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05-13-2007, 02:37 AM
I'm pretty much still real rookie at writing any type of lyrics, last time I tried writing was like over a few months ago

one round all I need to be wreckin'
catch the leader like Nick Cage gone in 60 seconds
started battling people since being pregnancy
then smoked cats because of their family pedigree
bring ya best punches, biggest knife and gun bitch
I know what marvel-is is all about so I punish
only time you break bread when in third world banks
you know me, always one up you like a birthday cake
only time you fucked up on keys when I broke ya piano
same time collecting dough you earned just an hour ago
still wanna throw down like football celebrations
flipping through the papes like old cartoon animations
throwing the rock down an jumping kids like hop scotch
let shit slide then stick to em like a roll of scotch

after reading that, I don't think it flows good not at any point. I just basically threw together a bunch of lines I think of randomly when I work

05-13-2007, 10:35 AM
son, battling me a bad choice for ya health
hands over ya mouth in awe like battling your breath
kids around the block know my gig
just like that mtv show you know I'm rob n big
me not ill? sport a diamond platinum rolex sir
you coppin' my double L-P like kidnapping lex luthor
I got my connects, so where's yours
nowadays just lounging tapping with morse
steam baths only time I sweat the col'
running cuts first like a tiki barber hoe

05-14-2007, 07:07 PM
yo check it, its the mad riddler of the lab
forget the river of styx, paying the toll like cabs
you know motherfuckers wanna read my shit
the others can suck a dick the very same minute
and I love to stir the pot for a little trouble
like dust I'm always on top of the rubble
this ain't no ego trip, just a little controversy
smoking trees kissing? I'll sickle your body
the wax too hot for most burning to the third
like trick candles collapse the lungs of turds
straight is the ish that my tongues producing
I'm not going anywhere, you the one moving
setting the benchmark for keys like Ray Charles
flick off the fake out my circle like a game of marbles
then quickly pick em off cuz they threatening
fuck the sting, the buzz alone is mutilating

Bigot Hitman
05-14-2007, 08:03 PM
I'm pretty much still real rookie at writing any type of lyrics, last time I tried writing was like over a few months ago

one round all I need to be wreckin'
catch the leader like Nick Cage gone in 60 seconds
started battling people since being pregnancy
then smoked cats because of their family pedigree
bring ya best punches, biggest knife and gun bitch
I know what marvel-is is all about so I punish
only time you break bread when in third world banks
you know me, always one up you like a birthday cake
only time you fucked up on keys when I broke ya piano
same time collecting dough you earned just an hour ago
still wanna throw down like football celebrations
flipping through the papes like old cartoon animations
throwing the rock down an jumping kids like hop scotch
let shit slide then stick to em like a roll of scotch

after reading that, I don't think it flows good not at any point. I just basically threw together a bunch of lines I think of randomly when I work

The white lines were true quality lines, good concepts, and your flow was even, it wasn't shifty or intresting, it was more uniform and standard which is ok but will get boring. Just drop a verse everday or every other day and you'll get better.

05-19-2007, 08:09 PM
heart beats even when my conscious goes idle
crazy was the initial thought reading my title
shits locked hands down an I ain't touching a Bible
its wrong to lie but deaths waitin' after the trial
dumbass' wanna know how the joker on top
its hard to tell, but easy to do, like my drops
like gettin' in a girls pants just gotta chop an chop
an your threats is fake, cuz my singles you cop
I'm the crunch between yo white and brown
cuz I act like the cookies in a carvel cake clown
try an pronounce my words as your own
shit gets tough when ya covers blown clone
I hear the rumblings, that ya masters coming
gas up ya casket, kill yo soul and eat the aura king

05-22-2007, 09:13 PM
give daps to the coolest kats sorry to exclude
hot as the sun, so don't look to bite me dude
claim your wrist icey, we all know you poor
you bitin' my steps in life like your teeth on the floor
fuck a dinner party cuz ya moms suckin' after our lunches
you soft and nobody yelled heads up like sucker punches
me holding back, not even a masseuse this sound
claim I'm all opinions, I'mma prove this round
your click wired like a computer mouse, don't front
this gonna put most back as I close line punks
haters making me laugh, I heard them talk
what goes around comes back, watch where you walk
you so fat you think the alphabet starts PB & J
work the middle first an this ain't the 7th of a baseball game
shave you bald, never had a bad hair day like turtles
shits twisted off the top, creating blood puddles
metaling around spit you inside out like Steve Urkel

