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06-06-2005, 10:11 PM
Long Awaited Scene,
Blast The Trumpet Across The Horizon
The Sun Beams The Glorious
Dusty Swords Established The War Game, U Cant Maintain,
The Winds Breeze By Again, Who Wanna Battle
Ill Dismantle Lifes Fragile Soul
Till Apacalyps Screams For Lifes Purpose, Behold
Percent Churches
Unleash The Truth
Killah Bee West Coast Pacific Sea Boats
While I French Toast
The Wine
Sippen, Practice The Language Of The Killah Bee
Who Wanna Battle Set It, God

06-07-2005, 01:50 AM
Peace god, good to see you back, keep doing your thing thing

06-07-2005, 02:05 AM
ur nonsense rap fell of a garbage truck
rhymes lookin like a mess after a cock suck
bitch my flow over flow, my rhymes over glow
ima say it to u like i said to ur bitch, its over ho....
niggas call me black clouds cause ima real bad omen
im like heat seakin missle they way i be honin'
on emcees phonies, im like plutonium, u cant hold me
they way i radiate be like solar sun ray, make ur ass regress
and ask me if u can come otu and play....

06-07-2005, 02:20 AM

06-07-2005, 02:41 AM
Trumpets Unleash Tention
Enemies Reflect Because Of Neglect
I Wonder How Ill Devour Raps
Emcees Traped
Chamber On Lock Wisdom Thought Penatrate Hells Gates,
Come Bring War, I Waited Long Enough
Killah Bee Raps Galore
They Want The Enchore

Clapped Thats Why He Handicapped
Forgotten Soldier
Darts Missed The Point
Sword Swing Classic Composer
Chamber Hidden Through Secrets
Ill Expose Truth
Bomb Your Frontdoor
Whats Really Happening Out There

Definitive X
06-07-2005, 10:38 AM
Snap skulls, snap brain stems, turn philosophers to rainmen
Damn shame, then, cuz can't nobody change them
Fuck a battle rap, it's war when I kick these flows
Appease you weak foes, how X leaves bones
In crucifix patterns, mad as a hatter jumpin' off Jacob's ladder
Wrath of a bastard genetically inclined to madness
Leave the most straightforward rappers spittin' backwards
Who wants to doubt that I'm the baddest? Colder than a frozen cadaver
Fuck being funny, I'm dramatic like Hamlet
Lock ya family in an Irish hamlet during potato famines
Call me a kike, get impaled with a spike
Leave you holier than Capone's brain at the end of his life
Despite what you been told, I decoded the Dead Sea Scrolls
Got more style than Slick Rick in the back of a Rolls
Holdin' you for eternity, gold tongue MC, spittin' riches
Till God strikes me dead in the middle of one of my sentences

Thank you, bitches.

06-07-2005, 05:53 PM
Trumpets Blows Signs Which Most Combine With The Sword Swing
Killah Bee
Behead Emcees For Irony,
Battleground Showdown Of The Fittest,
Trumpets One Of The Fewest
Last Desciplest
Of This Era, Crafted The Flow
Four Corners In Position, Didnt You Know
Pass That ,

Im On Some Religious War Type
Bloodlines Date Back To Christ
Match The Pedegree The Fronlines Bring,
Lyrically Im Ready
War Is A Simple Enigma Battles Just Lead To Beheadings, Take Kings
History Reminds Me Of Women Ready To Sing
Excaliber Sword Swing
Medievil Past Time
Solar Eclips In Time
Freestyle Compile Signs To Your District
No Coincedence
Just Mention The Trumpets
Relieve Your Stress And Pain
With Chronic Migrains
Who Wanna Battle Come Through

06-08-2005, 03:23 PM
Yo the trumpets blow,
Matrix reloaded tip toe,
here we go,
on another one bodies fall to the floor,
undiscovered moth people eating cotton,
jabber jawing release the new comment!!

06-08-2005, 08:48 PM
Release Energy
Emcees Soak Up The Ora
I Create Magnifecent Styles Of Color Rays
Beams The Scene
Trumpets Handles Battles After The Outcomes Finish
Angels Sword Swing In Favor Of The Savior
Last Time I Checked
Clock Was At Four And Forty Four Times I Rymed Off Lines
From Unknown Sources Skeptics Say Its Just An Illusion
Till There Scared As Fuck Lost With Confusion
Revelations Said Its Coming Just Hold Your Bible Golden Child
Revival Trumpets Brass Idol Description Like Egyption
I Follow Whats Real Non Fiction

06-09-2005, 01:06 PM
Yo, Who Wanna Battle Come Through And Test The Trumpets
Ill Rearrange Your Thought Process Full Of Concious

Mental Stability Master Of Ceramonies Some Foneys
Killah Bees
Swarm The Area Buzz Around Here Someones Bout

To Feel The Pain
Real Like Apacalyps Reign Over The World Shield My Domain
Boundaries On Lock Without Chains Anguish Without Suffering Sustain
Hovering Crafts Blast Websites Crash Landing Son You Bout To Feel It
Mothership Has Landed Neverending Story
Who Wanna Battle

06-09-2005, 01:39 PM
Long axe and the Gavel,
I place heads on the Mantle,
Lifes a 50/50 Gamble,
I man Handle Leave purple impressions,
on arms and necks i stain battered confessions,
no matter the complexion,
my thoughts we teach you lessons,
commander and chief I stab the weak,
leave'um split like asses on Porno flicks deep,
in the sphincter I stimulate you beavers,
call me the Clever as I chop out ya meat,
I blow the fiercest trumpets when I creep,
blow out the back of the unsuspected meak,
salivating demons try and convince me to cheat,
but i lay them in the Oven and put up the heat

06-09-2005, 02:03 PM
Lost Verse
First Demension
Lessons Taught By Gods Creatures In Mind
Collaborate With Mankind
Ill Teach Wonders With Lines
Rymes Like Enzymes
Bark Of Energy From Trees
I See The Beauty
Lost Fountain
Replenish Mountains
Lost People Of The Tribe Of Isrealites
Spark Light
While Thoughts Take Flight
Interchangeable Flow
Blow The Trumpets
You See The Signs Dont Try To Front Kids
Get Smacked
Dont Relate To Facts
I Bring Truth Like Thousand Year Old Artifacts
Scriptures Pin Point Trumpets On Maps
Show The Four Corners In Position
Seasons Already Change In Ways Of Nature Already Blame
Me For The Cause Of Vapors
Who Wanna Battle Come Through

Queen Bee
06-09-2005, 04:15 PM
Let out ya breathe, I’ve already caught your thoughts

The grand entrance is how were taught to walk

All eyes grabbing for my key, because I’m so heavenly

The potion you see is the honey from this Queen Bee-

The serum at hand is what created the land

The master at work is all it took, still singing on his hook

This thread deserves another look, Lyrical advantage

Take me metaphorically hostage I know you got it

The surrendered fear keeps me here, enemies beware

A powerful match the eggs have already hatched

A flower still in bloom awaitin’ its tomb

A deadly deed for those waitin’ to be seen

From birth to death I’m here to resurrect

A captivated culture no longer nurtures

A breed of puncture lacking in structure

No foundation, no glorification just a world of pro-creation

Thought patterns untouched for fear of rebellion

Who’s around to tell them its hell they’ve set

As I’m heaven bound only to be kept around those advancing’ to the next round

My wheel is of fortune spun through distortion and revived through restoration

Your vision is my home that must be kept and swept

Weepy eyes never tell a lie these dreams will never die

It’s a murder of creed for me to be continued unseen

An endless race for those deprived of space

A crime of hate, sins can negate, when I walk through that gate.

Queen Bee
06-09-2005, 04:16 PM
Let out ya breathe, I’ve already caught your thoughts

The grand entrance is how were taught to walk

All eyes grabbing for my key, because I’m so heavenly

The potion you see is the honey from this Queen Bee-

The serum at hand is what created the land

The master at work is all it took, still singing on his hook

This thread deserves another look, Lyrical advantage

Take me metaphorically hostage I know you got it

The surrendered fear keeps me here, enemies beware

A powerful match the eggs have already hatched

A flower still in bloom awaitin’ its tomb

A deadly deed for those waitin’ to be seen

From birth to death I’m here to resurrect

A captivated culture no longer nurtures

A breed of puncture lacking in structure

No foundation, no glorification just a world of pro-creation

Thought patterns untouched for fear of rebellion

Who’s around to tell them its hell they’ve set

As I’m heaven bound only to be kept around those advancing’ to the next round

My wheel is of fortune spun through distortion and revived through restoration

Your vision is my home that must be kept and swept

Weepy eyes never tell a lie these dreams will never die

It’s a murder of creed for me to be continued unseen

An endless race for those deprived of space

A crime of hate, sins can negate, when I walk through that gate.

06-09-2005, 04:38 PM
Trumpets Delegate On Hate
The Fake
Mentally Raped
Some Cant Escape The Truth Nonsence
Just Meet Fate
Relate To Cape Superman Status
In Battles Just Motivate
Never Hesitate To Bust A Fake
To The Seen The Trumpets Blows Smoke Like Nicotine
Fiends Get It
Just Verbal Warfare Lost With The Punch In They Face
Winds Breeze By Sound Like Him Again
Sword Swing Bring Amends To Friends Ends Up A Worthy Battle Send My Condolences To The Victims Family Ima Plea Insanity Walk Out Profanity
Speaking Off Tones Judge The Trumpets Blows The Place With Disgrace Lace The Scene With Crack Like Dave Chapelle

06-09-2005, 04:56 PM
Yo Trumpets Manefest Qoutes Off Top
Release The Ammo
Slow Down The Tempo
While I Meditate And Use The Mental
Stay Influencial
Scripts Freestyling Sequential To Third Eye Sequence
The Maze In Reality Many Succom To Circumstances Unknown Shown With Messengers Like Food For Thought
Lessons Speak Like Wisdom
Killah Bee Invasion
Soon To Sweep The Lands
Knowledge Prism
Mathmatical Cataclysm
Event Post Date Trumpets Brings War Who Wanna Battle

Queen Bee
06-09-2005, 05:48 PM
A dormite skill supplys the last will
My testement and plee I turn to thee
A helpless feelin' surrendered to sanity
A verbal connection for the phyical pleasurment
A deaf tone, loss of skin tone, life drones-
It's on and on life's cycle must compelte
The helpless mistress denies alligations of endagerment
The breed of me will forever be
Traped in my ways there's no other solution
My new resolution save all those dying from polution
What good I'll be can't wait for them to see
The me I've know through hours of cold
Warmed through the sun's inner grace
The longing of his face is all I await
The trumpets never cease to blow
In that direction of the guiding glow

06-09-2005, 07:05 PM
Enter The Scene
Trumpets Release The Figure
Out The Shadows
Behind Realistic Point Of Views
Misuse The Sign As A Natural Wonder
Secret Of The Space Age Rap
Delimma Seems To Be Notice More Often Trumpets Freestyle The Secret Doctrine
War Is Here Im Ready For Battle Lifes Fragile Said It Before Why Wait
Blow The Trumpets
Air Fills The Lungs
Deadly Feeling Knocking On Your Door Forbidden Choice
Im Underground
The Air Is Moist
Underworld Finish The Conquest
Middle Of The Earth Voyage
Trumpets Looks At Paradise Somthin Nice
Who Wanna Battle

Sicka than aidZ
06-09-2005, 09:42 PM
i dont know about trumpets,...i aint into that orchestra shit.../
queen bee, "u a fox?" where's your pro an your pic.../
asl, whatever...just wonderin if your dyme, that's it.../
anyways,...ill battle u fool but that shits boring, .../
i got money to count,no time to check back just to watch u get voted outta this thread were forming .../
plus u weird as fuck, ima cut off short.../
im jokin fam, nice to meet u an queen bee..hopefully she's the bomb an got it goin on.., the "female fonz" of wucorp../


06-09-2005, 09:53 PM
Who Wanna Battle Trumpets Like Whateva
Signs For Eyes To See
Lyrically Hostile
The Medicines The Remedy
For The Cure
Which Ones Worse The Trumpets Or The Signs
Which Gives Birth
The Sprit Or The Mind
Till The Jewels Shine
Eniemies Come Wit It
We Running Out Of Time
Who Wanna Battle
Leave You Forfieted

Queen Bee
06-09-2005, 11:16 PM
The right of mind is to the left of time
Hidden in the past, taken so fast
Turned around when will it be found
This battle can't extend to another round
It's propaganda promoting the war
The winning side requesting an encore
The bid you see is as high as it can be
The stakes are higher than eternity
Raised it may when the tables turn
Eyeing my prey will on get the bitches burned
Scorned I leave theses sunfilled sheets
Mornings cheer brings forth my day of fear
Exiled is the night where I hold tight
The emergance of two begins to brew
An everlasting wish come true
Just as all fairytales do

06-09-2005, 11:39 PM
Yo Checkmate Invision The Procees Of Nonchalant Nonsence
Irrevelant In Fact The Earth Got My Back
Relax Intact Like Spies In Iraq
Verbal Warfare Is Done The Windbreeze Supplies The Lungs Of
Breathe In The Energy Within Hold Sin
Fairy Tale
Pan With The Flute
In Trance Some Get Cauhgt In The Moment Of Silence Proceed With Violence
Story Unfolds Truths To Myths Come In Lessons Are Bread Crumbs The Leftover For Bumbs Give Life Trumpets Blows The Next Season

Queen Bee
06-10-2005, 10:22 AM
World peace is among the death of thieves
The deliverance of the treaty is disguised to be-
The cease of all jealousy
The powers at hand deny the land
Free will at last is in our plan
Wait and see all will come to be
The penance of the soul is bared and cleaned
Inner inmortality and peace is a lined
Desires beware giving in is too pleasurable to bare.

06-10-2005, 10:29 AM
damn both of u are pretty good...great minds... keep it up

06-10-2005, 10:05 PM
Yo Who Wanna Come Through Get Ripped God
Incredible Trumpets
Brings Miracles
Judgment Day Watch Me Fill Up The Sky With The Flame
Highly Unpredictable The Way In Which It Tame S
The Lifeless Bring Life Into This Session Discussions Facts Discover The Truth
What Is It
Trumpets With One Way Signs Give Rays To Other Days Vision The Dream
The Truth Relies With Proof
Escavate The Realms Of The Killah Bee
Faster Sword Swing
Scriptures Unfold Trumpets Behold The Hole Which Is Cold North Pole
Souls Forsee The Knowledge 4 4 4 Some See It On Their Mileage Driving
See The Hope As It Relates To The Qoutes
Yo Who Wanna Battle

MaXiMus Da MaNtis
06-11-2005, 12:42 PM
Iron Casted Fist-Spinals Blasted Quick
Maximum Fanastic-Hits Ya Average Kid Get Splattered Battered N Whipped
yo its da twisted annalistic ballistics
to rip ya transverbial linguistics with tongue-to-lips-shit-type Olympics
don’t risk it I stay mystic spittin pixilated lyrics
more visual than the naked eye can emit to you
Its natural to have the animal instincts of fear in you
cause when I battle dudes
I penetrate till my mics shrapnel’s thru
dismantling-sever-to-decapitate-you annihilate fools
Concoct a synonym to mop ya souls fury to a minimum
skinning them while spinning a verse of lithium
I spit deep and solid I could close the opening to the black hole with my knowledge
I’ll split ya soul to reveal the dark light within ya core
with flows sharp enough to sever marble floors!!!!

Definitive X
06-11-2005, 02:56 PM
Xtadas, all up in ya eye like an iris
Slay MCs like serial killers that target the Irish
SUrprising the shit outta folks like blitzkrieg
You wanna get next to me? I'll fuck up ya destiny
So raw you need condoms for headphones to listen to me
Or I'll knock up ya style, battle you in pregnancy
Illegibly scribin' the words passed down on my head
Leave the coldest rapper's Kedaver on a flatbed
Muthafucka's wanna walk up, test me in my sector
Have they chick come swallow my brain like Hannibal Lecter
I shut down studios, they can't afford to fix all the mics that I wrecked
Stupid sick, like Eazy-E's retarded kindred spirit
You hear it? Sound of a Howitzer, blast the shit outta ya
Xtadas leave you findin' out y, like algebra
Who's mad at the six-foot-four white dude in black shirts
Drivin' a spike so hard into ya brain that you're a corpse before you know it hurts
Berserk, get it right, don't try to test me
Leave you dyslexic when I slap words back in ya vicinity.

