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05-03-2007, 09:53 PM
We're here with the legendary Soup Bone for a rare interview. We can only hope to understand the knowledge about to be dropped.

Q:First off God, I would like to thank you for granting this interview.

SB: Peace and Blessings. It is always an honor to build with enlightened souls and to make my knowledge born throughout the universe.

Q: I guess we should start with the basics. Can you tell us the meaning behind the name?

SB: Yes. When using a title you must make the wisdom you have attained through the knowledge come forth. The Soup Bone name not only is phat, but it sparks the brain to figure out meaning. Through this understanding Truth is brought forth. Also you must take the first letters of the name... S + B and realize the real science behind them. They are symbols to bring forth that I am, which is the Supreme Being. Everything that is always has been, and is through me.

Q: Word. That's a lot of knowledge right there to handle.

SB: It can be but when you have opened your 3rd eye and attained the 12 jewels it becomes clear. Then you can start building power and equality within your cipher.

Q: There are thoughts that although you have secretly helped produce beats making hip hop stronger, that only the God Cypher Divine has the skills and wisdom to spit on a exclusive Soup Bone beat.

SB; Word. When I bring a beat forth it is divine. I do not create a beat, I bring it forth. This is because everything that is I, has always been, has always been in existance. You cannot create or destroy what always has and always will, be. The circumferance of my existance is the universe. Cypha Divine is an A Alike who can make knowledge born through words which are symbols of wisdom.

Q: What about da 411?

SB: Well the 411 aka the God Facts aka MicroDickSlick does have the ability for Power and Equality. However, he cannot always manifest his knowledge of self and discern it from his devilish ways. He is usually too busy masturbating over a pale caucasoid devil woman. But at times he can bring forth wisdom. His duality is symbolic of the fall of the son of man

Q; That's peace. Will we ever be able to witness a full album of Cypa Divine w/ Soup Bone?

SB: Once again you can always witness it all, because it always has been. The time has to be right for you to be able to manifest the knowledge and wisdom and call forth Truth so you can witness that creation. Most are too mentally dead and don't have that knowledge of self to call it forth. Also, Cypha Divine is lazy and doesn't believe people are ready for his words.

Q: Is there any more knowledge you can share?

SB: You have to bring forth your own knowledge in your own cypher. When it manifests then you can learn. The only knowledge is knowledge of self.

Q: Word. Thanks God

SB: Peace and Blessings

05-04-2007, 12:22 AM
hahaha wtf. i hope you didnt make that up