06-16-2007, 05:20 PM

this my 1st rhymes/lyrics since my last post. so I prolly regressed alot

got hoes cleaning chrome rims free
you stuck cleaning skid marks off your undies
spittin' my lyrics for ya'll acting sleezy
me back down is not on my list of priorities
spitting back like going back in a time machine
I'mma kick down the door
then knock ya head in, body on the floor
the judges ain't counting votes after your turn
just sheep on they minds cause we know you got burn'd
and we all know if shit really went down
you'd be hiding between ya mommy's legs clown
most see my grill brighter then supernova
bust out ya knee caps, tape ya hands together like its over
ya ass praying saying how you a coward
wanna spread lies about the boss terd
you are what you eat son, I act Stern like Howard
claim you spray, but I know better
pussys sleeping on you like you the rainy weather

06-18-2007, 02:58 PM
another quick verse, freestyle

rise to the top even though I'm the catalyst
fight the hottest as I control more presidents
feel my dome, harder then a diamond son
asked for an 'L, so I bring one
fuck cutting up your skeletal weakling
cut you off like the crust of the bread I'm eating
got something for ya goonies behind like re-runs kid
this ain't no arms race cause my crew, we run shit
you acting like you got this down to the beat
closest to a cell you been bitch when pounding ya meat
you in the mind of demented son of a bitch
perform criminal actions damaging any snitch

all I can think of

06-23-2007, 05:34 PM
just got out of work, so I'm a little tired


ayo, bring your hustle and weapon
I'm the rap pedophile telling you to get in
duck tape your mouth, legs, and wrists
so I can hear you squeel cut a few slits
dump your body in the next van
go after your family and fans
I got to check out the crib first
so I add fuel to the fire and watch it burn
leaving laughing like the joker defeating batman
in heaven or hell you wish I burn like genie lamp
yes sir, stay wishing, you still pussy
and boy, quick was the kill, you lucky
if your crew come running, they stupid
they can't hate me, got shot like by cupid
and think getting a second chance save you
karmas really a bitch, pussy you is shot by the flu
think cause I came from space I'll burn up
self produce like the dew on my cup
I can never lose myself, except when I'm crazy
which I am, technically
and dirty boy try and touch this, not a chance
stay fresher then the packaging while you cop my stance

08-15-2007, 01:17 AM
I'm fresh, like the 10 o' clock news
lyrical trenches I move through under the moon
cause speak freely and get instituted
as you hate, even the simple minded felt the music
time moving slow to my mind
like to my eyes my love's womanly design
the sickness got me trapped in a wild vine
all hell breaking loose but I'm on cloud nine
every word she speaks I pick it up
call my Sticky Fingers sir
whats the meaning of life if you can't grasp it?
see, I was a child who was too foolish
couldn't open my mouth like a baby sucking a bottle
she just looked at me like I was one of the cattle

08-18-2007, 11:13 PM

put on yesterdays clothes smelling like shit
born a cripple, can't even tie my own kicks
got in my moms whip and on I go
a crappy Micky D's job barely stable in my dome
acting all nice to the public, strangers
when I get bored try and think of a banger
see, rap ain't even a hobby of mine though bless it
lets my emotions flow when I hear the realness
makes me wanna come out of my shell like shrapnel
but I realize only God can fill my well
when it rains I feel like drowning in the puddle
blasting off in a space shuttle
because my thinkings shit, all fucking muddled

08-19-2007, 06:00 AM
Try to switch up your concepts. If you want to become a great rapper, you need more than bragging & battle rhymes. Take Chino XL for instance, GREAT battle rapper, but he can also tell real dope stories(kreep, skin++) and he usually have a theme for each track, not just randomly throwing down battle raps...

But while your practicing, battle raps is alright, just keep it in mind for later :)
Work on multies.

