View Full Version : the 90's good times

05-07-2007, 09:12 PM
when kids were still scared of they pops..the 90's..if you were bad, mommy went and called the cops,
when the best days you had were with that 21 inch screen color tv caldor box
the real undertaker,hulk hogan.. nail in the coffin locked up in the parlor shop.
wrestling was real,no multi-colored dollar bills, before you learned to steal

hey dude rodeos , fags were homos, and fist fights were fought solo.
and when you was at grandmoms house you cried its time to go home
but alls good though, u got a nestles crunch bar with nba team logos
its strange what u remember, a-b-a-c-a-b-b the mortal combat blood code

stick sickly in the afternoon your average 8 year old favorite comic
are you afraid of the dark made your parents check the closets ...cause... ahh real monsters!!
donkey lips, doug funny, budnick, pattie mayonaise
if you were in the crew then you surley knew the hand shakes

upperdeck bubble gum, independence day, jurrasic park
pissed u felt ripped off, traded a signed shawn kemp 4 a vin baker rookie card
slang was phat and the bomb,oakley harper ewing... back when the knicks still had a squad,
the 90's knicks was the roughest,john starks shootin 2 for 20 something,

but dunking over jordan and his heart made you love um'
when prime time sitcoms were family oriented, danny tanner teaching lessons,
carl winslow preached a message..with the corny back round music and fake rounds of applause
quater barrel drinks, oatmeal pies, 5 friends 2 bike, riding on handel bars, transportion at all costs

graffiting up, leaving your mark, but is was all good cause its washable side walk chalk
tie the string to the base to get that perfect arc, playing ball little tikes until the day turned dark
no my space, internet, text messagin, no side kick, ipods, playstation, xbox
no drinking drunkeness, tv violence, no cursing at your moms, curfew violate smoking pot...it was the 90's it was

pick up sticks, starter hats, pixie sticks, slip and slide,
rainy days replaced sunshine build your fort inside.
when ya bike was ya ride, ace of spades in the spokes
running over cans of coke, good humor had the freshest jokes....the 90's

05-07-2007, 09:31 PM
that verse was tight dude i was feelin that. that really makes you think of how much time changed, kept bringin back memories of when i was a little kid. that mortal kombat shit haha, dam i wish it was like how it used to be, but much props son stay up.

05-07-2007, 09:47 PM
good shit, doug was my shit no lie, that show was cool yuh know, 90's now that i think bak were easier even tho i was a kid, it seemed we fucked times up for ourselves yuh know, good piece

Dr Sleepwalker
05-08-2007, 04:52 PM
hahaha... diggin' the flow and way ur shyt was written..
loved the detail, feelin the throwback shoutouts (crunch bars and mortal kombat..ect...) .. i'll be sure ta check the future rhymes you post.. pea2e