Queen Bee
06-11-2005, 08:15 PM
Thunder echoes from the heavens to the earth
As lighting covers the skies that have yet to die
The earth still stands on borrowed land
Suspended in air - gravity proves to be fair
Time wears thin
Skin cells settle
A dust covered existence
Taking in an instant
A pause without hesitation
The minds breathing creation
Awaken from the slumber
Shaken off is the filth
Here is the unbroken vow
The promised land weds
The serpent falls to it's knees
And dies in its own devilish deeds

06-11-2005, 09:23 PM
Yo Emcees Aint Lyrically Ready For The Trumpets
I Made It Since Birth To Elavate
Mindstates Since The Beginning
Sending Messages Back To The Wack
Acts Flip Cats
Like How I Flip Scripts
Qoutes Shut Opponents
To Rodents
Eating Off Shit
I Pile All Over It
Send The Reply
I Sit Back Soviet Spy
444 On Your Mind Cant Twist The New Flava
Like Pepsi
Crush You Cans
Alluminum Soak Up The Energy Mutant Emcee
Naw Fuck Its Me
Trumpets Blows The Winds To Your Area
Somethings Fishy
Can You Get Wit Me
Claiming Killah Bee
Sword Swing Cut The Head Of The Enemy
Slogans On Goodyear Blimps Reads Appacalyps
The Explosion Creates
Revelation Notions
Just Reside On The Coast
Whos Claiming Your Host
Trumpets Gives Signs On Post
Thread Spread A Worthy Cause
Round Of Applause

Queen Bee
06-11-2005, 10:57 PM
Delete the backspace of the developing emecee
Locked in Scroll who knows what's left to see
Chains of verbal assult
Don't worry it ain't ya fault
Your told to do what your taught
Here is to the year we bow down
It's the lion who's merking around town
Golden to the touch
The feel warms it up
Waiting for the next LP
Who can see
The proximity of the turmpets horn
A sound alike
Waiting for the sword to swipe
Who's ready to feel the inner walls
All limbs come crashing to the fall
It's draning to do the dew
Ya count is lowered
So watch ya intake
The mind can't mistake
All it takes to bring forth a new fate
As ya left waiting for the due date

06-11-2005, 11:14 PM
Unseen wonders happen before the eyes of the blind cant see truths to words in which most defy as logic fake propets teach reach devilish allegations trumpets away from temptation lyrical emacipation face it we all strive to survive wu slang i represent the 5 mainly speak words of wisdom killah bee motive to prosecute demons extinction off the fucking planet 3rd world consumtion leads to inflation of the mind cant relate in time lost with the wish to get back in stride realise true lies in mouths of the wicke d lie to kick it you heard it before trumpets mainly comes in seasons of stress wake up to life to progress less plentiful without the wisdonm thought sword swings lessons being tauhgt

Queen Bee
06-11-2005, 11:51 PM
^Flowed from the tounge as bright as the birth of the sun^

It's regelection of the inferior mind that's hidden inside
Vasted away Pleaded to stay Always fallen astary
It's the creator's day All in the way we pray
Asking for our price to be paid
It's the lessons we need to succeed
Cream destorys the dream For those unseen to the dream
Power of the first currencey Gold becomes security Guarded in vain
It's food we must obtain The strength to live for all gods kids
It's the hour of the devil's play
Watch how he is slained
All within a lover's game
It's give and take the way we live
Balanced between All evil can become unseen
Hunters hunt for another dying breathe
As vets walk among the livin' trees
Helping all see clearly
The thought of reality seems so real its almost as if
It's make believe
Within your mind
But still you can't earse the time
The livin' moment haunts the past if it happiness can not last
Simple vocabulary is my skill to surpass this flow
Millions of words many launages English at best
This is how you know your reaching to the rest
It's the adult you see living in the thrid degree
That's burnt from the rays refelecting from our seas
Capturing the beauty of the earth for a break of livin' in dirt
The people should no longer hurt
It's here I say Goodbye to today
As I hope and plee cause I know my happiness is only within me

06-12-2005, 03:47 AM
Checkmate Vision The Cinema Lead With The Sting Of The Bee
Conductee Peace Treaty Leave them Dusted With The Briefcase Airlines Gloom The Sky Explosion To Your Naked Eye
Seen The Picture In Thoughts Mentally Figure At What Cost Does It Take To Manage Manners Regarding Skills Unreal Swords Swings Brings The Windshield Sadly Push The Weather In Context To The Signs Described In, Revive Then Come Out Saved Not A Slave But Worthy Of Gold Better Yet The Throne Kindoms Shown
Cyclones Breeze For Centuries In Era's Miscured In Life By So Called Time Existence Reach Genocide Trumpets Saves Land From Tribes Snakes With The Hiss Mistress Gives Illusions This Vision In Complex Third Eyes Seek The Portal To Mysteries Unknown Misery Pay Backs A Bitch Some Call It The Circle Of Life Karma Trumpets 4 4 4

06-12-2005, 04:43 PM
y u say checkmate all the time...

06-12-2005, 05:27 PM
Check Mate Frozen Position Some Stuck Off The Fact That There Wack
Killah Bees InVate Your Formats
Buzz In The Skies Replies Messages Reflect Off Prayers To The High
Religously Speaking With Rhedoric Not Empty Just Like Suicide Jihad Explosions Last For About Ten Years Brings Tears In Eyes Long Spring Brings Winds From The Trumpets Four Corners In Position Waiting For Competition Who Wanna Battle
4 4 4 U See The Signs Inline Like Planets Across The Universal Thought We Created Under The Pavement We Walk On Lands Waiting For The Savior
Trumpets Who Wanna Battle

06-12-2005, 11:20 PM
Listen Mate u better check ya self
cuz its 11:17 and June the twelfth
U spit words that dont make no sense
Its not grammar loser its common sense
but dont copy others just BE true
I dont understand ur rhymes, or ur name
please 444trumpets, would u like to explain?
Im sorry for hurting Id like to end the pain
ur response wont matter with only urself to blame

06-13-2005, 06:25 PM
fluctuate spread apart instigate,
let me alleviate
as ya perpetuate hate,
leave you disassembled,
with the power of a horse ten fold,
ya'll thoughts are Jurrasic and old,
it was told War incited from the sounds of trumpets,
444 straight dumping rack that and keep pumping,
bodies left decayed slumping it aint nothing,
the trumpets sound cold...

06-13-2005, 09:05 PM
Neva Cold Waiting On Realness To Be Told

4 Angels 4 Trumpets 4 Corners Of The Earth

Rebirth The Scene With Skills Unreal
Who Got Mass Appeal Somthin You Can Feel
Dominate Fields Hold The Scroll Tight On Mics I Rip On A Reguler Basis
Spit Game Acuitted
Court Cases
Trumpets Blows Your Next Season
Im Unmasking The Bone That Crush Layers To This Zone
Im Bringing Yall Back
Im Here To Save You Not Misuse Truth
Life Battles Ill Bring War
ThatS What They Call

Ill Bury The Hatchet Reinactments In Past I Realise The Sword Swing I Had To Grab It Back Killah Bee West Coast I Bring Most Upper Deck Respect When I Let Loose The Ryme Arcitect The High Uplift Your Sprits When You Here The Whisper Just Listen
Then Let Words Rotate About Lucifer Lyricist Sword Slash Messenger To Your Concious Facts Im Here In A Matrix Feel The Breeze Winds Bring Forth Sins Amends Unleash The Guilty Finish Them Off Miserably Shake Bombs From The Sky Earthquake Drops Levitate Your Thoughts Crush The Unsolved Mysterious Till They Mention Me
Trumpets On Your Mind Mentally

06-13-2005, 09:31 PM
who wanna battle

06-13-2005, 09:31 PM
U usin the same words time after time
Line after line
u tryin to say ur words are better than mine?
Ill stick my hand up ur ass and rip out ur spine
Decimate u, destroy u
make no A and R ever want to employ u
Ur lyrically Garbage just writin words that dont make sense
ur time could be better off spent
reading a book, expanding ur vocabulary
think about it next time u wanna battle me G
cant u see
ur styles weak
ur even weaker
ur not a rapper, not even a speaker
Im tired of you.

06-13-2005, 09:32 PM
Me and bigben are killin u

06-13-2005, 09:39 PM
Worthy Opponents Weaker Every Time
You Establish The True Lie I Despise But Fuck It Opponents Ignorant Just Slap The Conduct Out Your Life U See The Signs Worthless Rapper Garbage Sound Like You Cant Make Up Your Thread Try To Savage Mine Ill Free The Blind Watch The Trumpets
Makeover Your Rymes This The Wu You Killing It Thinking Miami Repin It
Killah Bees Sting Enemies Flee Come Through

06-13-2005, 09:59 PM
Yo Check Mate On Threshold
Miracles To These Days Last Hour 4th Trumpet
Step Into My Circumference Sting Death Throats Across The Pavement West Killah With Amazement Who Wanna Rock Mics On Site I Blast Like Rockets Stones Made Of Trumpets Words Golden U Fucken Idiot Whos Chosen
The Trumpets Reality Seeks A Death Toll On Scroll

06-14-2005, 12:35 AM
Yo Who Wanna Battle Trumpets Blows The Windbreeze To Your Area

At Last The Blast Of The Trumpets Reinforce Knowledge Praises Due Wu Slang Killah Bee West Stings The Rest
Againts The Trumpets
Who Wanna Battle
Wars Begun
Dim The Scenery Clouds Of Smoke Choke Eniemies Infantries Checkmate Buddah Stance 3rd Eye Supplies Facts Leave Most Turning Back Repent For Failure Of Truth I Build The Castle Upon Broken Dreams Realms Of Focuse Energy Revolves Around Me And All In Which Most Strive To Be Logically It Means Were In A Dream Trumpets Philosophy Plees And Cries Of Victims Forgotten Seeds Creeds Bleeds The Promise Land Trees Winds Brush Leaves Feathers Gives Signs Of Angels Who Wanna Sword Swing

06-14-2005, 02:23 PM
Corroded Arteries and Decapitated heads,
Pools of Blood.. the never seeing blind bled,
from my verbal Bloodlet I sever the suspect,
getting Wet but I'm not talking PCP'd fates,
Orchastrate my Trombons will shake ya state,
as the Violens in stride play out ya Lurid Life,
My Saxaphone play notes to scramble domes in strife,
rewrite those notes as my Drummers hit Hard,
and Trumpets you blow fall out and get scarred...

06-14-2005, 03:43 PM
Devine raps
most callapse
i prevail with the inhale

06-14-2005, 09:29 PM
Quick To Set It Off
Trumpets Wanna Battle Whoever Wants To Sword Swing Ill Sever
Heads Drop To Feet Cut Deepwounds Slice Meat
In Defeat Take Over Kings Retreat Foundations Mine Concrete Bricks To The West Killah Bee Nest Trumpets Blows Realness To The Flesh Seen Before Eyes Of Distress Battlefield Conquest Voyage Belt Around The Waist Face The Truth Some Just A Disgrace To Wu Kick Ong Bak Classics Asiatic 444 Fantasitc Movie I Blaze Jessica Alba Out Shes Where Im From No Doubt
Who Wanna Battle

06-14-2005, 10:59 PM
suck in wind.. couse we know trumpits blow so here is a dick put it the fuck on in//
check mate.. u a broken string plucked struck straight on a spin..u king with no queen just a pawn an a fag u call ur husben//so go blow ur pipes on the battle field ur flow fake like sims//
talking bout lets battle shit i got more diss-abilites then a retard with no limbs..
u got no hit on disses a disease to bitches trying to flip words facts to non fictious//u sting a bee i kill a humanbieng..words script from my brain shoot posion in ya vains stream// ur to fucked up to spit cotten mouth like shit trumpts combusts u ain breathing///shit u wack pussy ur scard of that so dick is the only thing ur beating//

06-15-2005, 12:00 AM

You Fake Foney Emcee U Fucking With The Killah Bee Sword Swing Drunken Style Tactics Motives For Moments Like This Finish Em Off Quick

Writing Bout Cocks
You Fucking Fagget Ass Rapper You Aint Hip Hop
Need To Stop
Rapping Ong Bak Dissed Your Shit
Ur Weak At Heart Cant Bring War
Bring Your Whole Click
Onslaught On Webs You Caught In My Site
Realise Your Weak You Trifelen Ass Emcee Catch My Fade
In My Raps I Scrap Bitch Smack Crack Your 3rd Eye With Thai Knee Kicks To Your Face Battles Gon CHAnge Access Control MindsTAES Rearrange The Place
Flash Beams
Rods Made Of Iron

06-15-2005, 04:26 AM
Yo Checkmate
Last Time I Checked
Check The List Off The Shit List

Atmosphere Cosmic Weather Cycle Influence Words From Bibles
Four Corners Of The Earth
The Long Winter Lost Pages From Presidents Pass Down The Documents Needed To Produce Life Products
From Unknown Periods Time Machine Flash Backs In Seconds I See Dreams At A Deadly Cost Because False
Entities Inspire Equality
Bombs Before The Lords Eyes The Greatest Sin Trumpets Comes Again Amen
Stance Meditation
Knowledge Like Buddah
Yoga I Meet The Range Of The Super Nova The Gathering Like Noah
Across The Planet Trumpets Brings Famine
Outstanding Higer UnderstanDing
Star Gaze
Follow The Miraculous Light Seen With Fear Out In The Range
Change With Nature
Bring In Heaven Because Its Around You
Lovely Site So Bright Like The Sun Coming Out At Night
Who Wanna Sword Swing Trumpets

Queen Bee
06-15-2005, 01:45 PM
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
It's To Free The Soul
It's Heard Within The Voice
Within The Freedom Of The Pitch
The Cadence Of The Lyric
Is Another's Emotion
Simplicity Dissolves
Life Has A Reason
It's Purpose Is Clear
My First Breathe
Shared From Your Air
Hibernates My Desires
As I'm Left Under Smoke
Clouded From Despair
I No Longer Want To Wander Here
I've Danced With The Devil
And Ran Among The Wolves
But My Strength Wears Thin
As I Remember My Sin
The Pain I've Caused
The Temptation of Another's Demand
Feeding Off Of Guilty Pain
Losing My Soul And Doing What I'm Told
The Hurting Inside Has Died
And With It Comes All I've Tried
But Somewhere A Happier Life Resides
Freed From A World Of Sin
Irony Begins
A Life Behind The Light
Warmed From The Sun
And Watered With Rain
As It Cleanses The Air
Nirvana Washes Away Feelings Of Despair
A New Begging
The End Is Destroyed
Feelings Of Belonging
Is All That's Left
The Pain Is Swept
As The Caged Bird Sings

Queen Bee
06-15-2005, 06:03 PM
This World Seen Through My Eyes
Enlightens With Every Glimpse Of Your Mind
With Every Touch Of Your Care
Throughout All These Years
Your Still Standin' Here
Erasing My Fears
Tackling My Nightmares
The Nights I've Prayed To You
For Him To Love Me Still
While He Caused My Pain
Drives The World Insane
A New Beginning I Begged
The Creator Pleaded
Traveling Outside The Walls Of Eden
All Alone It Seemed
This Must Have Been A Dream
Picking Up My Pieces
The Lord Himself
His Earthly Deed
For I Carried His Seed
Now It's Evident
The First Descendents
Are Our Commandment
To Abide For Man
And Live For Humanity
The Righteous Teachings
Are Within Our Reach
Preaching For The Kingdom
And Praying For No End
This World Is Our Playground
I'll Chase You All Around
Until My Pleasurable Spot Is Found
Signifying In Sinful Sound
For Only Your Ears To Hear
Only For Your Eyes To See
Baring All My Inside
Forever Is All That's In My Mind
Promising Never To Rain
On Someone Else's Domain
The Earth Cries On Every Sea
Until I Reside With Thee

06-15-2005, 07:38 PM
Ay Trumpets I've always like ya reads,
Lines just like crumpets I like to feed,
no need to jab or throw haymakers,
thats just being devilish like them Quakers,
rattle and roll earth I rock like a Shaker,
not that salt left for those sluggish fakers,
brain baker call me the oven of life,
I sit amongst Kings and Queens I strive,
to teach my seeds so they can teach others,
about this corrupted place and how the Government covers,
the truth's so we can take shots at our brothers,
this viscious cycle of death is caused by our blunders,
no wonder young shorty's want to buck wild and cut pounds,
no wonder why the poor fill our jails and hoods with frowns,
were getting blended together with bullets and drugs,
while tax laws are past to slow our ascention like slugs...