You're decent so just keep on writing :)

08-19-2007, 09:14 PM
thanks GhettoGnom, I like Hip-Hop (#1 music preference) and enjoy writing but don't take it serious (not enough to improve that much), I thought I was downright horrible

quick verse, watching giants vs ravens

"One Love," just a random title,

since day one I was depressed easily
physically regressed, God just sketched me
while he took the time to mold you
can't do shit cause of a old ass curfew
so I gotta creep like pedophiles and perverts
search through confidential files cause it works
hack your money, but left with broken knees
leave you frozen in your mink fleece
its all because I'm not happy
so I grab my secret weapons, pot and a piece
light it up and start inhaling some smoke
but stopped, cause this motherfucking bum spoke
what you want, just me thinking
God I love this feeling, my stomachs itching
like sitting in the same classroom of this girl
now I'm thinking, how can God torture this world

08-20-2007, 12:15 AM
random verse

right now I'm on a ego trip cause you inferior
look through my eyes kid and you'll see a mirror
not putting on make up or brushing my teeth
just wearing my broken hoody busting as I breath
no matter the season or the weather I be true
rain and snow couldn't drop globally like I do
keeping it rawer then a lions digestive track
don't be offended, all your suggestions are crap
to separate the real from the fake you need money
you got plenty of it so I pull and squeeze like a hammy
pull out hair from the back to get to the roots and prove you lying
running the capital like an accountants writing
lord knows you won't step up like walking flat land
feel you breathing through your nostrils, now I'm stalked by fans
nothing can tempt me to stop being real
plus Satan don't got shit, let me spell it out G.O.D.

08-29-2007, 01:44 PM
frustrated, in a down mood

I've been feeling heavy since I was in preschool
wondering why I'm here but can't even feel you
talking to my self praying for God to end it all
send me to Heaven or Hell, I was sent with a flaw
not even kinda broke, living lavishly compared to others
stomachs turning, no one's backing me, lost my birth mother
see adoptions a gift sometimes, the other time its not worth it
hurting asking why and why feeling the worst, nothing
fell in love, but couldn't speak a word, am I worthless?
can't express myself enough so you gotta see the spits
and when I look back in my life I see a void
right now I feel like suicide, ain't horsing around like Troy
but I realize I ain't got the tolerance for karma
and in my belief the greater power shouldn't harm ya
feel like committing public death like Mike Vick
see, I ain't just got the heart no more to hide shit
wanna flip the bird to my co-workers and smirk
not that I hate them but can't stand living it hurts

08-29-2007, 11:16 PM
quick key/freestyle

when I'm alone I'm feeling tormented
as a kid I felt like I needed to be mended
even during Christmas putting up trees and ornaments
never happy I'm tired of evil intentions
you got these suits and presidents that got a vice
for stealing the poor peoples money once and twice
but don't worry my moms' would say
when its all said and done it'll be bombs away
killing every individual immediately with a phone call
see I'm kinda sad but we all brake bones when we fall
but in another life I plan on putting on the wax like Mr. Miyagi
and I ain't the reaper but I'm grim like misery
putting my soul through the fire trying to stay positive
faking my smiles and laughter trying to say "Goodnight Mrs."
but I'm as single as Jesus' virginity through life
had chances but the opportunities passing to soon for my likes
see, I'm straight plain and stupid in my head
it feels like when I had my shot Cupid bled
the type of kid who gets blushes and gets speechless
so I stick with my burning bushes with Moses like feelings
an epiphany fueling the catalyst walking downhill
but I read the reports now I drown in pills
my therapist says I'm not crazy, but I get it
somebody stick me in a straight jacket

08-30-2007, 11:15 PM
quick verse

I never had a chance to live freely
shackled and chained fired up like chimneys
and no, I'm not homo so don't try it fags
when my time comes I'll be crying at last
death brings the worst and best out of people
a love one's death makes even Hercules feeble
make the greedy even greedier and so on kid
brings out the underground when moneys involved in it
me I don't even have the nerves like hardened criminals
but hey, it seems like nowadays its all part of a ritual
for people to play robin hood stealing from the poor
but I try to play gypsy and stat revealing more
all of this makes me wanna drown in swamp water
what really gets me is these idiots stirring the pot like reporters

