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04-20-2007, 07:25 AM
-Verse One-

We came to break the spell of leviathan/
the psychosis of babylon/
the system designed to suck the blood of men/
we are the prominent/
true and living,dominant beings/
desendants of a Love Surpreme,who's presence is unseen/
yet,it lives in the hearts of Man,Woman,and Child/
who constantly get racialy profiled/
they got us fighting for our freedom yo,we screamin out loud!!!!/
while goerge bush only envisions power and mushroom clouds/
but now the Fathers time has come for us,we must move out/
of this brainwashed state of mind,before our time runs out/
Unlearn the history that they taught you in school/
I refuse to be an educated fool,following rules/
So I,create music and use it as a tool/
to help guide these savage 85ers living crude/
we entice the mind/
when breathing life through mic-devices/
the type that can re-arrange this global crisis/
Now,why they want to fight against this?/
Righteousness shall overcome..../
All wickedness, whenever we speak it over drums/
Glorious Hymns and Poems!/
let's kill the poison and over-throw them/
murder the snake that's within yourself!-there ain't no room for half-stepping/
this music is one of our most powerful weapons/
let's use it to it's full extent/
to get back that which is rightfully ours before we're all extinct!!!

No matter what they call it,It all sounds the same/
Radio and television done drove them insane/
So many sold their Soul for fame,It poisoined their brains/
babylon we don't need your dollars,coins or your chains!/
We deal with whats Natural since the first day we came/
Original Man 'Praise- Rastafari-H.I.M. name/
Through all the blood,sweat and pain,The True and Living will remain/
It's One Life,One Love,One Destiny,One Aim!!!

-Verse Two-

We came to break the spell of Kingu/
The Incite and Jewelz we bring you are to help pull you out of the spell of sleep you cling to/
we sing Truth to shatter present babylon matters/
their hypnosis and chains of psychosis/
to all the SoulJahs in the battle field stay focused!/
It's a Spiritual war among the highest to the lowest/
We Rise like a sham/
our spirit hovers across lands/
we are here to lead the people that are damned like Abraham/
Ancient like the Lions,we break bread with the Lamb/
and mystically communicate with the Son of Man/
The Chossen march through the fields breaking seven seals/
shedding Light towards the dark unveiling the unreal/
Revealing Information so the next generation can preceive/
that everything you see ain't always what it seems/
Reptilians in the form of human beings/
so many plots and schemes to try and end Jah Breed/
but none can overthrow what the Most High Controls!/
they can try but we just resurface every time!/