06-15-2005, 07:45 PM
So go blow them trumpets from the four corners,
I have ya back when the weather turns colder,
I'll have a rifle ready to shoot,
the whites of the eyes from the devils in suits,
I hear lots of hate but I insert the Love,
so one day we reach the skies in the heavens above,
with out losing our selves in a foolish mans plight,
when the Government say's its good does that mean its right?,
I'll always write from the heart and continue my plight,
to have heaven on hell and not fall out of sight!!!

06-15-2005, 10:58 PM
Light Flashes
The Rays Gives Steem
Unleash The Pleasant Smell Of Sword Swings
Slash The Air Feathers Choped
Fallen Angel Dissapears

I Fear The Greatest Lie Will Touch Lands From One Man
Anti Christ
On Mics I Leave Most Broke
Choked By His Own Whisper Lips Stay Shut Ill Dismember
Flee To The Forest
Soak Bodies That Flourish
Across Lands Wingspan Stretch 15 Cars
Anti Christ Superstar
Waters Stay Open Crossing Sands
Smoke Blunts In Amsterdam Study Knowledge Kept In Secret Arraingments Photoprint Copies Show 4.4.4 Trumpets
Breeze Beams Across Flashes Of Light Swords Cut Devilish Figures On Site The Chosen One Needs No Gun Just Spoken Tongue
Body Rocks Figures In Half Folded In Coffins At Mass
Speak About The Negligent Emcee Againts Me I Pity The Fool For Battlen Have Mercy
Yo Trumpets 4 Corners Leave Mind In Coroners Office Overl0oking Evidence Of Victims Fallen From Skies
I Reply With The Grin
Come Again I Surrender Lifes To An End
The Chosen Speak Knowledgeable Thoughts Devils Being Caught

06-16-2005, 04:28 AM
Yo Styles Sick Like Whos The Father
Wild In This Bitch How It Use Your Daughter
Smiles On The Grills Of Those Refuse To Slaughter
Childs Of The Natural Order
No Survival After A Disaster Your Torn Up
Catch Um And Cook Um An Thats Your War Huh
I Slap Um An Shook Um And Slash Their Wardrobe
Talking Bout Flesh As Clothes You Know You Wore Those
Dont Pose As The Chosen If YOU Dont Roll Red As Roses
Cuz Thats How Your Blood'll Be When You Sufferin For This
The Beauty Of The Death Is How Your Fortress Is Cornered
And You Cant Check The Love So You Fall In Before It
Take All Of Your Hordsmen Break Um Down And Call A Performance
You Want To Get The Good Stuff Outta Lotta Informants
So Place Your Body On A 4 By 4 Cross And 4 Us
You About To Cruicfy Yourself I Introduce It Foremost

06-16-2005, 06:34 AM
shock and awe strike terror thunder lightning bolt mega jolt bring a haul to youre mission deactivate ranks get took out of comission deliver harm to youre institution neclear defussion youre just an illusion heavenly begin to orientate as i embrace once again the path to dominate surpass writers in cyber-space real life get hit with h-tip from a snugg tray-8 tidal wave effects adaptability far too complex become the subject of incripted torcher die phonetic devalue youre credit thoughts i edit connected at the apex to ressurect a universal circumference perfect in every angle within its dimentions son get mangled weak rymes i stranggle attack the final stage in the state of rage i disengage gernades on barricades as shell rain down upon my enemies like waterfall cascades slaughter all there is no escape. guess whos back once again guess whos back guess WHOS back guess whos back..........above the chosen one remember me RemEMber ME!REMEMBER MMEEE!

06-16-2005, 04:54 PM
y u saying checkmate, when its just check,mate
my pawn will eat ur queen,watch my plan unfold on the battle scene
let it be known an seen that my style's obscene
make u feel worthless hungry,lookin lean
rip u up emotionless like a machine
im fillin my cup, celebratin rippin u up
my style is unbreakble, shatterproof WHAT
haha sorry had to laugh at that
stolen from odb but still betta then that trumpet cat

06-16-2005, 05:57 PM
Yo, Ayo
Mics Swing Sharp Deadly Darts Commit Lips To Finger Tips Talents Four Corners In Balance
Rampage Emcees Fumble Then Crumble Loose Ends Leaves Most Stuck On Earth
Fallen Begotten Situation Some Lost With Temptation
I Focus Steady Arms Ready Shoot
Bamboo Shoots Struck Opponents War Bombs From Psalms Technology Breaks Due To The Outcome Data Files Frozen Facts Wired Expired Equipt Underneath The Suface Like Gza Devils Are In The Airwaves Looking For A Different Purpose
Im Here To Unearth This
Messages To Your Sight Written With Biblical Insights
Trumpets Establish Verbal Scripts To Amatures Damage Critics Literature Lyrics Bring Adventure Beheading Lecture Swings Swords Swiftly Till Body Folds Gently Remove Evidence Heres Keys To My Residents Sea Breeze With The Sun Shine Dead Presidents Counting Figures Sore Thumbs Slap Wack Emcees Phonies Fake Wallabeez Aint Killah Bee Sting Frontin Ass Game Lames I Tame Nah Im Just Playing Just Slaying Swords Who Wanna Battle

Sicka than aidZ
06-17-2005, 10:07 PM
what were u talking about, "seeing thru the lines",..."west coast killah bee son" or whatever u said...?

i unno, ive never done a thing or said negative shit to u...nevermind man, your posts r kind of vague, peace

06-17-2005, 10:33 PM
Hold Up Let Me Spit One Savage Rymes Attack
Weaponry Sling Emcees Steady Movements In The Trees
I Forsee Lost Thoughts Paralized They Took The Bait Lyrically Cant Escape The Madness Thats At Stake Trumpets Blows Spots Like Earthquakes Symbolize The Wonders Show Twist And Blunders With Words Mentally Often
Winds Brush By Areas Calling For Your Thoughts
Its There
Yall Just Dont Even Care Scared Unaware Shook
Look At The Moment Stratagize Your Dreams Come Out With The Means Im Your Median To Your Mode To Your Moods And So On I Call On The Swords To Master This Accord Swing Your Shit Come Equipt Killah Bee Trumpets Harmonize The Four Corners Triumph Spitting The Disaster Words Deadly Brings Out The Master Of Destruction On Lands With The Crown On Heads I Chop Without Hesitation Bring Forth The Battle Who Wanna Battle

06-18-2005, 04:22 PM
Dude I Thought You Was Iight But You Really Garbage
Like A Trumpet Can Hurt Anybody Your Horn Is Harmless
On Point Will Roll Up On You An Pull A Dart Out The Armrest
Chunk It In Your Chest You Aint The Hottest Or Even The Lukewarmest
You Too Boring Your Words Dont Do Nothing For Me
So Do Us All A Favor And Go Get Recruited By The Army
You Wanna Battle So Bad Really Go Shoot And Get Shot At
See If Your Really Included Inside Of Biblical Prophecy

06-18-2005, 04:34 PM
On Point
Your Lyrics Arent On Point
Pulling Up On Shit Ill Pull The Clip Back Wait Till You Respond Back Wack Battles Ill Probably Let You Slide Just Spit Somthin Tight Before You Come Through And Try To Ignite Ill Blow The Winds To Your Street See Who Wins This I Challenge You Bring Your Battle Son Come Wit It Test The God Ill Change Yo Whole View Persona Bible Teach U How To Rap You Trap With Them Other Weak Cats Come Through Set It

06-18-2005, 04:56 PM
Yo Who Wanna Battle Trumpets On A Mission
Spread Written Scripts From The Dome Ill Bring Whispers To Your Home West Side Of The Planet Represent Killah Bee Fashion Sting
You Weak
Raps Ill Defeat With Knowledge 4 4 4 Some Get It Some Ignorant I Deleat Like Edits Reset It Change Your View I Battled Crews Without Hesitation Slap Smirks Off Faces Invasion Come With No Invitation I Walk Over Places Leave My Presence Felt Known By Magnetic Energy Forces Relieve Enemies Hate I Slay All Day Orderly Conduct
Plates Belly Full Im Eating Emcees Thats Pitiful
Trumpets War Four Corners In Position Write The Instramental Useing What Your Missing You Aint Dumb Enough To Be Dumb Weak Ones Left Body Circum To Death Trumpets

06-18-2005, 05:02 PM
Who Wanna Battle

06-19-2005, 02:45 AM
Yo Checkmate
Turmpets Kick The Realness
Lets Persue Advantages
In Life I Reach The Point To Where Swords
Play The Part To Cut Through
The Heart
With Precision Put My Point Across Decisions
In Regards To Battlen
I Blow The Trumpets That Inhance The Glow To The Physical
Waiting To Bring Forth The Miracles
Boundaries Are Endless
I Pursue The Universal
On What History Planed
Stars, Seas,lands
INtuition Lets Me Know Who I Am
Send The Message Trumpets 4 4 4
Who Wanna Battle

Queen Bee
06-19-2005, 11:32 AM
Don't Kill The Messenger But The One Who Sent The Message
Fear Of Resistance Hesitates My Convictions
Secret Wishes Distinguished
Realities Win With The Upper Hand
Slayin' With Out Care
Who's Left To Fear
I Solemnly Swear
It Took Forever To Arrive Here
How Does It Dare
To Remain Unfair
The Father And The Son
Lessons From The Past
Thoughts Changing So Fast
Rapid Rearranging
Fear Of Deranged Accusations
His Tortured Soul
I Continue To Burn
Wallowing In Everything Firm
A Powerful Force
Pulled By The Undefeatable Horse
Oh Of Course
Directional Dictation
As Faces Face It
Four Corners Of The Earth
Bringin' Forth The Unstoppable Force

06-19-2005, 12:19 PM
Battlefield Dont Step In Unless You Lyrically Gifted
Lyrics Spread Across Boards Stung By The Message
Inhance My Verbal Stance
Rehabilitate Foes
Caught In My Trance
Trumpets Hold S The Flag Wu Symbol
4. 4 .4 Equals
Angels With The Sickle
Sword Swing
Messages Sent Revolution In Time
U See The Signs

06-19-2005, 12:30 PM
Who Wanna Battle

06-19-2005, 12:47 PM
The Gods Earths Universe One Man Couldnt Come Forth To This World Without Women All Praises Due
The Goddess Spitten Sun Dew
Relpenish Like Water
Love Is Love
Which Is Everything
Sting Then Stung After The Outcome
4 4 4trumpets
Speeches In Classes
Motivate Reality Understand Humanity
Sacred Ora Brings Others Intouch With What We See What We Do How We Do It
I Prove This Pattern
Seen The Signs While I Recline Sit Back And Sipped Wine
From The Beginning Of Thread Posts Pumps Adrenaline In Heads
Who Wanna Battle Trumpets Aim Darts At The List Pin Point Compettion Who Wanna Sword Swing

Queen Bee
06-19-2005, 01:01 PM
A Lifelong Intuition At Halt
Temptations Sister Is At Fault
Life's Journey Stuck On End
Driving' Into A Dead End
Heaven's Directional Pull
Through Lyrical Awareness
And Beating Bass Lines
The Temptress Hums In Silence
The Father's Resemblance
Four Corners Bring Forth The Truth
Fighting For Yourself To Lose
You Don't Have To Choose
Read From Your Written Mind
My Online Adventures I Can Not Hide
Ryding Till I Die
Forever I Still Haven't Lied
The Son And The Sister Will Cease
And Exist Within The Crease Of The Light
Four Corners Ready To Take Flight
Who Wanna Battle
The Snakes Rattle
Slithering Liquid Through The Vessels
Movin' Quicker Than Air
When You See Within The Stare
Sunless Spots Drops The Spirits Into Despair
How Long Have We Been Hiding Here
We Must Rise
Align The Stars
Set Forth The Skies
Gods Existence Is On The Rise

06-19-2005, 03:20 PM
Yo Trumpets, None Of Your Raps Are Conclusive
At Least When I Challenged You, You Made A Little Improvement
If Your Clips Are Pulled Back Im Responding Back
Watch It Blow Up In Your Face You Aint Bombing Jack
You Gotta Have Some Nerve To Say Youll Let Me Slide
You Fucked Up When You Did That You Just Gave Me Your Life
Ill Ignite That Aint No Wind Bein Blown By You, You Frontin
The Real Trumpets Sounded Off Back 4 Summers Ago
You Nothin So Stop It With Your Dummy Flow
The Only Way You Change My View If You Write Somethin Better Yo
The Bible Aint Teach Me How To Rap It Reconfirmed That
Which I Already Knew What I Already Do Say I Aint On Point
But I Am That I Am But You Aint And Now My Point Has Been Proved

Queen Bee
06-19-2005, 08:56 PM
Trumpets Cease As Fates Are Erased Deceased To Where They Belong
Feelings So Strong Feelings Known All Along
Heavens Gates Guarded With Welcoming Arms
Childish Fears Still Alarm The Ears
Truth Tears Away The Despair
Black Holes Of Hope
Cleaned With Magical Soap
Or Revived By Heroin Dope
Making It Hard To Tread Over The Moat
The Castle Awaits The Appointed Ones
Present Reality Aligns With Trumpets Signs
Treasures Find Systemic Surprise
As Replicas Attain Compromise
A Promise Of Forever Remembered
To The Lover Who Deserves
And To The Lover Who Has Hurt
Four Corners In Position
A Lifetime To Arrive
Forever Remains To Strive
Can Our Spirits Wake Alive

06-20-2005, 02:26 AM
Test The Sword Wars Begun Sound The Alarms
Swinging Till The Death Righteous
Travel With Diciples Triangle
Star Beam The Ray
Shine Upon Missionaries Leak Passages Written With False Intents, 4 4 4 Trumpets
Who Wanna Sword Swing
Survive The Outcome Is The Minumum Price Ill Devour Your Raps Sewd Threads Without Needles Freestyle The Prequel Blowbacks Are Feeble Hide Your Face In A Beanie Like Segal Twisted Kid Get Off That No Equal Who Wanna Battle HORSES BACK SADDLE SWORD SWING BEHEAD FLING TROOPS NO MATCH I DODGE COUPES
4. 4. 4.

06-20-2005, 02:23 PM
Trumpets blasting sounds chemically created like fresh cut bitches brew, show up un-anounced a new mc and talk some shit cause it's taboo. Like Miles Davis blast'n away on ingenius high intellect jazz scales, Play you and let you think you're superior with your un skilled details. Got you in checkmate and beat you un-assisted with the groups naval blocade, left the chess table and laughed as you tried to one up my fuck'n house maid.

