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lord patch
04-17-2007, 01:01 PM
*From The Ramparts*
Junious Ricardo Stanton
*Gangsta Rap, Don Imus, Iraq and Virginia Tech
"Issues of moral integrity and traditional conceptions of order have
been nuetralized by slick marketing campaigns and a Western derived
social propaganda of moral, political and economic liberalism. The
vaunted American century is the capstone of the white/Western world's
five century expansion which has been driven by a monstrous and
insatiable appetite for carnage and destruction, as it progressed toward
world domination and 'supremacy'. The genocidal campaigns and colonial
settlement of the Americas and Australia and the libidinous genetic
infusion into the gene pools of every racial type that succumbed to its
campaigns of terror and destruction evidence the insane barbarism of the
"Western man" and his 'civilization". These historic conditions
partially frame the condition of the Afrikan world at the close of the
20th century." The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization and the Reality o
War by Kwame Agyei & Akua Nson Akoto Page 11

The Don Imus issue is gradually making its way to the back burner of
media exposure and thus our consciousness, the ruling elites having
decided that's enough of that. Now we are being bombarded by the media
giving us minute by minuet coverage of the carnage and slaying on the
campus of Virginia Tech. In the backdrop the ongoing war and occupation
of Iraq and the incessant Sabre rattling directed at Iran is just enough
to keep us on edge as the beat goes on. Meanwhile, black folks continue
to degrade, debase and kill each other at an ever increasingly alarming
I was watching the Oprah Winfrey television show yesterday, her "Town
Meeting" focusing on the Don Imus brouhaha when the local ABC affiliate
interrupted her program to provide more information on the situation at
Virginia Tech. Prior to the interruption psychologist Dr. Robin Smith
was explaining to Oprah and her audience the Don Imus incident was not
really about Don Imus, it was actually deeply indicative of the
spiritual void at the core of AmeriKKKa. She explained it was not just
the Rutgers student athletes who were being demeaned, it was all of
AmeriKKKa. She said succinctly that anytime a person denigrates another
they also tear themselves. Dr. Smith is on the case on this one. When we
look at AmeriKKKa we see a nation with a long and continuous history of
wanton violence, bloodletting, genocide and rapine.
The Europeans who invaded and settled this hemisphere brought their
culture of war, pillage, plunder social and ecological disruption with
them. In fact they have carried that tradition everywhere they have set
foot on planet earth! Given this is their historical legacy, why are we
shocked at a Don Imus who spews insults and epithets at black people in
an effort to "entertain" his mostly white male listeners. Words are an
outgrowth of thoughts as are actions. Take a look around and ask
yourself what are the real values AmeriKKKa disseminates to the world?
Now white pretend to be shocked at what happened at Virginia Tech just
like they did at Columbine High School years ago. Nonsense! These are
the real notions white AmeriKKKa holds dear. The killers are merely
expressing the real motives, values and psychology of AmeriKKKa.
Dr. Amos Wilson once noted white people's true psychology and values
aren't found in their psychology books or their religious dogma, their
real values are found in their history. As tragic as the murders were at
Virginia Tech a brother reminded us via E-mail that the biggest murder
spree in AmeriKKKa took place in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 when rampaging
whites went berserk and burned thirty-five blocks in the black
neighborhood of Greenwood in North Tulsa. Even the National Guard who
were called in to restore order turned on the blacks who had armed to
defended themselves against the marauding mob, opening fire on the
blacks who were huddled together to defend themselves against vicious
What do you expect in the most violent country on the face of the earth?
This is just one example of the state using its considerable powers to
turn on the indigenous inhabitants of this land as well as the Africans
they imported here! What the National Guard no longer does to black
folks in AmeriKKKa it now does to Iraqis in Iraq under the guise of a
bogus War on Terrorism. The hatred white folks used to spew on blacks in
1921 with impunity Don Imus now does on the radio in 2007. Only this
time his corporate master's kicked him off the train to save their hides
