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lord patch
05-03-2007, 02:05 AM
JCRC's Darfur Campaign Defeats Peace Efforts
Bill Cunningham <etwee @ earthlink.net>

The "movement" to divest from Sudan, and to promote further US action
against that country, may not have reached everyone with its message.
However there is no question but that for nearly every day and night
for months events have been held in the Boston area concerning the
Darfur issue and that virtually all of them have been sponsored or
cosponsored by JCRC and its affiliates. I have been to a few of these
and have visted their websites and noticed people wearing the Darfur
t-shirts with the slogan "dare to interfere." At the events and on the
websites, quotes from Bush, Powell et al are prominently featured and
there are speakers and placards urging the Bush administration to take
action including military force. Have you seen the signs with a peace
symbol saying "deploy"?

This "movement" may not be really "grass roots" but looks a lot more
like it than anything we have done, or anything that the so-called "US
antiwar movement" has done in years.

Will calls for direct US military action in Sudan and divestment
result in help for Darfur refugees or stop the civil war there? The
harsh truth is that it almost certainly will not.

But this movement is actually persuading people, who might otherwise
focus on getting the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan, that the US
military can still play a progressive role! More likely than Sudan,
Iran will be the country that gets attacked. Iran is the main target
for both Washington and Tel Aviv, Sudan is a pawn.

Here is a prowar movement, drawing in idealistic young people at the
very time when support within the US for the occupations of Iraq and
Afghanistan is plummeting! And here we are, fussing among ourselves
not about HOW to deal with this, but WHETHER to deal with it.
Incredible. Never again, my ass!

A fool returns to his folly as a dog returns to his vomit Proverbs

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