09-03-2007, 08:00 PM

most folks wanna go toe to toe emano emano
when these fakers go mafioso they got a problemo
cause I know they never felt ritalin none the less blow
type of kid never knowing, pretty good at guessing though
when he did pick up the biscuit he felt cold
put it down so I told my dogs to get that hoe
so the pussy ran and ran till he ran out of breath
but I got connections like a spiders web
fuck blood ties, the family blood thirsty like piranhas
don't think I'm silver spoon fed I'm a hungry worker
and all you targeted in my sights call me love and hate
I'm not gunning just dropping cause I hover above you flakes
nobody wants me to brush off my shoulder they call me Atlas
these punks say I spit sharp like I ate cactus
but I assure you I ain't a stranger ala fat kids in gym
in the end you see I'm the one smacking the kingpin

09-04-2007, 10:03 PM
hopefully I'm improving little by little, another quick one

I'm spitting soft yet beginning the death sequence
tripping laughing on crazy shit while your breath weakens
see my crew country yet hardcore to the fullest
you an ox, hardly, built with flaws talking bullshit
no man's fucking with me like I got the coodies
even got the government asking who is he
and even though the rap games locked like its cut
I do my best confusing the insane I dropped to stay up
cause I go through Hell and back like nightmares
whats really got me crazy is punks who don't fight fair
blast them quicker then the bullet that penetrates
leaving folks trembling educating those that need to elevate
spit to the deaf, dumb, and blind, do they hear me? no
but what I do know is that they feel me though
even though I eat kids my hearts cleansed like eating cheerios

09-06-2007, 10:05 PM
Both from Wu-Dojo the battle area

I'm bored, so I'll try and improve at battle rhymes, cause I suck

ayo I'm coming harder then your cranium
just ain't listening so I top it off like cinnamon buns
swing an miss like cripples beating they meat
already I can see you're feeble minded and beat
just don't got the mental stamina to hang
with the crazy, the demented, the riddler straight bangs yo
now I got you paying my rent plus I minus your soul
try and kill me first you got to find us, but your old
see the main thing is you can't stop the prophet
especially when I carry a bat that Hammering Hank batted with
thats not including what my death row crew is concealing
and trust if I were as dead as you I'd be squeezing


quick freestyle

the feelings I express don't come from the heart
coming from the dick fucking you up hard
so sonny don't think you can express your self properly
I get paid for everything I do, you getting it hourly
why you hating when you can start dissing already
and fucker this ain't shadowboxing so why you missing badly
writing off checks you know you can never cash
talking kung fu flip kicks walking what I talk while you stay trash
plus fucker I got the wildest pussy calling me alpha male
you thinking you'll get back up while falling you gonna fail
even got Strong Island connects without holding my weight
rocks be cooking instantly for the starved like potato flakes
I'm not a killer by reputation but fuck it, I'll let the glock spray
leaving holes in your sweet ass like maples, what you got to say?

09-17-2007, 11:22 PM
if you asked who I am, I'd say an Asian
in my town, they see me and the flakes start pacin'
I know, these kids be hating the truer peoples around here
on paper look me up, I'm in a institution, drowned in fear
never smoked a cigarette to try and fit in the crowd
haters be throwing fists against walls having fits cause I'm proud
or am I? see I grew up in Long Island listening to Hot 97
sitting in the classroom trying to grow, you'd find me tremblin'
I was never the most popular, but the popular tried
they'd talk to me asking trying to know, I'll be honest, I cried
see I'm not a hustler just a kid who grew up in self turmoil
getting the hurt from a dad most don't got, the belt made me boil
I'd fantasize about gunning down kids like the five-o
wishing I grew up in the streets, I'd probably never survive though
so does that make a phony or a dreamer on cloud nine
cause I'd like to say I control those who ride like a street sign
don't call me a homo cause we all gotta eat to live
the mental or physical I try an stay discrete and give
like medieval Pope's, ignorant corrupt the perfect role model
to me they worse then the snatchers who stole the babies bottle