Queen Bee
06-20-2005, 09:00 PM
Blinding To The Eyes While Forever Was In Mind
Hurt And Abused With More Than Self To Lose
Kept Aside Is Where My Feelings Reside
Magnetically Pulling To The Truth Hidden In Time
Water Washed Away With The Ocean's Tide
Human Hearts Romanced By The Moon's Light
As Polar Caps Are Warmed By The Suns Might
Mountains Arise To Their Highest Height
The Birthday Of Life Is Fare In Sight
Holdin' Tight Fighting To Remember It's Night
Reassurance That This Is Right Is In The Cards Tonight
Today I Saw All That Makes This World So Great
While Remembering All It Takes To Make It A World Of Fright
This Fate I've Captured Through The Raptures
Mends Broken Dreams And Revives Earth's True Nature
Standin' On The Golden Pedestal Givin' The Greatest Stature
Bringing Breath And Wellness To All Parts That Are A Factor
Giving Back Every Cent Collected Through The Tolls From The Souls
Through The Storm We Found The Eye That Shelters The Rain
It's No Secret That This Only Could Have Came Through A Hurricane

06-20-2005, 11:17 PM
Tired Of The Old Shit
Im Hip Hop
Battle Sessions Agressive Pursuit Im Ready To Shoot
Sharp From Out The Dome
I Freestyle Better Then I Type
Who Wanna Battle Mics
Meteor Site Catch The Message
Leave Your Jazz Notes Broke Obey The Orders Of The Plan Your Navy Team Twisted Off Track
Hurricane Seasons Cameback
Queen Bee Assist Me And Trash This Emcee Againts Me
Naw Fuck It
Ill Kick The Bucket

Fuck A Chess Game
Ill Snatch Your King
Chop Your Head Off Battles Called Off
Pawns Took
Rooks Shook
Horses Im Saddlen
Bishops Stuck By Javalines
Meet Your Fate
Who Wanna Battle
Obey Come Through Get Ripped Son
Im On A Head On Collision To Earth
The Gods And The Universe
Express Knowledge Portray Skills
To Maximise Teach And Refine Emcees Wack Replies Get Told Truths From Nature Captured Tortured Abused Scorched Torched Hunting Season Blows Winds Againts Emcees For No Reason
4.4.4 Be The Signs Killa Bee Hive Come Through God

06-21-2005, 02:18 AM
Yo Who Wanna Battle Checkmate Four Corners Explode Signs Swing Your Sword Killah Bees Arrived
Againts Trumpets
Like Suicide
I Rip Opponents Till Brains Deflate From Knowledge Spent For Every Cent Im Bringing Peace To This World Thats Filty Insert The Message Replace Your Eyes With Images Of Prophecies Playen Trust Me Kid Its Here
Rains Fallen Heavens Tears
Atmosphere Is Changing Feel The Glory
Reign Supreme Hold Back The Disaster Winds Coming After The Master
Scripts Written From The Dome Fossils Were Going Home
Come Through

Queen Bee
06-21-2005, 01:17 PM
The Sprit Inside Is Who I Want To Remain
If You Hadn't Turned Out To Be You
I Wouldn't Have Choose To Spend Life With You
I Hated You And Put You To The Side
Still Wish You'd Die So I Can Sigh.
But I Love You All The Same
And The Weakness In Me Would Forever Have Remain
And For That I'll Always Hate This Game And Your Name.

06-21-2005, 03:16 PM
checkmate trumpets reload events that lead to common sence testimony is miscurred linger amoungst us see devilish allegations leads to procrastinating practice behead those frontin witness to the truth u have no proof evidence relate to facts 4 4 4 supreme being look up to the sky wings on backs
flap the dust across areas immune to heavens light watch the trumpets blow with all his might
theif in the night now the sun shines bright
new day new ways in lifes change energy fields show the opposite of illuminati the goodness of others brings closer bodies
equal in your lords eyes yeah but teach realness to others to be wise
who wanna battle suggestions are kept witches with broomsticks to wicth she swept
nature i see the star that symbolise promise
swing swords devilish actions abolished

06-21-2005, 03:50 PM
who wanna sword swing
swing yo shit
trumpets blast the sounds of war
my arsenal equipt empty clips lyrics pierce the truth like paul
surrender take hostages no phone calls
justice for all that falls to earth chop the head off the anti
mention the trumpets rebirth the savior dayz like sunz of man albums you got 60 seconds to run im bringing hell out with raizahs call the killah priest to bring forth the prodigal sun
scrolls unfold i told you son
repent for the last days spent
trumpets diolect
4 4 4 acknowledgment
three prayers a day keep most astray from strife bread cleanse cut with the sharpest knife
killah bee gathering succeed in life
who wanna battle

06-22-2005, 12:44 AM
Rise To The Occasion
I Saw Them Post Up Then Fled
The Trumpets Blew Gust Twist The Head
Thrust Back Sword Slap
Collapse Pieces Of Flesh Taken For Proof
My People Know Truth
Temples Built For Gathering
Burnt Offering Smoke The Finest In Herbs
The Pillage Has Taken Over
Killah Beez Revolt
Closed Chamber Seal The Note
Send The Reply Give Hope
Who Wanna Battle

06-22-2005, 01:05 AM
you ask who wanna battle but you just wanna rattle on not all of us are cattle son testify speak your mind just dont tattle dun Im mad at none had it done not even sad or nothin but keep it comin I read these posts I see who bluffin who jumpin who crunk and who just stuntin its nothin I bring the truth unadulterated funk and what scriptures form pictures for you to see if you squint like a 3D static image it jumps out quick try it dont like it see future cities collapsin how long can you hold the moment not longer than the last kid you crashin as soon as you take off whys that and how you gonna be the one to talk about whats happenin without catchin it like a net you askin for a bet to be placed a name for the face game to the place to be in yeah you gave us a taste

06-22-2005, 02:17 AM
Maps photographs blueprints files stamped mail express jet
the lost wonder to events
information the revelation cresent
turmoil hazy impression
learned my lesson second guessen
verbal warfare for self
mental health force entry false identity
over look whats illusion
eventually be worth the time
patiently assist the crime
expansion net access
revolution across axis
plates shift in time zones split
caused by winds from trumpets
corners watched by gaurdians
of realms of the killah bee
come see
gravity levitates
pull the rotation
creation of planets formation
seven continents
borders abide prophecy
tangible flow
breeze the indigo
worthy opponents touched
by biblicle science evolution
is the matter for all existence prehistoric findings we underline whats missing
come through

who wanna battle

06-22-2005, 02:42 AM
I do I wanna battle but me not you
I mean I wanna fight my own influence that I use
against my fame against the grain the distance aint the same
between inner and outer space
the mission remains
so get invaded by the typing of a mind warping
viking on the microphone striking harder than lightning
and stealing thunder from under you
when it rolls with its brother
the bigger figure that discovered
the game is the same for all others
no wonder noone realize the real eyes in the sky
are are own reflected off the backs of the iris and explode
like supernovas Ima trooper goin
over the point a hooded soilder
with a good thing goin
so dont annoint yourself on top
unless you want me to come up
and even this thang out like a deamon in love
with evil things whats wrong with that
its his pleasure to treasure
just like how they wanna stop you from
blowin all 4 of your trumpets together

06-22-2005, 02:59 AM
Open Canyons Suck In Life
Forest Plants
Seeds The Ripe Vines Of Bloodstream
Strange Fruit
Poison Ivy
Garden Of Eden Shone Bronze Feet Candles Lit
Incense Repent Horseback Ride Sent The Message
Villages Caught By Defiance Of Rulers Scared Of What Is Not Known
Whipped Like Jesus
Hit With Stones
I Rome Across Rome Back To Native Languages Speak Wonders Flutes Played By My Man Pan
Order Grape Fruit Sip The Wine
Enjoy Evil To Each His Own
People Gather
TaUght LessonS By Trumpets Lecture

06-23-2005, 01:52 AM
Let Me Just Type Some Hype Honeycomb Write Funny Poems Type That Sunny Song Gunning Long Barrel Coming Strong .44 Caliber Punting Balls Past The Goalpoasts Stole The Soul Most Toast To The God Warm Wine Makes Cold Throats Dont Even Try To Pry Into The Event Without Recogonizing The Sky Is The Limit When I Hold Down The Scrimmage Line 1st And 10 No Gimmick This Is No Limerick Im Old As Sin Spinnin Sentences So Be Bold Digits Trancend The Human Existence Usin These Bitches As My Focal Point Between Me And God Seein These Snitches Actin Like They Should Get A Reward Since They Told It All Im No Knowitall But Im Communicating With Skill Of A Showoff


06-23-2005, 10:50 PM
Sets It Off Right Minds Till The Light Shine On Wack Lines Ima Take Mines In Due Time
Tolerence To My Habitat Some Sidetrack Laps Around The Revolution I Do A 180 Then Flip The Script
I Channel Emotions Written Like Documents
Trumpets Holds Down The Fort Borders
Protected By The Lords Court
Order The Call Of The Wild Golden Robe
Twist My Knees Out Of Socket
While I Sit Buddah Stance
I Catch Jetlag While I Cross Country Outer Body
Guidance From Dimentions Keep This A Secret
Till I Reach The Peak Of Energy Its Elementary
Study The Life I Sword Swing Mics
Battle Dudes And Weak Crews Refuse To Lose I Ambush The Whole Ryme Scene Till You Remember The Trumpets
Rock A Mic At A Lounge Get Called Out You Fucking Clowns
Play Back The Beat Rip This Emcee Like I Know He Wasnt Tight Before I Knew His Story
4 4 4 Be The Signs God Who Wanna Battle Come Bring It

06-25-2005, 03:42 AM
Picture the wave
Surf Across The Winds Leaves Sharks Tossed
Typhoons Bring Sands To Damp Fluid
Bodies Shatter Aftermath
Fury From Forces Trees Bent
Airs Musty Scent
Lands Flatlined Pulse Is Empty Pause For The Next Century
Emit The Dial Tone Surcurity Brackets Broken Symbol Codes Load The Upload Contract With Life
Leasehold On Mics
I Attached The Note I Delayed Time Shots Rang Off At The Pope
Flashbacks At The Future Battles Dun Change
Checkmate Who Wanna Battle Place Ya Name
And Your Hopes Highest PedesTAL Heaven And Earth Wars Begun
Who Wanna Battle

06-26-2005, 12:23 AM
Ayo Checkmate Let Loose The Rap Back Slap At Amatuers
Misconduct Is Crucial To The Slang Kilahh Bee Name Trumpets Sting Deadly
Come Through
Blast The Wind Gust So Glorious
Aspects To This
Manefest The Qoutes The Hazardous Signs When I Give Post
So Close In Time Zones Winds Been Blown Atmosphere Worthy Of Fear
Unleash The Truth Mutha Fuckas
Bring That Shit Sword Swing Punishment Devolpment Lost Desendence
Oppose The Maze Trumpets
Mind Travels
Yet To See Through The Eyes Of The Weak
Inner Strength
The Beast
Feast The Appetite Twin Heads
Recite The Sword Swing
Behead Enemies Slayed

06-26-2005, 02:19 AM
landmine rymes implanted in to your mind like digital time bome deadly strike swift snipe fifty cal. mounted on the tripod the god fight hard never hesitate to take stand technigue destroy whole physique war fatigue makem em bleed acknowleged by universal wisdom to elighten battefieds with presicion kill devils possesed by demons and vicious snake bitch fake hoes also get slain by the titan freeze frame your fortress shit is hopeless mad props the 4. 144,000 chose to explode in divine intolerence to this wicked bennevolence that got us all in enslavement scatter shots enemy fall to the pavement fucking with a real g from southerncalifornia excellence is the theorem that i formulate and use to elevate before i devastate the state of being from blind eyes not seein the physical god in its true nature cradled in the labor of love is war and beauty shall be nurtured in the heart of a soilder willing to die for a cause that he believes in suffer the rath unleash my fury clusters of math release my journey in to the diabolical as war particles gather in dense matter fury with the mold of a general warrior blood strong in me wont be long before we embrace the enemy attack the frequency dicipher trajectory move sporadictly peace god one yo execpt for 4. who wanna battle?

06-26-2005, 02:42 AM
scatter your dead matter befall victim to shotty splatter shit on your data shit on your pawns shit on your strata see m.f.'s like me we pack gatta hollow make you jaw shatter im on the frontline your playing trumpest playing with toyrymes its like im playing with puppetts fucking with this 444 farrots fake motherfucker silly dummy fucking rabbitt sucking down carrotts fucken faget you aint the abott acting like you hard cause you read the dictionary i bet you still wearing shitty ass diaper quick to blast fuck a sniper point blank range a mother fucker acting like he killa bee man he a buster ill tell to your face you fake poser motherfucker lets see you keep it gangster................................man thats what i thought yous aint nothing but a sucker

06-26-2005, 03:05 AM
Killah Bee Actions Sting Emcees

Lost December Long Winter
Wars Begun Trumpets Holds Back
Open The Vortex Whos Next To Step In Checkmate Delegate
West Killah Bee
Maximize The Signs 144 000 Chosen Priest
Others Devilish Yeah Who Really Molesting The Mind
Combine My Arts Fully 4 .4. 4
Next Written Principle In Lifes Existence
909 To Bay Area Left Them Las Like Vegas
Checkmate Breaks Em Down In Stages
Triangle Earthquake San Andreas
Falt Lines Aftershocks Sword Swings Take Heads For Luxury
Pieces To The Conquest
Forest Plurish
Settle In The Lost Sin Nature Survives The Outcome
Paradice Voyage
Exploit Wickedness
Trample Mountains Bombs From The Sky Replies The Trumpet Blast To Replies

06-26-2005, 03:15 AM
4 4 4 Trumpets
909 To Bay Area Left Them Las Like Vegas
Triangle Earthquake San Andreas Fault Lines
I Decieve Most Like They Net Post Who Claiming Whateva Killah Bee To Your Stormy Weather Lets Battle Thread Sewd Killa Conquest Whos Really Nonsence West Ward Hoe Gangster? I Keep It Real In The Field Hold Your Yo Shield You Swinging Swords Behead Enemies Dome Peeled Lips Sealed Focuse On Your Arts You Were To Be To Become The One Im The Chosen One Lost His Name Killah Bee
Fame Come Through Get Rip God

06-26-2005, 03:29 AM
Lost Thoughts Spark The Session
Infested Rapper West Coast Represent One Time Let See How We Do

Yo Checkmate Freestyle Ill Eat You Off My Dinna Plate
Fucking With The Vet
97 Battlen Kids
I Smash Slap Car Chase Vehicles
Darts Drawn
Ran The Fuck Out
Necklace Snacth The One Heat Aint Shit Son
Killah Bee Manuscript
Blow The Winds To My Scroll My Shit List Circum To Your Area Scaria Then
Slangs The Best Vocalist Hip Hop Era Forcast Stormy Weather Actions 3 D Massacre Sanctions Post Lines Pin Point The Signs


06-26-2005, 11:45 AM
Who Wanna Battle God Come Through

06-27-2005, 12:47 AM
Day Of Rest Moonlight Sets The Tone Story Told Endless Scripts Unfold
From The Dome Purest Form Killah Bee Storm Swarm The State Checkmate Cast The Winds Take The Glimpse Wirlwinds
To Different Areas
Soak In Life Ill Meet U At The Top Of The Clif
Telescope At The Star
Revolves Around Me Astronomy New Discovery Winds Chilly
Portrait Like Davinci Winds Drift Gravity Feel My Body Drop Back To Earth
Reality Verse Slash Opponents Afterlife Components
3rd Planet From The Sun Evolutionary Energy Force The Sword Swing Strikes Devils Off Course MY SOURCE OF UNITY DIVIDES SANTUARY GATHERINGS LIGHT BEAMS FLASH THE INTENT TO SACRIFICE

06-28-2005, 09:55 PM
Trumpets Maintain Lessons From The Brain
In Actuality I Seek Wisdom
Knowledge Penatrate Victims
I Stick Em With Darts From The Start
Pierce Like A Bull To Death
I Swing Swords To Flesh
Magnify The Madness
Keep The Battle Coming Its War My Anchor Overboard Spit News Who Wanna Come Through Win Lose Situation Its The Trumpets
Swing Yo Sword Im Taking You Closer To The Lord
With A Head Chop
Heart Pops
Thrust Back Blood Clots
Tied In Knots
Rope The Fuck Up Slit Throats For Weak Feedback
I Mean That
Martyr Closed Chamber
Bent Up Like Close Hangers
Who Wanna Battle

06-29-2005, 12:37 AM
Fuck feedback when Ifeed like a fed ya best back up like your ugly ex, deadly hidden dart's of my black belt arts between ya decks. Perplex like water even though my styles plain and normal, got the trumpets blow'n funky like sounds of the paranormal. Speak'n "In a silent way" "on the corner" "round midnight" like that nigga miles, your a rookie, I'll checkmate ya lyricaly numbered (444) like number dials. End with O3EY's classic line "cause I'm a true wu tang rocka, speak'n a high tech language no body knows just like chewbacca."

