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04-23-2007, 10:22 AM
Born and raised in the Midwest, M-Eighty gained a great deal of notoriety for being an unbeatable force among the MC battlegrounds. Releasing three solo albums in his years prior to moving to California, including “The Expert Explosive,” Snakes in the Garden of Eighty,” & “The 11th Hour.” He moved to California in 2004 to pursue law school in San Francisco, M-Eighty soon began undertaking A&R work for Dreddy Kruger’s New York based Think Differently Music Group making contributions to the labels “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture” and Bronze Nazareth’s “The Great Migration” releases respectively. Almost 90,000 units later and with graduation from law school in the not so distant future, M-Eighty is ready to release his fourth solo effort "Hymns, Psalms, & Street Songs" on June 5th.

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Thanks again Alex. I know a lot of people have been reading the interview because I have been getting a lot of messages on myspace about the interview and Dreddy told me the same about messages coming in on the Think Differently page.

Good Lookin out. To anyone on the Corp who hasn't checked it yet, take a few minutes and enjoy a good read.