09-18-2007, 10:26 PM
I'm like a ghost to the kids who be roaming the streets
rap fanatic way past his curfew, mouth foaming to the beats
living in the country with my bro, its quite beautiful
drinking liquor till my face explodes, fight till the juice full
see homie I go toe to toe with anyone like foot fetishes
give a fuck bout age, eat ya cake bettin' on yo wishes
waitin' near the clubs entrance and writing numbers down
and you can't get a grip, like I gave ya two thumbs down
...now you can enter the dog pound where many dwell
cause I hate these phony rappers texting disses on a cell
trying to start beef with the weak, why? they not equal
wacker then they two cents, watch as I slay the feeble
I ain't talking about money when I say you a dime a dozen
I'm breaking bread building so much got a bakers dozen

09-19-2007, 03:36 PM
another keystyle, might have to go to work, bored

"Mr. President"

I try to forgive and let go of peoples mistakes
people get mad cause they playing the feeble stakes
once they realize whats happening they want to revolt
watch as I dash past, you're just a pompous colt
the public speakers getting mad at my decisive choices
make everybody happy, slaves in Iraq fight and rejoices
with M16's and desert eagles, I symbolize a vulture
only thing the poor get is bullshit, the prize a new culture
see little man I can nurture radiating decay and death
I'm not a ghost in your residence, but I play with ya breath
see I'm the verbal falcon, chopping kids with a swift fist
theres no grey area in me like Santa's Christmas list
because I be letting you live freely or turn free men to slaves
women and children become last, send them to caves
I put mad pressure on like ten thousand leagues below
even when you wanna die peacefully theres a fee though

09-22-2007, 09:27 PM
quick rap, 2 verses, and a hook or whatever its called, not to a beat (nothing of mine is to a beat or anything, just outloud to myself)

life feels like I'm being sucked up by blackholes
nothing intact to my soul, feeling like Tony Soprano
but I ain't got a therapist to talk to, no one to vent to
if I were to bleed to death I'd probably bleed black and blue
cause it feels like God's laughing, using me as punching bag
college professors asking whats wrong, I'd say "Nothing man"
every time before I go to sleep I'd wish it was permanent
I think my mental illness is every much a Godsend
I smile and cry bloody tears because of my self esteem
to get to know the meanings of my self I gotta dream
see my hearts been broken and didn't even fuck her
much less talk to her, shit seemed too fast to be real, a blur
and now the only one I trust with my feelings' my therapist
if I had the strength I'd fight, nothings scarier then iron fists
I want to understand the moral of why I got to be crazy
but I'm one of the lazy seeing things hazy I think Jesus just hates me

living right now, nobody cares for me
crying everyday, somebody hears me
smiling now, I think I'm finally free
waking up today, I realize I'm a disease

whenever I wake up and realize what life's about I wanna cry
you got these corpaorate America's profiting when ya mom's die
publicity all over the television ten o' clock news the cultures screwed
can't go a day without hearing about how anothers persons being sued
I think Satan's got a firmer grip on the President then his own ego
thats why we gotta revolt, revolutionize we the residents know
but damn nobody wants to get in trouble cause the laws fucked up
murder someone and get the worst case scenario cause thats whats up
cause whats worse then rotting away in a cell knowing nobody cares
I say lets stick George W. Bush there and see how he fairs
that'll never happen though, can't hurt to dream though, right?
and don't get started on racism, they worse then hoe's who fight
over sleeping with her or hers man, when they do it times two
nowadaystalking about whats fucked up might as well be a crime too
and to make matters worse terrorism is spreading around us
this feels like a bad dream, I'd rather drown in tears then be cursed

09-23-2007, 12:06 PM
I bet some think I wanna try and be a criminal
call me outrageous, every broadcast to CNN is subliminal
lets keep death minimal, and start blazing some L's
I wanna see America start making some heart felts
cause blatant murderers just do it again off the hook
until they get stood up to by an average Joe, then he shook
I try and be charged with emotion till I'm free knowing
that I'm dead blessed in a little place called Heaven flowing
with the greats like I don't even gotta mention their names
we all know, but most wanna start a competition they lames
I think I jam my record so hard it oozes through the hole
and don't try and end it all, only the Lord can move my soul
yet these nobody's attend the gun shop day after day
but I leave em filling in the blanks like I slay they name