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05-02-2007, 02:01 PM
i was going through some old verses i wrote.... i thought these were pretty decent. the album is dropping, responses welcome

im liven hidden in this world with a secret alter-ego/ locked in dark rooms, but light is shining through the peep hole/ my two strikes is up, and im starting back at zero/ wit no regrests, i except the life ive messed/ outcast, the holiest of preachers wouldnt bless/ cause my eyes butterfly effect still frames of death/ frightening images, situation you dont except / but all life must end, thats something we must respect/ these visions are more violent then the bloodiest of battles/ writings like murder scenes but double the shock value/ in the the last phases, mapless navagating lifes mazes/ walking footprints over the same landscapes/ corruption spotted, computer chips passed on hand shakes/ country filled with masons, atheist cause religon breeds hatred/ my toxic logic is so beautifuly harmonic/ radical islamics walk wit bombs in they pockets/ most see nonsense, a man beliving in his prophets/ thats the basis of his hatred and why peace will never make it/ living life in two oversized left shoes/ just enough to tip toe to losen the nuse

the relationship of life and death continues to evolve/ minds revolve,around a puzzle that cant be solved/ life in its self,is an emergent quality/ this physical state, in which we are embodied/ perpetual development, exceeding rewards of monetary/under- value souls, that as humans we possess/ live like im rich, cause i live with out regrets/ but still the end of self is what i am obsessed/ a condition that alternates with life, coordinates the fright/ distortes your normal sight, your picture of the universe/ the natural cycle, the natural process of rebirth/ an act of operation that balances the earth/ ressurect a virgin birth, the 7th death the soul returns/ a very delicate process that can not be forged/ poison fruits, leaves, weeds, roses stemed with thorns/ defense system that warns the feeding of the devils pawns/ consumed by animals, losing human form/ healthy vegetation apples carrots lettuce corn/ fruits consumed by women, then the souls' reborn.

yo 4 real life is a bitch thats why i visit the clinic/ cause i fooled around wit my guard down no tellin whats been in it/ but i do use protection, pads and pens keep my eyes wide on the vision/ but its hard to see disease when the government has hid it/ splits your mind in division/ you have no choice but to smoke drink get twisted/ we lining up, we hurded cattles to different sections/ to stupid to realize drugs and alcohol are legal murder weapons/ are eyes are covered blind, so we cant interpret a hidden message/ tought in schools to listen, believe, discureaged from asking questions/ and i know death is around the corner, i look both ways at intersections/ im 21 years of age and realize lifes a prize and it is precious/ thats why i dont understand busting gats and selling crack/ i did have boys once wieghing grams on the streets walking strapped/ and i have been stabbed, i got the scars on my back/ grew up blue collar middle class, i thank my dad/ 70 hrs a week , was rarely seen until my later teens/ i used to wish his death until i realized every thing he did it was for me/ and my sisters/ and now i am prepared for this cold life wit a winter coat for its blizzard/ screaming lifes a bitch holding up my two middle fingers.

the worlds boke, realize the insignificance of mechanical repair/ a life time of work to succede, and an instant until it is no longer there/ that why in reality its easier to fall up then it is walkig down the stairs/ so its kind of like, we turn are back to success, only failure is when we care/ accomplished some things, but smoke appeared and vanished into thin air/ quicker then your dreams and visions of rags to riches/ quicker then the split secound of video footage stole, that shows, the pentagon explode before the plane ever hit it/ engraved into stone is what a blind man once wrote, wisdom/ cause he saw the crow, putting pebbles in the water jug and drink it when its finished/ explicit vision, prophetsized the worlds end in 50 years/ the futures bleak, wit statements like heavens no and hells yeahs/one thousand years in the past, people enhanced with the world creation order/ now its controlled chaos, im just the observer and the auther/ watching purchases of 3.99 bottles of avian, and then making ice cubes out of tap water/ to busy steping on the next mans feet, im just relaxing trying to enjoy what this earth has left to offer/ statistics show life expectancy at an all time high, but the soul is living shorter/

05-02-2007, 02:08 PM
pretty dope man