06-29-2005, 02:40 AM

Karate Decks Breaks
Struck By Muay Thai
Crack Face
3rd Degree Pressure Point
Inner Strength Witheld The Core Pressure
Face Emotionally Struck Thai Clutch Crush Abdomens Rupture
Belts Painted White Skin Paler Then The White Buffalo Albino Clone For Centuries The Unknown Trumpets Dun Shown Signs Perplex Like Energy Ora Create Paranormal Entrance To Dimensions Seen My Life Flash Before Me
While Yours
Normal And Plain
Same Lames Quick To Tame
Trumpets Face On Full Moons At Midnight
Nuclear War Fight
Till Day Light
Quest Through My Solar Porplex Collects
Unconcious Radar Signal My Star
Guidance On Lands Winds From Afar
Shorelines Bring Hazy Mist By Trumpets
Establish The Sword Swing DeadlY

06-29-2005, 10:42 PM
Yo Enter The Zone
Swing Yo Shit
Dusted The Qoute Trumpets
Troops Ingaged My War Tactic Jurassic Callaboration
With Influence Written You Read It
The Topic Microscopic
Some Need Strength I Carry The Wieght Shifty
Manefest The Qoutes Trumpets Sling Your Throat
To The Fullest Extent Last Breath Converted To Trumpets Actions
Ways Been Here For Centuries Im Here To Tell This To Different Creeds
With The Ways Of The Killah Bee
Yo Come Through

06-30-2005, 06:49 AM
crush zones rush nomes machate swordsmen slice clones prone to weak tactics war finatic drop phonetic expect it dominate the sector monumental scroll erector inspector of each and every vector on the venue drop a jewl to wisen you fools tha need more school got heart but tied down by rules bomb defused when i erupt like a super volcano stay active bust rapid oppisite faction die tragic cant handle the static method mathematic final thought leave you lost in the paradox fire jot cipher hot chosen one hit with solar flares kick the rymes to sufficate your brain like a stunami victim scripture like mind prison to competition feel friction universal kill coalition full assault no restrictions wind collision duns oxygen cant fuck with the solar this the chosen one what son eternal fricction infernals blaze from the inscription what you know bout wisdom above 3rd eye presicion crabs survive cling to life with word repitition hoping to slide on through to the next session tell it aint true dun.

06-30-2005, 08:49 PM
Checkmate Watch Precision Darts Level My Path I Breeze By Your Area
Trumpets Even Scaria Laughed It Off Set It Off Right Mics I Handle Cut Throats Deadly Vandal Life Scandel Fuck Battles Its War Started Already Begun Fuck The Chosen One Stay Above Your Thought Caught By My Drift Trumpets Brings Scripts From Finger Tips Slash West Coast Dillema Its On And Poppin Get It Craken What You Say
Where The Fuck You From Killah Bee Natural Biblical Spit Truth Its Me Trumpets You Want Proof 4.4.4 Come Through West Diolect Who Wanna Battle

06-30-2005, 08:59 PM
4 4 4 Trumpets Blows The Next Season
I Visualise My Thoughts Create The Massive Attack Paralize Everything In My Path I Laugh Dusty Swords Slash Battles Like Hell Trumpets Provails All Circum To Death Wish Oppose Angels Decision I Relise Truth Manage Behaviors As The Winds Settle In
Wars Seems Tense While I Callaborate And Win
Finish What I Started
Who Wanna Battle Come Through
Sword Swing

06-30-2005, 10:45 PM
Instant Philosophy My Art Work I Picture The Drawings Sketch My Thoughts Escape The Devils
The Background Shady Luminescent Light
Trumpets Holds The Coast From The Wicked Live Right
Casted The Stone Amoung Men Unknown
Presence I Reach My Gut To Spill Sick Swords Flash Like Photo Pics
Mix The Color I Uncover Hovering Oras Give Energy Towards Others Trumpets Intelligent Wise Road To The Devine I Seek To Reach The Blind Battlen Till Gods Words Shine Behead The Offering Give Prosperous Gratitude Killah Bee At Your Avenue Swinging Swords Who Battled Crews I Leave My Mark Checkmate Signature Sting Killah Bee 4 4 4 Trumpets Ready To Battle CHAMBER OPEN COME THROUGH
Swing Yo Shit

07-01-2005, 10:45 AM
most niggahs be hatin..
or should i say wiggahs
cause most of yall caucasian
im original asi-keep rhymes in the attic
spit it like a semi
keep the masses in a panic
go thru stages like a newborn
highly anticipated when i come thru they blow horns
and all prasies are due
i paid my dues brother let me eat my food
or im forced 2 snatch plates
there a hustler in all of us
reality u cant escape
shit,u roll thru in ur 2-4 spinnas
my eyes open wide
now i know whats for dinner
b.e.p is right where the love go
most rappers these days sound like niggahs i know
all in they flow ,we need a revolution
get ur own..ur own ya heard... thats the solution
cause these corporate devils are the real pimps
shut that ass down like wutangcorp 4 a minute
and let the real reign,and as for a battle
im a grown man niggah
i pass on that cattle
pardon me i just love 2 speak truth
let 444trumpets play as i steps thru.............P.E.A.C.E

07-01-2005, 08:27 PM
Most Can Relate To Life In Ways
Driven The Path Of Instinct I Keep My Head Steady Waiting For The Missing Link Reassure My Stance Soak In Energy For What Its Worth New Verse Killah Bee Symphony Trumpets Held Back My Breath Glimps In I See White Robes Triangle C Notes Federal Withold Silence Revolt Violence Maintian The Pressure Parade Down Streets Cans Collected As Donations Infestation Killah Bee Invation Persuasion Of Knowledge Spent Due To Currency Pie Charts Expansion In Minds I Create The Elavation Above Sea Level You Think There Aliens But Really The Devil Mental Treasure At Last The Ship Crashes Swords Become Stones Of Medals Hanging Like Neck Piece Most Deceased 4 Corners Waiting To Teach Collect The Script Monument Peaks I Climb The Highest Mountain Flag Post The Trumpets Blow The Signs 4 4 4

07-04-2005, 12:45 AM
Trumpets Investigate The Actions I See Through Emcees Heavier In Qoutes I Think Back Swing Swords Lessons Told For Your Hopes
Slash The Conduct Verbal Hiatus I Played This Since The God Spark The Session Knew Enemies Come In Forms Of Devils Covered With Flesh I Regress Spit Truth
From Stress Related Thoughts Come Battle Son Ill Teach What Is Saught
Trumpets Main Killah Bee Sting Sword Swing Windbreeze Freeze Colonies Whole Communities Countries Degree Orientaded Knowledge Seek Prophecy Written From The Dome Piece Keeps In Touch With The Guardian Like The Closest Homey Relate To Fonies Like They Know Me Once Had The Purest Thoughts Energy Takers The Ones
Whos Caught In The Cycle 4 4 4 Trumpets Read It In Your Bible

07-04-2005, 12:59 AM
Yo Who Wanna Battle Come Bring It
Trumpets Position My Compass North Star World Wonder 1st Dimention Extention To The Ryme BInacular Focus Satalite Dish Broken
Star Wars Beams Crushed Againts Meteor Explosion Words Scribble The Lines Of Astronomy Seek The Jewel Fools Step Down Then Come Up Realer Then What They Could Become Trumpets Not The Only One Come Through Emcees Its War Begun Already Settled The Score Who Wanna Sword Swing Bring Yo Shit Post Replies Flies Over Shit Im Off That Type Hype Light The Scene Mad Realer Then Your Dreams And Schemes The Means To The Ends Ill Bring It You Who Wanna Battle

07-04-2005, 10:40 PM
Yo Checkmate Who Want War Started Left Those Divided Terminate The Defiance Raps Like Riots I Cause Your Breath To Second Guess Life
Battlefield I Sword Swing Chop Your Neck So What The Deal
Rapping Cause Havoc Come Through Feel The Real
Killah Bee Skillz Sting Blood Spills From The Passage I Write Dominate The Corners My Actions Written From The Top Of The Mantle
Proclaim Yo Shit
Come Through Get Ripped Building Blocks To My Castle
The Vibes Fragile
Let Loose The Mask Come Through Im Unmasking You Fu S
Who Wanna Battle

07-05-2005, 01:00 PM
Post Up The Trumpets Blows The Wind Breeze Dusty Swords
Who Wanna Come Through Killah Bee Statue Proclaim This Checkmate
Relate To The Flag Of The West Killah Bee Be The Best Come Bring Yo Shit
Who Wanna Battle

07-05-2005, 01:47 PM
Yo, that would be pretty cool. Got feeling for your "my flow overflows"

07-05-2005, 02:25 PM
Thanks Peace


07-05-2005, 02:28 PM
Snap skulls, snap brain stems........fuck being funny, im dramatic like hamlet?

Yo, Yo,

You go by the forgetable name of the little smurf called Xtadas???,
Ima keep this little story short. Kinda like that little smurf dick you
got coming outta yo VAGINA.....Its the only thing you impale with yo
spike. You right
you aint no kike you's motherfucking hairy dike.
What you know bout hamlet? You smoked the book? Cause hamlet
was a dick. Yo, you dramatic like hamlet but you ever met many people who
understood and gave a shit bout the man you call "hamlet" Man maybe I should
refer to you as Professor smurf. Dupreez coming with that simple style, Dupreez the dude
who melts your iced out image. Get a name before you come back at me otherwise im gonna permantely get you labelled as the english smurf. I cant even say your name dog. This shit not about fancy words and wordplay. Dupreez bout getting the message across to my people. My people aint no professors my people aint no hamlet supporters, my people aint no smurfs. My people spit SLANG your people still trying to figure out english ? Get back to me with my spelling dog. You can C H E C K it for me Professor smurf


07-05-2005, 03:38 PM
Yo First Post

Yo Yo...

This My First Ever Battle On Da Inter-net, I Get Wack Emcee's Dripping Sweat In A Mili-sec,
The Realest Ever Rhyme Slinger 'mc Midas', Watch Me Destroy Suckers, Im Killing Kids Through Wires,
Im Just To Hot, You About To Find Out What Getting Ripped Up By Real Slang Feels Like,
Im Real Tight Eighty Five Per Cent Of You Minors Probably Aint Ever Touched A Real Mic,
This My First Ever Post, Chek Da Name Kid, Im 2 Real Anything I Touch Turns To Gold,
No One Wanna Get Bold, If Rap Was Poker Than All Y'all Would Just Fold, You Get Scold
I Could Write All Night But Enough For Now Imma Roll A Phat Joint And Come Back Later,
I Know It's Almost Guarenteed That Imma Have To Destroy Some Hater !!!!!

Peace Y'all


07-05-2005, 04:31 PM
Midas Touch I Build The Golden Brick Road
Devastating Fault
Crack My Path Open Hoping Somebody Falls Like That Angel FROm The Skies Trumpets Blows Signs 85's Publish My Data
Bring Facts Swings Swords Killah Beez Attack Clubs
Get Ladies Snatched Playen
Pursuing Goals In Life
Wisdom Forseek 800 Year Old Life Lines
I Reach My Age Of Wonder If Its Coming Trumpets Holds Back
Why They Running
Flee The Scene Some Come
Overcome Throats Slit Neck To Neck For Respect On Minds Control Substance Fatigue Plays In Factors Unresolved
Bury The Fucking Wack Emcees In Battlefields I Post Rymes
Killah Bee Shine Who Wanna Battle
Ima Take Mines Come Through

07-05-2005, 05:16 PM
Yo Ha Ha I Can Let You Sit And Post Rhymes,
But Like A Coke Head, Im The One With Dope Lines,
You Get No Shine, I Live With The Mic In My Palm,
You Could Never Test Me When Im Reciting My Psalms,
You Must Be Bugging, I'll Smash Ya Data To Bits,
Im Raiding Ya Chips, You Get Blatantly Ripped,
You Cant Test Me You'll Crash And You'll Burn,
Im The Undertaker, I'll Keep Your Ash Inna Earn,
Relax And You'll Learn Im The King Of Any Battle,
The Hardcore Mc My Rhymes Snap Any Shackle!!!! Wot Wot ...... Hahaha Midas Touch... WOT:ouch:

07-05-2005, 05:31 PM
Coo Yeah Yo
Mics Leave Wrist Disabled Hospitalised Didnt Survive The Outcome Suicide 3rd Eye My Scripts Finally Realise Truth In Paragraphs Signature Slash My Verbal Sword Swing Sharp Cut Vocal Cords
War Of All Lords
Succeed In Battle
Snap Fingers Broken Guns Arsenal Spoken Voice My First Instrament
I Blow Trumpets Four Corners 4. 4 .4 Be The Signs
Winds Bring The Design Of My Script
Unearth The Apacalyps Who Wanna Battle Killah Bee Sting Enemies
Who Wanna Battle

07-05-2005, 05:49 PM
Eh Yo,

Yo Im Bringing The Apocalypse Prepare For The Flood,
Im Like The Bell Ringer, Airing A Slug Square In Ya Mug,
You Lose Blood The Pinpoint Sniper My Rhymes Execute You.
Like Your Up In The Chair My Rhymes Electricute You,
I Slice Ya Sword In Half And Laugh At Your Threats,
Im Like That Young Thug On Road Blasting At Vets, The Bastard Thats Best !!!!
Cold Killing, I'll Rip Apart Anyone That Steps In My Path,
How You Gonna Rap, With A Blade Direct In Ya Heart,
Naturally Blessed From The Start Im Hitting You Hard,
Mc Midas Everytime Im Spittin, You Scarred!!!:yes: HAHAHA

07-05-2005, 06:11 PM
Done Laughed It Off Sword Swinging Emcees Heads Been Chopped Them Off Like The Book Of Life I Write Universal Language Surprise Fucking 85's Dont Get It Twisted Verbal Warfare Share The Same StaTus Swing Yo Shit God MagnIfesent Villages Flood With Bodies Oceans Cover Lands From Trumpets Wisdom Expand My Level Gift To The World ScIEnce Alliance With Evolution Devil Institution 4 4 4 Resolution
Swing Yo Shit

07-05-2005, 06:17 PM
Eh Yo Yeah Dat Was Aite But Im Off To Do Some Other Shit,
Dont Worry If You Lost A Battle I Came From The Mother-ship,
Thats Me Signing Out For The Night, Peace If You Keep It Real,
Mc Midas Yo I Cant Help But Kick Speech Wid Skill!!! Peace Yo

07-06-2005, 09:07 PM
Checkmate Trumpets Returns The Favor
Who Wanna Battle The Sheppard Herd Flocks Of Sheep Lands Form Distances I Rock With Defeat I Meet You At The Middle Spread Words Asiatic Static Across Screens Flip The Disc Inhance Version
My Colony Holds Sweet Honey Killah Bee Hive Sting To Death No One Survives
Come Battle Ill Take You To Your Maker
Whether You Los Like Lakers Or An 85 Minimise The
Fucking Hater Come Rip Yo Shit Son Im Sword Swigging The Chorus
Trumpets Blows The Sign

07-07-2005, 05:23 PM

07-07-2005, 05:26 PM
My Bad I Put This On The Wrong Chamber Peace

07-08-2005, 12:22 PM
From The Flow I Create The Sharpest Dart Who Wanna Climb The Gate Killah Bee Hive Most Cant Escape
Stung Ripped Apart Got It On
Lock Jaw Pitbull Script High Tech Individual Aspects Of Life Lands Seeds The Wisdom We All Living One Life To Live
Thats Why I Chop The Heads Of Devilish Kids Grow With Nature Battlefield Who Wanna Battle The Trumpets I Blow The Signs For Your Screens To Crack Freestyle In This Habitat I Manefest Qoutes Around Five Hundred Year Old Trees
Around Green I Feel The Energy Chop The Head Of The Enemy
Who Wanna Battle

07-08-2005, 05:29 PM
Eh Yo,
Fuck Bush And The Worlds Devils In Power, I Want Domination,
I Write Twenty Verses An Hour, Im Well Above Emcees Like I Used Levitation,
I'll Climb Gates Like Im On A Mission Attacking The Whithouse,
No Power Cuts here, Im The Force That Turned New York Citys Lights Out,
Oppositions Get Wiped Out, you can Be Sure Theirs No Way They'll Survive,
I'll Escape Any Situation, Cold Killing Emcees With The Mic At My Side,
I Rock Force Fields Swinging these Lethal Lyrical Weapons Like Samurais,
Im At One With Nature, If Rappers Think They Destroy Me, They Just Fantacise!!


07-09-2005, 03:03 AM
flow the super static fuck tragic warriorlistic fury of a mystic dump automatic bring the static to you maggots diss the chosen one befall victim to catastrophic disaster clash ill bash you smash you fluently speak the truth defeat the jewl its not possible brainwave overcome any obsticles you mother fuckers melt like popsicles fucking with the burning sun what ''DUN'' wutang slang for those that aint nowin bitch fools get took out like the germans welcome to my sermon got the fake sqirming fucking vermon make no mistake i catch you slippin in the urban dumpin shotties out suburban drop the thunderous ryme periodical top don war philosophical claiming you chosen motherfucker you aint biblical go on and read scripture while i paint the picture you wasting you time fucking with a bomb vet yo how come you aint signed yet?

