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04-26-2007, 03:00 AM
Post your thoughts too.

I think in some ways we are moving in a negative direction, largely due to the influences of technological advancement. For example the effects of the internet and video games, which imo have more of a negative influence on humankind than a positive one. In fact I think video games have almost no positive influence at all. All this 'politically correct' bullshit is a huge step backwards too. Not to mention the direction in which law is headed, with people suing each other over the most trivial and absurd things imaginable. Governments are also arguably becoming more and more corrupt and self centered.

In other ways we are moving in a more positive direction, in a spiritual sense and in terms of how we perceive life. For example, less restriction on accepted dress codes, sexual conduct, acceptable behaviour. Society slowly moving towards abandoning the influence of outdated and failed religious beliefs. Less suppression of natural human emotions and desires, in popular media. For example, availability and acceptability of pornographic material, more freedom to portray what were once considered obscene, lewd or unacceptable, situations and scenarios in film and tv.

Just a few thoughts. Add on.