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maestro wooz
05-06-2007, 03:22 AM
Aight, so im not sure how much you guys know about these guys, but i met one the other day and was talking with him awhile. I went into a 7/11 to buy some cigs and i see standing at the counter is this black dude dressed up in a hilarious outfit. He had this tall black cap thing on, with a little thread of string sticking up from the top, and an all white robe that was huge cause the man had some girth to him. I started laughing at first but he was talking to the guy working at the counter and i noticed he had this ribbon on his chest that said some thing about the divine moorish temple. I didnt know too much about them, and still dont, but i know noble drew ali and his place in some things.

I start just listening at first to what he was saying and i figured he seemed like a decent enough fellow and i joined his conversation. We started talking about like NWO shit and globalists, which is my expertise since my apprenticeship under the Prophet A. Jones. He said don imus shouldnt have been fired, and he started talking all this crazy shit about all the people of the americas being one, which i've come to find his part of the doctrine of his temple. He asked what was the supreme law or some thing like that, and i said "math" and he said "correct son, and science" so we built on that. All at the 7/11 counter with people coming through. I wanted to ask him about elohim shit but he had to leave to get back to work. As we were leaving i was like "im charles by the way" and we talked for another second and he gave me the address of his temple and the phone number, told me to call sometime and ask for minister maleek and i can come up to the temple to build or attend if theyre having a speech.

Really ill happenings. Anyone else ever met any of these fellas? They seem pretty stragit and the guy claimed that the masons stole their customs from the moors in the 18th century, which ive heard something about before.

This is the wikipedia section called "Prophets Teachings"

The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America is held to be a collection of knowledge kept secret by the Moslems of the East, now brought back to light by the Prophet. As such, Noble Drew Ali did not claim to be the author of the work, per se, although the final section of the Koran, Chapters 45-48, are in his proverbial hand. The Koran is in three major sections. Chapters 2-19 contain the lost history of Jesus as a child and young man, His travels and teachings in Palestine, Egypt, Europe, and India. The ministry of John the Baptist also figures heavily in this section. The most probable source for this material is the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, although the man credited with this work, Levi H. Dowling, as in the case of Noble Drew Ali, did not claim authorship, but rather suggests that it is a revealed, pre-existing text. The second major section of the Koran, Chapters 20-44, seems to be derived from the Ancient Egyptian text used by the Rosicrucians calledUnto Thee I Grant, and consists largely of discussions of various aspects of the human condition. The third and final section, apparently penned by Noble Drew Ali, himself, contains a collection of histories of Asiatic peoples and the founding of Christianity, as well as an overview of the mission and intent of the Science Temple. In addition to these three sections, Chapter 1 serves as a sort of Creation story, a discussion of the fundamental nature of humans, how they came into being, and what their relationship to God is. This chapter is a slightly revised section from the introduction to Levi H. Dowling's text rather than from the "Aquarian Gospel." There is also a quick epilogue between Chapters 19 and 20, summing up the events portrayed in the first section as the story of the lives of Jesus and John the Baptist.

A major theme of the Moorish Science Temple is teaching or returning nationality to members of the Asiatic Nation of North America. The Science Temple was an early proponent of the Black Power movement in America, although Marcus Garvey is celebrated by the Moorish Science Temple as the Forerunner of the Prophet. The temple's doctrine was that of racial tolerance and equality, and the structure of the religion theoretically embraced all races. Drew Ali taught that Moors were "Asiatic", that there are only two races on the planet, Europeans and Asiatics. The peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific, as well as Latin Americans, and indigenous peoples of the Americas are all considered Asiatic, as well as Moslems in Moorish Science Temple teachings. Drew taught that Europeans represent the "Lower Self" (Satan), and were driven out of Mecca by the Asiatic Moslems. Drew said that the empowerment of the Moorish people could only be found through an acceptance of Islam, although the Moorish Science Temple's definition of Islam was very different from the conventional one, and was more of a theosophistic combination of many religions, including Buddhism and indigenous religions. The theology of the church was lenient and inconsistent, if not non-existent, although there were consistent themes of universal love and pride.

Doctrine of the temple was unconventional, including stories about Christ and Apollo battling, and the Greek Gods watching over his tomb before his resurrection, as well as the descendants of Sub-Saharan Africans should be referred to as "Moors" or "Moorish Americans" instead of Negroes, Blacks, or today, African-Americans.

i can dig alot of that


this is noble drew ali, but the guy was wearing basically the same exact uniform, with a ribbon by his heart.


05-06-2007, 03:59 PM
first of all...i dont understand why u would find a guy dressed different than u "hilarious", before tall tees and baggy jeans, the men of many countries dressed in robes, and head gear resembling, turbans, scarfs, fez' and kufis. so it aint nuthin strange...if anything, your strange..

second of all the "koran" of the temple is not the real Qur'an and shouldnt be given the same title.

thats all i gotta say...


Ultimate Fist
05-06-2007, 11:06 PM
Here's a whole library of Moorish Scientist writings. It's run by the Moorish Orthodox Church, which is sort of a beatnik/hippie version of the MST.


05-08-2007, 01:07 PM
first of all...i dont understand why u would find a guy dressed different than u "hilarious", before tall tees and baggy jeans, the men of many countries dressed in robes, and head gear resembling, turbans, scarfs, fez' and kufis. so it aint nuthin strange...if anything, your strange..


cause they look amusing. Once upon a time ppl were butt ass naked.

now if they were butt naked with a kufi, i would die.