View Full Version : Ic-A-Don (aka Icarus) Invades “Rhyme Tyme”

04-28-2007, 04:27 AM
Ic-A-Don is the future. I’m feeling his appearance on this week’s episode of Rhyme Tyme with DJ Peter Parker. He spit some ill s**t during the live freestyle segment. Actually spitting the same rhymes he kicked to Redman when they first met. Wicked!!! All this plus a ton of his music, a whole show’s worth of Icarus. Oops I meant Ic-A-Don. Still getting used to the name change. Just wondering what y’all think of him? Am I the only one left speechless after listening???


1) Rhyme Tyme Theme Song = P-Dap
2) Show Intro
3) Real Niggaz = Redman w/ Scarface, Ic-A-don, Treach (of Naughty By Nature), and Mally G
4) What’s That Sound = Ic-A-don w/ Redman
5) You Gots To Chill Freestyle = Ic-A-don w/ Rockwilder
6) How You Want It = Ic-A-don w/ Stack A Dolla and Method Man
7) Mic Break #1 / Interview = Ic-A-don
8) Branson Branson (unreleased version) = Redman w/ Ic-A-don
9) Get Em = Redman w/ Saukrates and Ic-A-don
10) My Apologies = Ic-A-don
11) The City Is Mine Freestyle = Ic-A-don
12) Redlite District = Redman w/ Ic-A-don
13) Mic Break #2 / Freestyle = Ic-A-don
14) George Jet Son = Ic-A-don
15) Breathe Freestyle = Ic-A-don
16) I Don’t Give A Fuck = Ic-A-don w/ Nature
17) Big Boy Toyz = Ic-A-don
18) Show Wrap Up