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maestro wooz
04-26-2007, 12:46 AM
The Healthy Health Reality

Mo’Nique is a big, dumb, FAT idiot. Mo’Nique, “famous” from her work as Nikki on The Parkers, is a “plus sized” comedian known for railing against “skinny bitches” and against the perception that “big girls ain’t sexy”. Unfortunately, Mo’Nique speaks straight from ignorance.

While it’s hard to take anything serious out of a comics mouth these days, as most comedy has been reduced to bojangling to whatever important issues of society can be minimilized for the sake of outrageous comments, Mo’Nique's comments reflect the levels of irrationality and hypocrisy that health concerns in the US have denigrated to.

The definition of the word fat is a broad one that can’t take into account every individual person. The conception of the word is one of a person who is bigger than the average person but it is also marked by a certain degree of unhealthiness that qualifies someone as being fat.

YES, we are all created in different shapes. YES, there are people that are born “big boned” and are naturally going to be big. And YES, we should accept every shape of person, but to patronize obesity as being admirable misses the point. Being fat is not how it’s supposed to be.

For some, it’s how they were born and they can’t do anything about it. For others though, it’s a sign of poor health and, generally, laziness. For the big boned people, there are ways to be healthy and live right within your big bonedness, that doesn’t include being fat. Just because you have shoulders like a linebacker doesn’t mean you can have thighs like an offensive lineman. The “lazy fat” people have no real good justification for their body. Even in the fast food world that we live in, there is no valid reason for any responsible person to disregard health and succumb to the Happy Meal lifestyle. God forbid, but sometimes you might have to go 30 seconds out of your way to eat right, but that is the price to pay until we stop making fat slob the new normal.

The missteps on health and body images are not limited to a moron like Mo’Nique, it goes in the opposite direction also. Look around the next time you’re walking through the mall; you are guaranteed to notice handfuls of people who might legitimately be characterized as “skinny bitches”.

There seems to be the perception that being rail thin is attractive. It is an interesting conclusion that people have come to reach, since almost all people who aren’t themselves ridiculously skinny can agree that being ridiculously skinny is not attractive, and in actuality is a fairly gross look. The “shoulder blade poking out” look is not going to be the next big trend.

People who are overly skinny are classified with some medical term that usually defines how they became so thin. Anorexia, bulimia, these oft repeated terms explain how a person deprives themselves, but doesn’t explain why these people choose to obsessively deprive themselves of proper nutrition. The answer is found on the cover of most tabloid magazines. Every single day there seems to be another story of a drug addicted bulimic teen star hitting rock bottom. The magazines our sisters and daughters read are flooded with a non-stop cycle of terrible role models and it seems that whenever one grows up and moves on, or burns out, there is another young starlet ready to step into the limelight with their emaciated body.

Why are THEY skinny? Mental problems. We all have our flaws, and a grown woman keeping her weight around 80lbs is just another one. The specifics can range, but no sane person who is truthfully happy with their life would treat their body in the manner these girls do. Perhaps Mo’Nique needs to take a look in the mirror and realize that her issues are just the other side of the same page. A doctor looking for a shared disease would see exactly the same symptoms. Both mentalities share an unhealthy approach to life that everyone else can see the truth about, both deny there is even a problem, and both claim that everyone else just doesn’t understand them. In short, total oblivia to reality. Someone like Mo’Nique is the exception, who in her dharmic self-awareness chooses to advocate her lifestyle. It’s like Lindsay Lohan is going on T.V and telling teenaged girls to put down their forks and go throw up dinner right now, something that would, at the least, be universally frowned upon. Fortune has shined on the world and thankfully our teen stars are not as “smart” as our fat comedians.

Society in general takes entirely the wrong approach to health. Nowadays, every food conglomerate is racing to find the next way to be able to market their food as low fat. Lost in this “noble” search for health is the fact that these corporations are overwhelmingly to blame for the need for low fat products. It was the overload of grease and cheap meat in our McDonald’s hamburgers that made us fat. It was the drinks (soda) comparable to a 3 pixie stick and water cocktail that created the market for Pepsi One. Thank you for telling us how to lose weight after you made us fat. Hey big businesses!, we appreciate how genuine you’ve all been.

The actions of these powerhouse corporations are akin to the reactionary “solutions” that dominate society. Prison doesn’t rehabilitate its inhabitants, it locks them away and lets people forget about the problems in the world. Instead of teaching the people how to eat right and to exercise daily, people are taught, through catchy slogans and advertisements, to eat only a certain type of food product for a couple of weeks. Weight loss fads like the Atkins Diet or the South beach Diet feed into this mentality by offering a quick short term answer that will make everything seem all better. Really, is it possible, and wise, to live on these diets? A grown human being can sustain themselves with these lose weight fast schemes? Yet people will still turn to them as a cure all for their weight problems.

Just like no one gave a hoot about the angry Muslims until they slapped us in the face, no one cares about their body until their belts no longer fit. It’s not an issue until you can’t fit into your old jeans; then people are more than ready to spend fifteen dollars for a guide on getting in the fast lane to a healthy lifestyle. People will then have the audacity to wonder how they got so fat, probably blame their schedule which won’t allow time to hit the gym like they’d like. Ignored will be the small-oceans of soda and beer that over the years has been used to wash down extra cheddar Big Montanas and boxes upon boxes of Pop Tarts.

All in all, the situation is pretty messed up. Lots of people are blind to their own problems and will try to justify it with some outlandish reasoning. Others will believe it’s all peachy until eventually they realize that the blob looking them back in the mirror is nobody but themselves.

Can you blame anyone though? They feed us greasy turd on a sesame bun and then sell the best way to get skinny. Celebrities in the spotlight will denounce “skinny bitches” and make it cool to be a slob while others throw up their dinners while 12-year-old girls are watching. Maybe we all just need 15 minutes of recess each day.