View Full Version : Gargoyle Emcee

05-01-2007, 12:11 AM
Underground Gargoyle Emcee comin’ up the soil
Peter Boyle monster causin’ Lucifer’s blood pressure to boil
Sick wits like pedophiles pullin’ out dicks in group therapy
Satan’s idolatry compelled me to eat Rosemary’s Baby
Herbicide/defoliant vagrant spittin’ Orange Agent
Hazardous vocabulary, casualties of anarchy
Automatic oratory artillery angrily aimed at abhorred enemies
Machetes penetrate skulls like pathologists after obituaries
Cerebrum brain stems restin’ on eyelids like JF Kennedy
Demise documentary, Kenneth Bianchi doin’ death studies
Zombies with lobotomies masterbatin’ in monasteries
Sleep walkin’ corpses spittin’ ice spike daggers to slit jugulars
Flyin’ cadavers with rusty knives stickin’ out their gall bladders
Visions of morbid disorders illustratin’ unsightly disasters
Pleasure seekers chewin’ thru pussies like Oregon St. Beavers
Jeffrey Dahmer dissectin’ property appraisers with Mach3 razors
Clive Barker evil writtens darker than Hellraiser
This style is vile like O.J. on trial wearin’ a blood stained smile
Impious verses, malicious curses like Stygian witches
Strep sick oral cavity releases terminal diseases
Larynx malignant cancer fightin’ chemo therapy
Schizophrenics see reality after splittin’ their personalities
Jack Tatum diction makin’ John Lynch flinch
Venomous viper pen strikes like cosmic rays do nitrogen
Osama Bin Laden soft-spoken assassin
Raisin’ hell like 9/11 only to lower heaven
Unleashin’ volcanic tirades of threats like Alec Baldwin
“Moonraker” Jaws gettin’ slashed with the stainless steel teeth
Mexican Werewolf in Arizona slaughterin’ your corpulent beef
Captive bolt pistol applyin’ electric shock to your head
Chariots of Fire, burnin’ bush like Moses on Mount Horeb
Searin’ flag pole-sized lead meltin’ the soles of your Pro Keds
Mummified bombin’ causin’ automatic embalmin’
Crematory flames, spit fluid is carbonaceous like charcoals
Psychopath on parole puttin’ holes like moles to lettuce bowls
Leavin’ border patrol vultures to pick at dead souls