07-09-2005, 03:13 AM
Duns For The East Assumtion Lost With The Word On The Street Shit Is Realer Then A Mug Off That Fight The Other Night Waiting For The Cipher Head Freestyle Represent The Coast You Wished You Casted Your Vote The Bomb Drop For Hope You Comforted By Time Chosen Thoughts I Battle Crews That Are Signed Love Of Hip Hop Killah West Establish My Foundation Emceeing At Coffe Shops Relax Build Thoughts For Fasion I Rock You On Site Block Busted Verbal Crush Kids Get Touched Who Wanna Battle

07-09-2005, 03:20 AM
Duns For The East Assumtion Lost With The Word On The Street Shit Is Realer Then A Mug Off That Fight The Other Night Waiting For The Cipher Head Freestyle Represent The Coast You Wished You Casted Your Vote The Bomb Drop For Hope You Comforted By Time Chosen Thoughts I Battle Crews That Are Signed Love Of Hip Hop Killah West Establish My Foundation Emceeing At Coffe Shops Relax Build Thoughts For Fasion I Rock You On Site Block Busted Verbal Crush Kids Get Touched Who Wanna Battle

07-10-2005, 03:39 AM
Yeah Yo
Swords Hit The Vital Point
Sliced With The Rusty Swing
I Bring
Faith To The Battle
Stop War
Drop The Bomb
Everythings Calm
Pyramid Vision The Sting
Deadly Plan Of Assault
Major Influences Trapped In The Cult
Look Up At The Sky
Star Gaze The Beauty In Your Eyes
The Green Paper Is No More
We Living For Self Knowledge Is The Key For Mental Health
Whos Left Is To Prosper On Earth
Swords Swings Leave Bodies Bent
Blow Trumpets
At The Corners Its Me Checkmate
War Blueprints Scetch
The Strategy I Create Signs 4 4 4
Who Wanna Battle
Come Through

07-10-2005, 12:13 PM
We need people to vote on B1ack Fac10n's thread "open challenge" So far only one person has voted.

07-10-2005, 02:14 PM
Yo Trumpets Investigate The Realms
I Seek To Scrap The Landscape
Soak In The Old Earth
Capture The Rebirth
Of Rocking Mics
Yeah I Said It
Sword Swing Chop Heads
Seek To Travel More Often In Zones
I Break Your Molecular Chrom
Scrolls Written With Intent To Blow Spots At Your Homes
To The Gates Of Heaven
Step In
Get Your Neck Fractured
Step Out
Foney ActorS
Chamber Open Who Wanna Battle
Come Through Killah Bee Sting Enemies Flee

07-10-2005, 07:41 PM
Yo Trumpets
The Forest
I Collect The Intuition
To Begin My Mission
Lakes Flow
While I Freestyle The Scene
Amoung Many
Walk The Path Of Unclean
For Centuries
We Think Back
Its A Mystery
Highlight The Qoute Its History
Blocks Build Streets
Its War
Plague With Devils Cut Throats
On Concreate
My Floor
Heads Roll Down Steps
Body Folds On The Mantle Who Wanna Battle

07-12-2005, 01:14 AM
im looken for the concept, the message that god sent
how do i live my life prospress, without stress
the evils within are trying to hold me in
feel like im trapped, its like my mind is caved in
but i was saved when i heard a voice in the wind
it told me not to loose control, just hold it in
bipolar, my styles colder and it frooze u in
the enemies within my range and then im closing in
im blasting and they all surrendering
im battling, and its never ending
i might of won the fight but the war is never over
it feels like we getting closer, but we just getting older
end of the dynasty..........

07-12-2005, 01:24 AM
Investigate The Scripts
Ive Seen Many Bodies Laid Flat
On The Battlefield Arena
Struck By Lighting
Sword Swings
Trumpets Holds The Corners
Angels Search For Guidance
Hold The Trumpets
World Defiance
Relative To Nature
Look At The TreEs Around You
Soak In The Energy
Lifes Prophecy
The Energy Is Heaven Amoung Us
This Generation Reaches A Higher Conciousness Of Life
We All Will Realise With Open EyeS
You See The Signs

07-12-2005, 02:26 AM
they call me the pope of dope
cuz u take one hit,a nd your like "holy shit", rope a dope
its like skiing down the slopes
dont crash, you get smashed like some cantelopes
doctor of weed, is that what u need, i got the anictdote
when life's so stressful and u just cant cope
when reality hits, thats when u start to choke
take two hits, got your head spinning like spokes
you'll thank me when that fine bitch lets u poke
its all cuz of that thick ass cloud of spoke
thats why u pay me the money, and u still be broke
gotta smoke the crippy till i see like a kalidascope
my minds on drugs, so crack the egg and drop the yolk
these rhymes i wrote are brought to u impart by the blunt i toke

07-12-2005, 02:38 AM
Yo Who Wanna Battle
Trumpets Holds The Gates Open
Linger Within The Fortress
Concepts To The Speech
Reach The Dimention To Open Black Holes
Rip Space With Knowledge
I Create Skills From The Dome
Written On Webs
I Blast The Trumpet
Expansion Of The Gift
Hold The Winds
Spread The Message Across States To Continents
Your Hope
On Self Knowledge
You Dont Need The Pope
God Is Calling
Chop The Heads Of The Enemy
Snakes Slizzer On Earths Soil
On Its Belly For Life
Fucking With Gods Might
Dont Go Againts Reality
Who Wanna Battle Seas Rumble
The Hurricane Is Coming
Sound The Alert
The Signs Are Here
Who Wanna Battle
4.4.4. Turmpets

07-12-2005, 02:51 AM
the beat started, im late as usual
this shit is different, some say its unusual
im using ya'll, im dippen ya'll ig ot a booty call
never loose control, gota tight grip
droppen mops, no wet floor sign, got u trippen
hoes strippen, records start flippen, rap sabertooth, dont get bitten
who's gonna save u, james bond is only fictional
mixed chemicals, listen up im tellen ya'll
somebody notify the authorities
bcuz the butchers slaughtering mc's, now where's the beef
usda approved, shit aint nothing new
same shit, different day, just staying true
im god damn sick of hypothetical questions
im hyperventalating from too many blunt smoken sessions
put down the mic, pick up the bong
bubbling water then i hold the smoke in my lungs
im a profesional, thats why im never coughing
im crazy like rainman, ask dustin hoffman

07-12-2005, 03:11 AM

07-12-2005, 05:25 PM
I'll Rip You Up Kid, My Lyrical Shots Easily Drop Yours,
Rappers Mop Floors While My Records In Top Stores,
You Couldn't Kill Shit, I Spit And You Run For Ya Moms
U Buzzin, I Let The Shit That Im Spitting Punture Ya Lungs,
You Fucked, I Leave Wack Emcees Like You Easily Disabled,
Bludgeoned And Fucked Up, Then Beaten With Ya Fables,
Raps Sabretooth?? You Need To Know That Ya Styles Extinct,
Ya Shit Aint Pleasure For No-ones Ears Its Vial And Stinks,
I Bet You Real Pussy And Couldn't Even Slaughter A Fly,
Im The Real Butcher, Rappers Love It When I Torture A Guy,
I'll Burn You Like Cheech And Chong Putting Weed In A Bong,
I Make Rappers Bust Up Laughin AND Leave You Bleeding And Gone,
That Stupid Ass Punk, Just Got Smoked Up Like My Skunk,
Im Too Ill, My Words Just Get Thrown Up Like Im Drunk,

07-12-2005, 05:41 PM
Sorry For Buttin In

07-12-2005, 06:01 PM
mc midus, your more like a desease, menengitis
your a dick rider, walking dirty vagina
dudes bust on u, rub their butts on you
you got no guts in you, probably got no nuts on you
you say you got lyrical shots but your shooting blanks
no money in the bank, smoken base and crank
try to steal my name, you aint no butcher, your a catcher
you man's the pitcher, i heard your a switch hitter
you say i run for my mother, well you run for cover
my mother will run u over in her land rover
i love my fam, it aint my fault your a foster child
motherless child, moms smoken crack in viels
your dad, well who the fuck knows who your dad is
probably a transvesite hooker named gladys
the fact is, mess with the butcher man ill hurt cha
swing the butcher knife and finish you off with big birtha

07-12-2005, 06:59 PM
Who Wanna Battle
Test The Swing I Bring The Illuminati
Devilish Heads Roll Down The Pavement
While I Stalk Prey For Salvation
Of Life
Trumpets 4. 4 .4 Signs On Mics
I Recite Qoutes From Books Look Into The Light Tunnel
Flash The Exorcist
I Bring Earthly Challenges Walk Savage Being Human Instinct To Conquer Villages Cant Escape The Madness From Century Old Truths
Im Here To Take Over
Last December Long Winter
I Bring Spring
Al Qaeda Lost The Struggle Againts Angels
Wings That Flap Gods Winds To Win
Againts Anybody That Comes In
Who Wanna Sword Swing
Come Through

07-12-2005, 07:20 PM
6 foot, step on the stage im like big foot,
the sick look, plus the mic plugged in the input,
the butcha entered the scene, 3-d on the big screen,
make them hoes scream, plot and scheme, check out the melody,
walki talki, come with slap shots like hockey,
wayne gretzky, fat beats from the disc jokey,
jet skee's and sea doo's, voo doo magic,
the shits tragec when i see you,
some of ya'll cats are see through,
x ray, da butcher spit rymes all day,
get put out like cigarettes in the ass tray,
i leave u cats stray,

07-12-2005, 07:59 PM
Hiphop Wu Slang Type
Killah Bee Ignite
Night Stars
Shine Trumpets Blind Men Again
Trumpets Be The Signs Sword Swings Combine My Lines
Influential 3rd World Countries Eating Plentiful
Save The Children Where Facing
Lifes Erasing
Many Men Drop Jewels
Diamonds In The Ruff Leave Scars On Hands
Trying To Dig For Knowledge I Kept Till The Trumpets Blow Next Mentally Expand My Area Universal Climax I Reach The Point Of One
Who Wanna Battle Swing Yo Shit

07-12-2005, 08:00 PM
Hiphop Wu Slang Type
Killah Bee Ignite
Night Stars
Shine Trumpets Blind Men Again
Trumpets Be The Signs Sword Swings Combine My Lines
Influential 3rd World Countries Eating Plentiful
Save The Children Where Facing
Lifes Erasing
Many Men Drop Jewels
Diamonds In The Ruff Leave Scars On Hands
Trying To Dig For Knowledge I Kept Till The Trumpets Blow The Next Mental Expand My Area Universal Climax I Reach The Point Of One
Who Wanna Battle Swing Yo Shit

07-12-2005, 10:59 PM
Rough like jewel's fake diamonds out the 50 cent machine, Gee your Unit dressed up for fake play like explosives on a kid during halloween. Bloody chess boards over flow with the Wu Tang hype, Checkmated fake white kids using the N word after smokin' ragoo out a piece pipe. Called you out like the last strike to a OVERRATED N.Y. Yankee, Complaining like a third world kid with a nickname like "miss. cranky". Often Spanky but we know that's your alias illegal porn name, Spit that skeet juice watch it land 20 feet away on a window frame.

07-12-2005, 11:21 PM
hectic cosmetic jesters in court
retort off sport hidden agendas
basics like shapes for the pretenders,
blender off and running,
castles and bishops cunning,
blowed stacks that billow out smokestacks,
flip flops running fall out and get caught,
wrists rot from the precious jewels and stones,
minds flown over mountainous areas cloned,
tipped off by shallow feable faggots,
hacked the street game like flies and maggots,
my flyswatter style conyinues to maim,
leaving insects spotted over the window panes...

07-12-2005, 11:54 PM
SUUUU!! nice ending Bigben

07-13-2005, 01:35 AM
Individuals Some Missing Principle Highly Predictable Miracles Happen
Soak In Energy My Cabin Hold The Porage
Yall Doors Knocking Behave Your Emotions
Wolves Howl At Moons Trumpets Blows The Gorillah Monsoons
Who Wanna Battle
Come Through
Yeah Checkmate King Piece Missing The Head Of Enemies Land I Proclaim War Who Wanna Battle Ill Take You To The Sword Tour The Dismantled Body Bread Loaf Heres The Blood I Donate For Lifes Given
Come In
Lifes Wine Is Blue Like L.a Dodger Uniforms Refine My Winery Up In Homboldt County YEAh Its Checkmate
Blow The Trumpets 4.4.4.

07-13-2005, 07:27 AM
when the beat starts, i start rappen,
i caught u nappen, and now ur like what the fuck happened,
its da butcher, the one thats got the crowd clappen,
the guns clappen, and the hoes lips chapen,
flex on ya like rex chapman, hit the shot and who's the champion,
got u looken like a manacan,
and now ur panican, yo pelicans fucken with the all american,
we like mexicans, 20 deep up in a caravan,
swirven, the world keeps turning,
the heat in miami got me burnen, now its hot,
get drunk off of burben, tell the time like big ben,
deal with big men like a king pin,
burnen fools like yancey thigpen,
u fishing out the same lake ur shitten in, ya not listening,
the thoughts im invisioning, ryme with precision and
never miss a beat, i just defeat the percusion

07-13-2005, 07:28 AM
u cant defend the verbal invasion,
u running out of patience,
u get no compensation,
ur times wasted, u gotta face the music,
gotta keep a str8 mind before u loose it

07-14-2005, 01:02 AM
Yo Styles Sick 4.4.4. Trumpets Holds The Winds Perimeter On Lock Down The War Started I Leave Cats That Cant Defend Againts Scripts
Winds Blow Post Away Decay In Time
Weak Lines Cowards Get Laughed At Stiff Stance Stuck Off The Signs
Killah Bee Hive
Buzz At The Scene Replies The Sword Swing
Get Tossed With Ease By The Breeze Earth Caves In Due To The Energy
Produced By Dimentional Forces
Different Levels Of Treble Inhance The Earth
Souls Trapped Inner Hell Is Where They Dwell Challenger Struck By The Sword Jokers Juggle Toss The Wack Emcee Againts Me Head Rolled Down Steps Body Thrown On Streets Stomped By The City PopulAce In Defeat Sheep Gather In Flocks Many Slayed For Bait To The Beast Belly Full
Four Corners In Position Who Wanna Battle

07-15-2005, 03:40 AM
Rymes Give Signs From Four Corners
Trumpets Blow The Reason Of Life
The Instramental Plays The Afterlife Compress Your Emotions See Your
Life Review Before Your Eyes Come To You In An Instant Vision
Fall Back To Earth The After Life Rebirth The Process Of My Journey Here On Dirt The Air Seems Wicked Intent To Start War
Became The Solution For Battle
Aggresive Pursuit Snakes Rattle
Climb The Top Of The Building
Leap Into The Air
Enter The Dimension
Portal Like Reception
Gather The Nucleus To Bomb At Last The Battle Called Upon
The Winds Drift The Swing Body Blew PhYsical Intrance Back To Earth
Who Wanna Battle Another Lost Body Search Thourgh Time Zones Recap The Moment In Memory Lost The Thought Message Being Saught
Back To The Future
Who Wanna Battle

07-16-2005, 09:55 PM
Yo Who Wanna Battle
Checkmate In Position To Snatch The King
Seen It
In My Dream
Battlen Competiton Knowledge Missing The Skills
Unmastered I Came With The Rusty Sword To Swing On Keyboards Lords Of Mics I Rip Visuals High Principle Some Rappers Weak Nowadays Invisible To Life
Cant See Outside In
Just Hold It In
I Let Loose My Verbal Message Darts My Physical The Troops Aim Ready To Shoot Left The Back Pack Blew Spots At Enemies Compound Surround Sound Trumpets Blows The Next Moon The Night Deliver The Light Exit Wounds Through Your Soul On Impact
Have Flashbacks Of Lifes Paths
Who Wanna Battle I Swing Swords That Cut Like Bypass
Surgery Deleate Memories Like Alien Projects
Who Next To Get Tested Brain Infested Checkmate Who Wanna Battle

