow cuz the lawn looks nice we open the door they say "We thought this house was made for whites". Hell naw thats not how we roll 352 thats where i'm at. Drop some crumbs i'll break your back! Shallah at the 711 knows me by my first name, the rhymes that the drop make you stright hurt ma'n. Undead Ninja another dimension Central Florida is where i'm penning. If ure ever down in the dirrty souf me a holla let me call it out

352-344-8275 tryin to keep homies alive ride on nigga's die bitch die!!!

Luther Large
07-28-2005, 10:04 PM
i'm from a part of town where bird singin is substituted with gunshots ringin cherry lights as bright as the sun kids playin ball was really gangsters with guns my home was disgustin the best bitch wasnt even a looker and your average soccer mom was probly a street hooker 4fiths plugged people plus your little brothas friend caught the germ from bein stuck with a drug needle fuck the good all we knew was the evil

just somethin i thot up just now i'm in a hurry i'll edit and finish it some other time

07-29-2005, 10:27 AM
I'm a strong willed man with a fucken plan fuck all thesae idiots out in San Fran I've seen a lot of friends get boxed and buried others compromise get addicted its quite scary I see the polical lines this economy makes as the poor are brushed away like dandruff flakes I'm not a fake I spit real slugs at these fools with their mind on numb.. I've sold Coke, Crack, Weed and Ice trust me bitch I'm nothing nice I kept a molotov real close so just in case rivals gangs approach they get salmon smoked like that green I blaze when I was younger catch me on the block with some shades dealing them things slanging them bags the projects they called me the Nickle sack man I was always on the come up what!! try and step to me get punched in the gut riding the 14 mission bus in the back suckas front get slammed and stuck never got shot but I once was jumped but I wasn't a punk and I didnt drop tried to take my jacket but i wouldnt give it up.. so go ahead and enter my city if you think its half fags than bitch i'll have no pity when you get beat fucken silly stupid stereotypes dont really fit me In San Fran you'll get split in half for trying to be shifty...

Luther Large
07-31-2005, 03:15 PM