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Bigot Hitman
04-19-2007, 06:40 PM
Shit just came out a couple weeks ago, i heard it all the way today and its my favorite album of 07' so far, better than red gone wild, and alittle better than Devin the dude's waitin to exhale.


2. Relax an take notes (4/5) (featuring biggie sample, an project pat)

Everybody already heard this, but it still bumps wit those trumpets and mjg's verse is still stands out on the track.

3. Ridin' high (2.5/5)
This a typical "single" type song, wit a singin chorus, a catchy club beat, but it comes of corny, even though the lyrics are hardcore...Maybe its puff daddy talkin that makes it sound lame.

4. Turn up the bump (3.5/5)
Nice club type song, the beat is repetitive and simple, but the baseline an bass drums hit strong, eightball comes wit a good openin verse as usual, but then MJG comes in a blows it out as usual, "I ain't the killinest nigga but still keep a gun, i ain't the pimpinest nigga but still sleep wit nuns". and Another slow-flow verse by 8ball just hardcore an simple to finish the song.

5. Cruzin (3/5) (feat. Three 6 mafia and slim of 112)
I'm not the type for singin, an some annoyin one starts it off wit like 15 seconds of it, but then mjg interupts 'em wit a fast flowin choppy verse over a beat wit quick drums. The hook is annoying tho, cuz of the singin, the beat is tolerable, 8ball comes thru wit his usal hardcore verse in the middle, an this dude named slim says some funny stuff in the last verse to finish the song.

6. Watchu gonna do (4.5) (featurin Pimp C)
Straight hardcore song and beat, wit one of the most hardcore in the game right now (pimp c), this is my favorite song outa the first 10 prolly. Jut a club beat but more on the dark side.

7. 30 Rocks (4.5) (feat. P.diddy)
One of the most catchy chopped an screwed voices i've ever heard starts the song sayin "i got rocks, rocks got, rocks got, thirty in my watch" or sum shit like that, but it sounds pretty funny. The beat is so simple and catchy, just this wierd electronic piano sound, wit clap noises for drums, and a sound comes in and out like every few seconds, pretty nice.

Then puff daddy fucks up the song spittin sum lazy flow verse, he shoulda had mjg write it.
But after his verse Mjg an 8ball save the song wit a verse like the one off of More fish when ghost an sun god go back in forth.

8.Blow job skit-funny

9.Hickory dickory dock (4.5/5)
Funny hook: Mjg says "hickory dickory dock.........hickory dickory dock.....yo girl pulled out..my cock"
The beat has similar trumpets to the ones in relax an take notes, but higher pitchted and clearer. All the verse is thoro as usual, a slow-flow hardcore verse from 8 ball, than a choppy fast flowin verse from mjg, but he didn't try to put any stand out lines in his verse in this song. Still good verses.

10.Runnin out of Bud (3.8/5) (featurin killer Mike)
Catchy southern beat with a nice fast pace, a singer does the hook but its not bad or annoyin at all, verses again good, this killer mike dude spits a pretty good verse too.

11. Clap on (4/5) (feat yung joc)
Finnaly 8ball's fat ass rocks a faster flow and puts in a better than his average verse to open up the song. This is a more of a dark song with a fast pace club beat. Young joc comes with a descent verse, a couple lines stood out alot, but his verse was more about his flow than his lyrics. Mjg comes in with a highly animated verse like luda or redman, and he has some real nice punchlines in his verse, he's still a clever lyricist after all these years.

12. Alchohol pussy weed (5/5)
The beat has these real nice high pitched trumpet type things on it an it sounds real good, wita real nice rough baseline. The concept is played out, yes, but this song is hot regardless. The verses is on point, this is just a great song.

13. Pimpin-Skit-funny again

14.Pimpin dont fail me now (2/5) (featurin jazzie pha an juvienille)
This is only the skip track on the cd, the verses is on the lazy side, the beat is wack, the singin annoyin, but juvenille does come wita entertain verse.

15.Worldwide (5/5)
Great bounce back track after that bullshit before it, it gotta hype beat but not club type, the verse is some of the best on the cd, and the hook is real catchy. Prolly my fav. song outa the last 9.

16. take it off (feat poo bear) (1.5/5)

I lied when i said there was only one skip track, this is the only other one, i don't even wanna comment on it, just know its not worth listen too.

17. Memphis (4/5) (feat al kapone)
The beat is pretty cool on this, this is like a history/reminiece track ya mean? Mjg opens wit one of his usual great verses, he says sumthin about doin shows back in memphis back in 88', this al kapone duke throws out a descent verse, wit a fast flow, about old singers an rappers. Then 8ball finishes the song off wita story verse too.

18.Get low (4.5/5)
This song needs a music video bad, the beat is just a dramatic baseline, 8ball tellin sumthin about somebody shootin in a club talkin bout what he's gonna do to get out, then mjg comes in with the stupid fast flow, almost like twista, but u can understand it. He finishes the story off with his verse, listen to it if u wanna know the details.

19. Stand up (4/5)
Just a nice hardcore song with a strong guitar baseline at times, straight verse, they definetly don't like people talkin bout south, 8 balls does the hook and it goes "south niggas..stand up, weak niggas..man up, fuck these niggas that don't, show us no love". glad they finished the cd up on a hardcore note, cuz i think nas made a mistake finishing his hip is dead album off wit like 4 straight songs wit singers.

This is the album of the year so far, and don't post in this thread if you one of those south haters.

Bigot Hitman
04-20-2007, 07:15 PM
This site ain't 100% south haters is it?

04-20-2007, 07:35 PM
Im gonna check it out...

and also..... not everyone here hates southern music, only the backpacker kids that carry fudge in their backpacks

The Hound
04-22-2007, 11:33 AM
im curious to this ... how does it compare to livin legends ? ... i love that cd ...

Bigot Hitman
04-23-2007, 07:52 PM
Better, but i haven't heard livin legends in alittle while so i'm prolly biased on it. But it won't sale as much as livin legends cuz it didn't have a hit single.

04-26-2007, 05:32 PM
I got much love for 8Ball and MJG. I got Riding High album this past Monday and i haven't listened to it yet. I also got 8Ball's latest album Light Up The Bomb this past Monday. I'm gonna peep both of them soon. My favorite joint on Living Legends album is You Don't Want Drama. That beat is hard and they came hard with the lyrics. The video is gutter too.

04-28-2007, 01:19 AM
hay idiot avrige the ratins i dont fill like it right now

love the album give it a 8/10

05-05-2007, 01:53 PM
Riding High was a disappointment to me. I didn't like it that much. 8Ball's Light Up The Bomb album i didn't like either. I like his other solo albums.