07-17-2005, 02:38 AM
my rhymes are off the hook, like my home phone when im boneing
niggas stop biting my style, now they just cloning
its a proven fact, no hypothesis
my lyrics be fatter then a hypopotamis
aknowledge this, one man hit man
need an umbrella for all the shit that im spitten
splitten ya now ya shitten in ya pants without a diaper
huggeys, i bounce back like a bungee
smoked out, now i got the munchies, shtis grungee
str8 o.g. punch buggy blue
witches keep trying to make me eat the rabbit stew
btiches new, on cue, the wind blew
pull out the ginsue, play and filleted
then get put on display, serving number 28
its off the meat rack, bitch dont speak back
the musics gonna stop, somebody bring the beat back

07-17-2005, 02:31 PM
Play The Beat Back While I Sit Intact Get Your Rymes Hijacked
Dont Worry Bout That Weak Rap Explode Your Body With That
Knowledge Some Lack Thoughtful Lines Im Ahead Of My Time
Now Whos Biting Signs Yeah
The Development Of Trumpets Blows The Fury Out The Corners Many Hide And Cant Run Checkmate Check Yourself Who Wanna Battle No Cards Dealt
Life Is Realer Then Death I Bring War Nothing Left
4.4.4. Be The Scripts First Chapter Sets It Off After The Lord Comes Give Love To Everyone Sho Gun Footsteps I Sword Swing My Wrist Bent Chop Necks For Respect On Signs
I Give Post For Your Eyes To See Literally Typing Words From Inside My Inner Strength Brings Energy That Opens The Portal Mentally I Travel In Space My Physical You Cant Erase The Dimentional Knowledge I Create The Signs 4.4.4.
Killah Bees From The West Dominance Is How The Swarm Comes To Rest
Who Wanna Battle Come Through

07-18-2005, 02:51 PM
Cable Wires
Wireless Cards Missed The Lyrics
I Commit From The Dome Lost In The Airwaves Crashing The Landscape Fire From The Sky Checkmate
Battlen War Is Here
Caused By Fear
Whats Really The Truth I Gather The Thoughts While Many Lost
Eden I See The Begining Of Creation The Flags Waiving
Post The Signs 4.4.4
Challengers Get Tied Up Martyr In Battles Caged Up
I Realease The Lock Open The Gates Numerical Numbers Figure The Evolution Of The Mind Escape The Surroundings
Evil Intent Come Into The Chamber
Lets Swing Swords That Make Sense Shaper Swords
Killah Bee Meant To Be Found Glorious Sound Trumpets
Checkmate Finish The Conquest Whos Left Spit Sick Lyrics Stomach The Force Eventually Most Been Waiting Patiently Swinging The Life Line
Who Wanna Battle Write Rymes Checkmate

07-19-2005, 02:19 AM

07-19-2005, 04:57 AM
phyclone winds of fury strike on tin horns like hurricane stunamis kamakazi rap detinate on contact designate a bomb strapped to youre brain the pressure to youre frame is like being struck down into the ground by a krane blood stains on lil white words sword take flight swing technique superb chop to the middle split youre body in half without harm to a single nerve so you can feel the pain catch the chain broken links get their nose cut off like the spinxs give a flying fuck what you think this above the chosen one mother fucker west coast don thinking you better than me youre dead wrong ill say more in one verse than you can say in a million words respond bitch so you can once again get served

07-19-2005, 07:07 AM
out of control, getting hostile, might get you in the hispitol
suprano in this rap gospal
blowing up like tires in pot holes
get burnt like charcoal
im the undertaker droppen the bones up in a dark hole
hoes gargle, got me loosing my marbles
spit or swallow, wabble wabble, your heads are hollow
the waters shallow, my bow and arrows on target
bulleyes, leave you with a glass eye, as i pass by,
causen the flame for me to spark it
stock market crashed without an airbag
the wall street impact looked like a blood bath
laugh now, cry later, creator, cremator
dishing out rhymes, call me the rap cater
eat it up..................

07-19-2005, 02:46 PM
Trumpets Behold The Thought
Many Faught For Reassurance Of Delimma Lost The Pages To The Battle
List The Enemy Name I Came Then Gone Away Most Lay On Their Belly
Slizzering For Lifetime Battles Snakes Mistake The Sting For An Earthquake
On Fields See 4.4.4. On My Shield Swing Dust
Body Back To The Essence Thin Molecules For Spritual Lessons
ManIfest The Knowledge Due The Math Intervine In Suicide Blood Baths
Mind Corrupted Soul Feel The Agony Of Defeat Linger Amoung Us Most Retreat Repent Show The Least Of Spritual Sense Trumpets Holds The Winds
I See Who Wins
Who Wanna Battle

07-19-2005, 02:50 PM
how come the majority of people say "you're" when you're suppose to say "your"

edited example "strapped to youre brain"
just asking!

have a peachy day!

OmO < Idiom

07-19-2005, 11:16 PM
Who Wanna Battle Come Through
Many Lines Design Through See Through Signs For Example
Thread Molded And Skulpted To Crack Lines Foolish Beliefs Get Conquered
Surrender To The Fate Of Most Created A Monster On Post
Defender Of The Coasts Swing My Sword At Foes Mountains Built The Inner Secret Expose Wonder 4.4.4. Trumpets Fire In The Hole Subjects Explode
Hawks With The Eye Seek Wings From The Sky

07-20-2005, 09:47 PM
Many Recieve The Message
For The Cure
Trumpets Unleash The Winds That Come Once The World Has Past The Throne
Trumpets Stands Alone
Amoung Many Purify My Nature In This Habitat I Seek The Knowledge
Which Most Cant Handle In Battles
Signs To See At Sea
We Swim Since The Begining Walk On Land For Evolutionary Change
I Came To Bring Forth The Sting
Who Wanna Battle Come Through No Post Go Without Host To The Signs I Create The Fiend
Druel Over Madness Angry Fellows Get Slapped On Site Sword Fights
Checkmate Those That Leave The Sword Banish The Oppurtunity Of Wisdom Kept Inside For Reasons Fear Had The Attitude Like Yo Ill Rip This Dude Out The Chamber Trumpets On A Mission
Who Wanna Battle
Set It

07-21-2005, 11:16 PM
Who Wanna Battle Come Through
Swing Swords Like Slow Motion
Holographic Image The ComOSION
3d Picture The Battle On Walls Created By Energy
Levitate While I Walk Straight
See Lifes Past
Many Slit Throats Die Young
Cant Hold The Sword Heavy Element Of Nature
Once Held The Cure For The Rapture
Capture The Moment
I Hide The Evidence Under The Sky Bombs Fall With Replies
Ambush The Continent Everyone Dissapears In Mid Air
Higer Vibrations To The Next Level
Step In My Portal
Higer Conciousness
Who Wanna Battle

07-23-2005, 12:55 PM
After Thought
Come Battle Son
Checkmate On Lock
Trumpets Blows Your Spot
I Got Enough Off The Shit List
Many Circum The Greatest Adventure
Qoutes That Got Hooks Made Up While You Enter My Domain
Sustain Injuries On Brains I Leave Wrinkles Out Of Body Experience
The Glow Radiate Multy Color Effect The Signs Most Neglect Savior My Sentences Reach Distances Manefest The Earth Seeds Evolutionary That Leads To Me
As One With The Sun Stars Bust While I Rush Winds From Gravity Pull Me Back Now Who Wanna Battle Me Im Back Trumpets Be The Signs Open Your Eyes 4.4.4. Againts Jihad Suicide
Come Through

07-23-2005, 03:16 PM
after locks comes exterior chains,
scale fences move through the rain,
slow discret silent steppin feet,
move like blinks blurs all you see,
stealth harm I bring gasp! no screams,
larynx lacerated air passages bleed,
binocular sights fall from galvanized greed,
granite and green pistons oilish sheen,
I come clean soap rinsed brains dream,
arena collide metal swords surprize,
between the eyes demean and derive,
the foolish with pride all ego's aside,
rented rentals drunken dangerous rides,
elmers glue sticky slippy before dry,
contained elements and compounds chide,
back sides of childish criminal minds,
continue to climb space shuttled shine,
damage rectified new improved design,
mathematical primes highlited blades twinkling eyes...


07-23-2005, 03:39 PM
Trumpets Worthy Battles Come And Go Swords Swings Another Deadly Blow
Trumpets Shows Miracles
Hide Out Is The PriNciple Of Fear Now
Relinquish The Habit Some Gots To Have It
Vocab Near The Hole Watch Me Rip It Apart Thought Space In Heaven I Suck In Life
Truth To Past Im Right Left Emcees With Crack Swords I Leave In Battlefield Countless Numbers Stack My Empire I Desire The War
Horses Chopped I Run And Walk Step TeAch Lessons Verbal Weapons Silent War Has Come I Behead Enemies Done Trumpets
4.4.4. Who Wanna Battle

07-23-2005, 04:15 PM
Suspects hunted barking dogs rushing,
faces wine blushing minds crumble crushing,
four corners closing paranoid postures posing,
orifice and ostium open super soaker shortend,
scorching heat angled degrees from sloping scenes smoking,
organized sorting slavishly working docking at ports boarding,
boredom's morgued'em blood sports and whoredom,
floorboards creak and clonewars creep sold boneless beef,
tuned tonedef beats prone to seap infecting society sheep,
liars and cheats pliers pressure release buyers of beasts,
tiring streets admiring grease fires and wireless weeps,
blindness beeps backing-up reverse warnings from trucks,
watch and tuck some shit outta luck..What!!,
others Nintendo death style "Duck Hunt"ed ducks...

07-23-2005, 04:24 PM
Like Chicken Heads Getting Fed
Blood BLEd The Scene
4.4.4. Trumpets Terror In The Biosphere Hunt Deer Forbidden Food I Eat Beef Slumber Beneath Trees I Smoke Beef Smoke Turkeys
Scripts Stay Lovely Bear Claw Grip Mics Near Camp Sites Forest Near Peru New Species Comeing Through Advantage You Lose Rymes Misuse The Sign Natural Habitat On Mind Lose Glimps Of Life With Stuck Darts From The Neck Binoculuar
Who Wanna Battle

07-23-2005, 04:57 PM
Goals within bitten stitching fears like cuts doctor's pierce,
bloodlines hawk eye fierce burn boths side of the hemisphere,
lend an ear I'm here dart impaled spears,
trumpets sounding mass alarms Bombing,
death before dawn calming modern marvels harming,
exercise fodder farming meditate stars starving,
mental martyrs blotted criss cross crowders clawing,
cross counrty ski slalom moguls bumped thoughts marauded,
laughter of the slaughtered visual density television shows harbor...

07-23-2005, 05:05 PM
Kerry Sounds Amused Votes Are In
Give In To No Mans Lie On Paths
Devils Get Chopped Left For Proof I Stop The Ways Of Horsemen Didnt Hold The Value Of Nature Logs Fallen Begotten Sword Swings Lands Gone Its No Wonder We Battle For Trumpets Song
Shown My Signs Through The Crack Of Hope Nearby Explosions Why Most Commit Suicide Lost Mental Use
The Spoon Fed As Utensal
Lifes Bread Loaf
Most Choke Trumpets 4.4.4 Who Wanna Battle Violinz Play Deadly Notes

07-23-2005, 05:34 PM
Violens Vibrate violentstates Basses are strummed lifted low notes hummed lung lunges lug nuts are budged and bludgeoned Mrs Dash organic oven spices and herbs words observed and swerved verbs are curved and curbed birds are cured from salt and vinegar blurbs kerry contaminated curse blue blood tri latteral 3 sided bible babble 4 corners wrestle the top buckle hustle brimming with muscle hypocritical tussles.. disgust yo!... getting velvet crushed slow back biting bus loads hushed rusted till decoposed to rust syntax codes to flush a comodes dirty touch absolut power corrupts golden platinum and such....

07-23-2005, 05:47 PM
Twisted Thought
Overcome With Twisted Metal As Swords Thrust The Ambush
Accured A Long Time Ago
Bigger Egos To Bigger Fellows Slept On Tissues Crying Over Issues
Laid Flat Bed Lines Reach Visions From The Other Side Recieve The Message Behead The Snake That Lingers Amoung Us Who Wanna Battle Trumpets Blows The Corners From Winds That Touch Your View On Life
Wu Site Killah Bee West Enemies Mountain Peak Pacific Angle Sheep Gather
Slautered For Sacrifice
4.4.4. Trumpets Brings Holy Light Burns The Child
Profile Like Kane One Cant Sustain The Path Given In Life
Cant Walk Because Of Snake Bites

07-23-2005, 05:57 PM
Snakes bite flesh flavored to entice meshed tight electrical words gripe good nights over life plights BigBens' tortured pen smolders sin soldiers spend while morons blend wise words train together the lies heard rhymes obscured lines obsurdly refined buffed to a shine the roughness gone softscrubbed away the grime unholy times with controlling binds blinds opened only to close before its time trumpets align sonics combine only to find a soul less spine roguish rhymes

07-23-2005, 06:05 PM
Spines Create My Stance To Combine My Arts Fully Underestimate The Trumpets Corners Rumble
The Outcome Has Past
Whos Left On Earth Rebirth The Savior Trumpets Blows Winds For Gods Favor
My Tactics
Chamber Open The Lock Tame Any Men Flocks Of Pigeons Fly Drop Shit Pelican Brief I Shoot And Dont Miss
Darts On Point Swords Most Handle After The King Has Gone Gather Troops Let Loose The Beast I Defeat Swiftly Handle The Meat I Eat Portrait Of Lifes Conquest I Sting Devils No Concious

07-23-2005, 06:27 PM
No Conscious mind vaporous racuous vampire bite offers blind cantankerous coffers signed sympathetic hallmark penned verse quotable quotes submersed lecturing lurks lymphnodes burst glands swollen hands folding grams strolling the lambs boarding plucking pigeons concrete living wages smatter smitten bars battered fish fried chatter poles casted bigben snatches pine box caskets for those devil bastards and their prime time tactics

07-23-2005, 06:47 PM
Yo Big Ben Check Your Email

07-23-2005, 07:07 PM
Precious Moments Lyrics I Heard It Before The Trumpets Knew About The Weak Emcee Leap Of Faith On To Thee
See The Weather Change
Hemisphere Inline With Stars To Free The Blind
Within The Portal Lost Communication Fallen Mind Cant Climb To The Highest Peak Destruction Rolling Down Mountain I Created Since The Beginning Of Creation
Limbs Evolve From The Sword Century Old Lords
I Come To Enspire Truth
Trumpets Play 4.4.4. Signs Display

07-23-2005, 07:10 PM
Hey send it to my other email account bigben7sf@hotmail.com

07-23-2005, 07:18 PM
signs disply rhyme relays pass the baton Baton Rouge southern stallion mastecated barrells chewed dented and bent spitoon spit hear the signal armor chinked valiant deals timeless zeal classic appeal only built for cuban links effervescent spritzer drinks deep bottomed sinks abstract genius picasso penis found the lost and fiendish pirate mates telescoping eyes survey platooning the prey its natures way death and violence is always conveyed

07-23-2005, 07:28 PM
Shark Hunt I Belly The Beast
Thrown Overboard Lost Vikings Bring Swords
Trumpets Holds The Anchor Release Animals Upon The New Earth Sands Dirt To Street Concreate Meet The Glorious Foundation Compound Area Observation Perimeter Seek Violence Of Amatures
Aint Ready For The Sword I Swing Bring Zones To Higher Levels Of Thinking This Will End The Chapter
Some Gone With The Rapture Chinky Eye Buddah 3rd Eye Mental Scripts I Lit The Insence Finish Bio S Of Killah Bee Cycles Of War

07-23-2005, 08:50 PM
cycles of war these bibles are torn lightweights are worn temporal lobes discord daunting puzzling practices sword gripping this board wrist movements ignored guillotine sword amphibious dynamics swagger swayze static road house flowers wilted in attics built with poisonous plastics revenue taxing indecent proposals drastic one foot in the casket basket case character clasps click I light the wick on the dirty bomb time ticks encased with nails screws and metal shards to start conflicts...