when the pressure got a little to high for them. It is business as usual
for the barbarians. The most tragic aspect of all this is we have
internalized the barbarians' fear and loathing of Africans. Our children
now degrade and act out every vile and negative stereotype created in
the demented psyches of European males. This is not by accident. The
Europeans discovered long ago the best way to dummy us down, stupify and
neutralize us was to use our own music as a weapon on us! Just when our
young people were using the new genre of Hip-Hop to carry on the
liberation struggle, the white corporate oligarchy altered the music
scene and provided a counter to conscious rappers like Public Enemy and
KRS-One. They began to promote degenerates like 2 Live Crew and NWA.
Before long a new substrata of Hip-Hop a rough, gritty and sociopathic
style called Gangsta Rap took root in the hood, it was aggressively
promoted on the white owned cable, FM stations and later in films and
When wise elders like C. Delores Tucker and Rev. Calvin Butts stepped up
to warn us about the potentially negative and damaging impact of Gangsta
Rap in the '90's they were viciously attacked mocked and derided by
apolitical retrograde corporate mercenaries. Two years ago when Bill
Cosby stood up to challenge the insanity he too was vilified by the
corporate stooges and lackeys. These uncultured synchophats denounced
their detractors under the guise of cultural authenticity, saying they
were "keeping it real". Their lack of historical insight was matched
only by their arrogance. These semi literate buffoons actually think
their retrograde brand of creativity is the first form of black music to
be authentic and true to the black experience! Since most of them are
not real musicians they know nothing about the Blues, or the
circumstances, situations and artists that created them. Or anything
else that flowed from the black experience.
But the truth of the matter is, we must assume responsibility for their
ignorance. We failed to teach them our history. We failed to connect
them with the struggles of men on the chain gangs, on the plantations
who created the work songs and shouts. We neglected to tell them about
the struggles Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Sam Cook or Veejay Records
waged for artistic freedom and a real pay day. Now these chickens have
come home to roost in our homes and communities. Don Imus got fired over
his latest racist remarks even though our reaction was misguided. If
Imus got fired, how is it a whole pack of decadent "black" slime
merchants gets a free pass to degrade and perpetual the vilest
stereotypes against their own people? How do sane people allow this to
How does the ruling oligarchy dupe the masses of AmeriKKKans into
allowing them to kill, maim and steal the natural resources of Iraq,
Haiti, Afghanistan or whatever country you want in the blank. How is it
there is no outcry over the more than 600,000 Iraqis the US has
slaughtered during the past four years? These things happen for the same
reasons there was no outcry against the slaughter of the Native
Americans or African people. The so called good white folks lack the
will to change things. We as African people are too impotent to stop the
escalating fratricide in our communities, the prostitution of our
creativity and the use of our genius to subjugate, castrate and
dehumanize ourselves. That is the bottom line! We seem to have lost the
will to resist, redeem ourselves or fight for our survival. One
Afrocentric psychologist says we suffer from "survival fatigue" we're
too beat down to resist and fight for our survival.
I suspect we suffer more from what I call the sell out syndrome than
anything else. Our kids don't know who we/they are,. They don't know the
resilient and strong people they come from, all they know is they don't
want to be African. They are so enamored with money and material things
they will do anything and I mean anything to get them. In an insane and
barbaric society that is a surefire formula for death.


04-18-2007, 11:04 AM
Patch, you have many good points.

To know amerikkkan values, look at their history. Why are peeps surprised at the killing at V-Tech when the access to guns is so great? Someone with the proper ID could by an AK-47 (which was designed for war) and decide to murder people.

This is what the IRA has fought for- The right to bear arms.

These days it only takes one person to use a weapon properly to cause great damage.

Amerikkka in my opinion will forever be racist, even long after the white race dwindles and dies out. The racist attitudes they have created now affect us blacks and others.