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07-23-2005, 06:24 PM
hope this is better

spittin harder then if I had weights on my hands
and these bars these hoes can't stand
leaving you wit operation hours, wit no cooperation
standin in my way's few fags waitin for an education
of how to rap while I'm busy with a mutilation
You couldn't spit hard with a few inside relations
see I'm already industry while your stuck bootlegging my shit
on the curbside with a few unlucky spits,
now take a breather like a helium baloon
cuz I get at these piraters like a couple of goons
with a kill or be killed mental like rush hour
so homie, don't think its going down like you wanted
I got my business an the hours along with the weed
with you just sittin in ya chair waitin with a long night of dreams

2nd one

Bout to blow trouble hitting harder then the mad cow disease
What I told your crew, your done so cease
I'm a wizard, not no harry potter, I make bricks go poof like Mario
Find me on the mic, hell no, I shoot on more lives then Rosario
Cus I slave on the mic like bravehearts might
Won't kill em just yet, scathe more then blight
Now you my number one fan?
Maybe after the autographs, which the event'll never hit the fan
Read what I said, no fake lyrics man
That means don't talk about slaying like Tarzan
Want a contract but can't even find the time to rap
I want it big, so the boom goes big like the war in Iraq

07-25-2005, 02:13 AM
If you hope its better then you are not improving. You should learn you skill and know your style. From there maybe you might improve. Don't ask us if its better. We will see it as you show us you style more.

PS: Keep posting

07-25-2005, 02:14 AM