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lord patch
04-27-2007, 06:18 PM
Save Sudan
April 27, 2007
Karin Friedemann

The Zionist Lobby and Coordinated Media have caused quite some concern
about the civilian population of Western Sudan. Since the suffering in
Sudan is at core an effect of Global Warming, the Zionists' attempts
to hold the relatively penniless Sudanese government responsibile for
all human tragedies in the region is just another defamation campaign
against Muslims.

It appears that certain peace activists have borrowed the punishing
language filtered down from the press releases connected to Bill
Kristol and the neocons. They are calling for "non-violent means of
action" - meaning starvation - to topple the Sudanese government.

I beg the reader to think deeply and not to jump too fast with this
"humanitarian isolation" tactic, remembering that some well-meaning
leftists engaged with neocons inadvertently not too long ago and
pushed our nation to war against another country that did not threaten
us, Afghanistan. America's leftists, steeped in anti-Muslim Marxist
propaganda, were quick to assume the truth in the fraudulent press
releases which originated in the Boston Jewish community, regarding
the Taliban forcing Hindus to wear yellow armbands. There were reports
spreading via the media that Afghan women were not being allowed to
work outside the home, and that we must get rid of the evil Taliban.

The news of hundreds of thousands of people eating grass as there was
no food because of the drought was conveniently omitted from the
propaganda. Starving families left their farms and walked towards
Kabul. The Taliban asked the UN for help to save these people's lives.
The UN replied that they would not lift the sanctions against
Afghanistan, but they would like to so some reparation work on one of
Afghanistan's ancient Buddhist statues, carve out a piece of land
around the statue and install UN troops to protect the tourists. We
made a decision to let 100,000 innocent Afghans die of exposure. But
that was not enough. Feminists and Democrats, led by Hilary Clinton
and Oprah, and oddly enough, peace activists, pushed for war on
Afghanistan to punish the Afghans for their barbaric tribal culture.

Now it's the same thing, people are saying the Islamic Sudanese
government is so evil and barbaric that we must take it upon ourselves
to get rid of them. The Afghan women are not better off as widows.
There are tens of thousands of homeless orphans starving in the
streets in Kabul right now. The druglords we employed to get rid of
the Taliban piled thousands of men into containers, suffocating them
to death as they were driven hundreds of miles into the desert, so
that by the time they arrived they were all dead, and then dumped in a
mass grave, for the crime of declaring their country an Islamic
Emirate. Now the leftists want us to punish Sudan for the crime of
declaring their country an Islamic Republic.

We are not going to end stop dehydration and malaria in Sudan by
depriving their country of much needed economic investments to provide
jobs and infrastructure. This is the real genocide going on. Why does
the US government want to oppose the development of Sudan? Don't
forget we bombed their malaria medicine plant and never paid for
damages and never apologized. We committed an act of war against them.
We purposely caused millions of Africans to die of malaria because
they had no medicine. How is further depriving them of resources going
to help the Sudanese people? We used Food for Oil to steal Iraqi
resources. We gave the Iraqis two tablespoons of lentils a day as
rations and refused to let them purify their water. Hundreds of
thousands of children under the age of five died of hunger and
diarrhea. Sanctions on Sudan would amount to the same thing but on a
much larger scale. It's not going to help anyone. Do you think that
putting sanctions on America would end inner city violence?

The idea that divestment or even a military invasion would be good for
Sudan seems irrational. Zionists are urging "non-violent action" to
end the violence in Sudan/Darfur. There is nothing non-violent about
inflicting economic crisis on an already poor country, and economic
sanctions with the intent to destabilize the government will certainly
not promote law and order in Sudan. This sort of propaganda crafted
and pioneered by Charles Jacobs with the American Anti-Slavery Group,
a wing of the David Project, consciously serves the purpose of turning
Arab and African Americans against each other in order to prevent them
from mounting any jointly organized political efforts.

Perhaps the Sudanese government is capable of doing much more than it
is doing to protect the well-being of all its citizens. The same could
be said of our government. But Khartoum is not a government like in
Europe or America. Other than in the capital city, Sudan has no paved
roads, no water system, no electricity. It is vast open space filled
with various tribes with conflicting interests and very little water.

The government of Sudan is not very effective at governing Sudan.
Saddam Hussein had a lot of problems with his Shiite citizens. That
does NOT imply that America had any business forcing Iraqis to be
dependent on UN handouts or going in there to police. Right now the
environmental crisis facing Sudan should be dealt with. The Sudanese
government is allowing Muslim Americans to contribute funds to
reforest Sudan. If the Jewish groups make it illegal for Muslim
charities to help Sudan, like they did with Iraq, Afghanistan and
Palestine, it is unlikely to make the Sudanese government any more
effective at governing or at helping the country to feed people.

So far, the Sudanese government has allowed American charities to dig
a well, open a clinic, or provide shelter to refugees. They are not
standing in anyone's way. They just said "NO" to foreign troops.

It's not our business what's wrong with the Sudanese government. Other
African countries are even worse. If we want to help the people, we
are free to donate some money to some humanitarian aid organization.
There are similar relief efforts in the Congo, and Sierre Leone. I
think we all agree that Africans' lives could use a lot of
improvement. However, the Zionist demonization campaign has NOTHING to
do with improving the lives of Africans and EVERYTHING to do with
controlling human rights discourse in America. They want to create a
"good guys" vs "bad guys" narration which simply does not work to
improve anyone's lot in life. Divestment from Sudan is not going to
eliminate hunger in Africa. We need to start looking at the local
Zionists' control over politics as well as local hunger. Anything we
do to stop global warming will help Sudan indirectly.

I strongly believe that humanitarian efforts in Sudan are very
worthwhile, especially because, unlike Afghanistan, Iraq and
Palestine, the humanitarian aid is pretty sure to get there, because
neither the government nor the rebels are opposed to Americans coming
in and drilling wells for the people. The people who live in the camps
are safe from violence, fed one meal a day, and the kids receive
elementary schooling. All the money we donate actually gets to the
people, and because of the exchange rate, very little money can help a
great deal.

If America wants Sudanese oil, let them pay the Sudanese government
for the oil. There is no excuse for any country to invade another
country to steal its resources, especially since it is far cheaper to
buy the oil than to invade the country and steal the oil. This revenue
would create the means to build homes and businesses and create jobs
for the population. The idea of "divesting" from Sudan is nothing than
a code for stealing the oil from an African country in need because we
can. It's not our business who is president of Sudan, Bashir or
Turabi. It's not our business. If we want business in Sudan, we should
pay with our dollars and work with the government of Sudan, whoever is
in power, to invest in the machinery needed to drill for oil.

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