07-23-2005, 09:39 PM
Out The Box Memorial Burial
Monument Grave Dig The Gem
Graveyard Shift My Angle 360 Degree Event Trumpets
It Make Sense Four Corners Blow The Gust Bible Script Plurish Back Intact New Genesis Plus New Facts
Golden Residue Trumpets Winds Onyx Enviroment Back In Time
I Came With Time
Enter The Plug Swords Cut Through Stars Bust The Reality Back In Me
See Tragedy 4.4.4 Trumpets Who Wanna Battle
Seas Start The New Life On Earth Replenish Thoughts The Rebirth This My Terf Angels Swing Dust Snakes Crushed
Trumpets Walks Steem Aroma Natures Vapors
Earth Is In A Coma
Awake State Trumpets Awaits The Call
Signs Given I Forsee Your Fall

07-23-2005, 10:04 PM
forsee your fall frome the ravens caw talons of raptors gripping saws these jagged edges stalactyte ridges enter with out permission persistant systems prizmed bird beaks christen after life shhhh..listen my bars triple sec mixing bartender blitzkrieg power lift benching dark shadowed henchman elephant memory emote sympathy fortified magnetic images of misery bigben swings visciously conan swords hitting like too shorts' bass booming beats

07-23-2005, 10:15 PM
Bumbing Wu The Game Song Number Two
Trumpets Flex Emcees Like Bicepts Reps Collapse On Formats Fingers Cracked Head Snap Relapse Back In Portals
Lost The Vebal Edge Of The Sword Bring Infernos
Broken Body Due To Winds
Wraped The Victim Like Mummy Ornaments To My Luxury
Kept In The Chamber For Treasure Triangle Pyramid Lost Dungeon Open The Secret Passage World War 3 Its Happening Trumpets 4.4.4.

07-23-2005, 10:44 PM
WWIII happening haymaker swings contact cracking'em backpacking young get their mattress slummed vouchers done couches on corners fiends searching floors for crumbs spinal fluid hyperdermic forms needles between vertebrae to hold the pain sweat beads show the flames exposing lames ass cracks and apple bottom backs monkeys hang swollen flowers wane pyramids still contain unknown scientific wisdom ancient narcotic serums pillars and aquaducts wear ya seatbelt i'm steering clear'em...

07-23-2005, 10:54 PM
Un-Concious when I con you out that fake boy mentatlity, laughed at the night light you kept on about as thugish as bisexuality. Principality was pawned like that checkedmated formality, took the knight with my rook and king was gone in check with reality. I'll play you in chess and you'll lose in 36 deadly moves, lost all your pieces and your side decreases my style improves.

07-23-2005, 11:05 PM
miles we've moved powered like mules holding the weight while most exacerbate give in and break accupuncture pins placed calming energy Chi released upon the beasts necks collard with a long leash calm peace a billabongs reach swampy synthetic streets concreted thoughts creased crimped and bleached notched into the brain deep

07-24-2005, 12:08 AM
Hold The Mind Close
Reach Inside The Blood Stream Pump Energy Kept My Sprit Stable For Whats Past Relinquish The Story Of The Book Rewritten Lines Some Crooks See Through Like
Souls Expressions On Faces Humble Settle The Battle Leash Pull Directional Patterns Towards Me Energy As One With The Sun 4.4.4. Trumpets

07-24-2005, 12:32 AM
energy as one with the sun

Golden eye upholding lies shallow disguise ritualized the victimless crimes foolish designs a waters wake clock wise spirals escape viles with weight microbial paste pummeling inside the body circulation and endocrine pharmacists primed genomes defined arbitrary dissections vary viruses cherry like the end of a spliff end up in a body bag body riddled with sicknesses zip tight and cinched fiery ovens have various ashes of murdered passion and medical business vics condensed as smoke released from those spent we breathe in with ease only to cough a circulated scent

07-24-2005, 12:39 AM
Leash Pull Directional Patterns -- i like the structure of this

07-25-2005, 08:20 AM
we all up in this bitch wit 444 trumpets, niggas starting beef get iced like butterscotch
crumpets, scrumptous blood poured inside my chalice, you can see the evil in my eyes
idiom aka malice, i'm on the prowl hunting wit the pack, robinhood prince on thieves i stole
ya life by shooting the arrow dead center of your back. use the dagger and putt a gaping
whole in ya throat, drain enough blood to leave a city block soaked.

this was tight wasn't it?

i knew you would agree!


oh i am welcomed!


have a grand day!

OmO < Idiom

07-25-2005, 09:52 AM
extra beginning - we up in the bitch wit 444 trumpets, niggas startin beef get wet like saliva to some crumpets... :)

I thought it was a good idea

it was different wasn't it?

weLL i'm glad you agree..

Ok, Peace

OmO < Idiom

07-25-2005, 04:47 PM
spitting'em the 444 trumpets hear the drums fear is flung like ape's in zoos throwing shit trying to hit fools I'm rich with jewels olympic sized pools I wade in splashing with facts to jaded crews outrageous duels cracking the backs hammer time reflexes boisterous smacks verified the location of the murderous jacks I'll shape their fates like Jakes on the take I'm bending bars of iron my Iron bars are blinding voice and date time stamped I move with patience my tortoise move decieves the eyes my movements well disguised porcupine lines cause a painful demise....

Shadow Pirate
07-25-2005, 06:23 PM
i spit bars that hit hard, traveled off the planet and left craters in mars
spit so cold foes caught a bad case of sars, i murder battlers in two lines
that's how i got the nikname of "Wet bar" i'm not the type to let the tek
scar i have to leave em with my bare hands, while cats using guns and
kinda shows how pussy you are, i'm just a simple man wit simple plans
and if you want to bitch up then catch the palm of my right hand, i aint
down wit cryin ass dudes, pretty niggas and all that leave that for the kids
in school, i spit with knowledge fools and if you show respect you get it
and it's cool toolz..

07-25-2005, 06:34 PM
tools used wrenched and abused Yo shadow Pirate light the fuze mics are bruised during nightly duels like Ike accused I write with clues making those brain cells move from Philly to San Fran we banish these canned hams pop ups blocked top ramen bland infiltrating spam the beavers swim only to damn the unbearable generic brands littered as the poor live in the shitter I get very bitter because I know my place and the area's I lived my violent history please forgive...

07-25-2005, 06:37 PM
Yo 444trumpets.............hittin this shit hard/....Not that strong ta match tha strength of a fuckin retard/..... Cuz I be layin rap bricks/.....While ya'll be spittin fucked up rap shits/Suckas try en drop a few/ but my shit....is a fuckin reckinball....it comes and hits you/...I'm a fuckin pirate with all da gold and and jewels..../Steppin ta me is like steppin ta Louganis fo a race in a swimmin pool/ Im da fuckin Ironman dealin all da scars, oh and shadow pirate only chinks get sars


Shadow Pirate
07-25-2005, 08:15 PM
light this mutha fucking thread up like a bonfire wit trumpets and big ben
knowledge is giving by the mic and golden pen, typing wit diamond fingers
when the tips hit the keyboard, slice open the optimo with the shoalin sword
dismiss the tobacco put in the weed roll it up and light before i record
it gets me in the zone and enhances my vocal chords and it just comes out
so iLLRific i spit wit real cats from the eastcoast atlantic to the west coast pacific
my lyrics are prolific and if you really want war then i can exquisite, i got a sharp blade
i'm the fuckin' captain and i'm revoking parlay

07-26-2005, 04:14 PM
The Set Rocks The Winds Pick Up
My Deadly Remedy Mix The Scene
Angels Beam The Carnage From The Battlefield
New Land
1776 View
4.4.4. Will Show You
Enter The World New Order Call Shout Outs
Takeover Fire In The Sky Moon Cries
Sun Shines
Combine The New Presence On Land Built From
Bare Hands
Study The History I Am
Chinky Eye South East Belly Mix With The Sword I Chop Heads On Point Like Indian Foreheads
Holy Land
Mecca To California Salsa Dance
I Thought I Told Ya West Propaganda
Come Through Scripts Bring Signs 4.4.4 Trumpets Story Unfold The Scroll
Sars EpIdemic Let The Chicken Head Suck
Fuck It Manage Lifes Purpose In Ways Splatta The Glaze
4.4.4. Trumpets Main

07-26-2005, 08:15 PM
this shits so hard it breaks through pavement walls
collapsed lungs, this aint forte faint of heart
ace of hearts tucked away under my sleeve
no tricks, but im still getting the treats
kickbacks, close yours eyes and sit back
listen to the feed back, gulfstream racetrack
payback, many divedends
most lost, few rarely win
its scary when one day your hot, the next day your not
stomachs all tied up in a knot
intestants, who's the next contestent
always stay consistent, i spit so much my mic's water resistent
listen, im lost in the distance,
my minds lost, have u seen me
havent u seen me on your tv
10 o clock news carried the butchers views, an indian by the teepee...
gave a smoke signal, i responded with a whistle
beats blowing like a missile
time to skidadle, in years past we roamed on saddles
now we roam in a cada.....lac
your mind lacks the commen sense neccesary
i knock out teeth, im worken off commision from the tooth fairy

07-26-2005, 08:25 PM
Coming with a butterknife
It ain't nothing sweet when I fight
So bring your best spits
Nothing matters, I wreck your best
No one cares, I delete your best
On a killing spree asap
Watch out the butchers got you on lock
Steaming optimos, flowing like volcanos
You ain't know nothing I flow
Cuz I'm the best, you can only hope
Moving a few packs, turning in your sleep
Gasoline fire, burning in your sleep
Losses, no one's cautious enough to even bother
Sonnin you like I'm your father
Other side of the light, boom, your dead
Criminals mainly me, pissing at your flower bed

07-26-2005, 11:11 PM
Bring The Session To An End Lend The Helping Hand With The Mind Span The Battle Expand The Mental
Who Wanna Battle Seen Lost Credentials
Type The Style Over A Mile Deep I Leave Impressions Felt The Aftershocks In Your Dream When You Sleep
In Touch With Life Now Come Creep Trumpets Give Signs Like Streets Meets The Competition Without Retreat
Enemies Fall Teach In Many Ways Rays Give Light To Wisdom Sunny Dayz
Each Given Thought Told By Higher Conciousness Spark The Cipher
Lessons Interlude Couple Seconds Speak Truth Like Confessions Slit The
Throat No Ones Telling The Secret Of The Message
Who Wanna Battle

07-26-2005, 11:25 PM
I admit, I'll get killed again by 444.

The crowd says jump em, nah, rather kill him
Said you were number 1 fan, then you go back an write a spit
Thats low, matter fact, time to take care of business
You an rap, killin it, lets see how fair 'gainst realness
Yea, you know you gone, with a venomous spit
You a goner now, after your boy got dealt, heres a message for this shit
Don't come back, waitin for you someone like Stan
This ain't no comparison, leaving you buried in sand
Let the crabs pick at you
Let the kids dig you up, 'long with your crew
You try to be original, but when the ink spills
Man, thats when you start running
Headhunting, only when cowards bluff, now its time for hunting
Wit darts sharper then an axe's corner
Watch as your morgued in the back corner
Missing I.D. number, no one cares much
Ask your mom, she can give a fuck
And when I ask your dad, watch him get drunk

07-26-2005, 11:46 PM
Spilling The Suds Missed That Boy For Decoy Shot In Battlefields War Begun Hideouts
Missed The Vehicle Pass Up The Opportunity For Dart Throwing
Many Run
Flee Spun Out Like Crack House
Smoked Out Bouts For Ryming Climb The Graph Charts Mathematical Signs Combine Sling Swines
Im Out For The Last Breath Of Earth Seeds The Planet Corners Hold Trumpets Winds Bring Birth Of Real Emcee Shit
Scripts Honey Bee Sting West My Team Hold Knowledge
Who Wanna Battle Come Through

07-26-2005, 11:51 PM
Spilling The Suds Missed That Boy For Decoy Shot In Battlefields War Begun Hideouts
Missed The Vehicle Pass Up The Opportunity For Dart Throwing
Many Run
Flee Spun Out Like Crack House
Smoked Out Bouts For Ryming Climb The Graph Charts Mathematical Signs Combine Sling Swines
Im Out For The Last Breath Of Earth Seeds The Planet Corners Hold Trumpets Winds Bring Birth Of Real Emcee Shit
Scripts Honey Bee Sting West My Team Hold Knowledge
Who Wanna Battle Come Through

07-27-2005, 12:13 AM
behind close doors, buried beneath the floors
treasures chest rest in the trenches of the sea floor
full of jewels, rubies, and diamonds
stick me in a lions den with just a chair to defend
i got a whip, oh ya,im pushen fat whips
im the whip cream with the cherry on top for a fat kid
irresistable, my words fall like domino's
u turn, 444 trumpets, and the butcher spitten fat flows
now lets go, on your mark, get set
my intellect will leave you ship wrecked, ill intercept
anything that you can throw in my direction
hoes know im on the rise like an erection
i wont the election, go ahead and try a recount
you shooten bricks and cant even get your own rebound
one minute you think your safe and sound, u didnt see the blood hound
ill hunt you down then ill punt you like its 4th down
hut hut hike, oh shit i did a fake punt
yo trumpets. pass me the philly blunt
so i can pull stunts like jackass
im dissen all you chumps, ill cut your punk ass

07-27-2005, 07:47 AM
back in my palace, drinkin hennessy richard out the chalice,
the broads love me, they grow on me like phallus, i'm cowless,
no beef wit nobody, step on the set wit my hood and embody
wit the science and mathematics you can see my point through
graph pics, i plan things perfect the master of tactics i love this
life like crack loves addicts and that's a real fact wiz i the wizard
cook emcees like chicken gizzards, bring heat to the lames like
godzilla lizards, stormin wit the force of an incredible blizzard.

07-27-2005, 03:51 PM
My shits bananas, watch me peel out
You a joke, no real ryhmes, I'll beat this punk out
Smack him silly, warped in dangerous minds
Still searching for the weed pot, you living in scandelous times
This exclusive, check me out, can't believe I dropped
Living loose, shoot em up, reviel my shots
At ya chin, hooks, uppercuts, all at ya shit
Moving ya mouth, percieve to talking shit
Only 9's you drop is cutouts
Going crazy, watch criminals rushout the penitentiary
This ain't elementary, far from child games
More like mind games, say my name
See what happens, pain, misery, and hate

07-27-2005, 07:14 PM
In between sullen dreams I come to shed darker sights 444 trumpets spits that rambunctious rawness i'm calmless get ready blown brains resemble confetti shed the liquid of the deadly fed by arachnids enemies backs split captive actors get fattend lips flapping with those false battle quips BigBen handles it like tits on a valued bitch 444 Trumpets connect Bay area in effect San Jose To San Fran We man handle the damned covered the earths entire span google that shit you'll understand...

07-27-2005, 11:10 PM
Think you can take me, here's the breakdown
Where I crack at fools, then precede, to slay these clowns
Blow for blow, toe at toe, nothings like this flow
Nothing like you know, post my reservations hoe
You know I'm stuck winning, with a tko
Prewriting, only suckers do, this a free flow
Where I eat you for dinner, send the bones
To a steak dinner, the butchers made a burial
Hurry up, this a practice, like a turuorial
Wipe my ass with ya ryhme book, now you droppin shit
Never popping shit, just want the women to stick around
Impossible butterball, when you round
As fuck, call the east coast all-stars
From Shane, to Main, to the Professor
Gotta open shop on this weak bitch like car repairs

07-28-2005, 02:18 AM
The Four Trumpets Winds Hit Cities Like Hurricanes Its A Pity
Flash Back To Alligator Skin Boots
Jaw Wrapped Up Flipped Belly Up Stab The Dragon Laughed At Him
Send The Message Qoutes Stay Sharp From The Heart
I See Threw Crews Like Whateva With Weak Dudes Get Played Like Spades
Caught By Plagues After The Blade
Slit Neck To Neck Arraingment Settlement County Document Trumpet Monument Foundation Feed The Knowledge
Who Seek Wisdom Donations Taking Them For Salvation West Killah Bee Invasion Spread The Worthy Battle
Beef Cooked
Heres My Recipe Book Trumpets Antidote For Hope Heres The Signs 4.4.4

07-28-2005, 02:22 AM
The Four Trumpets Winds Hit Cities Like Hurricanes Its A Pity
Flash Back To Alligator Skin Boots
Jaw Wrapped Up Flipped Belly Up Stab The Dragon Laughed At Him
Send The Message Qoutes Stay Sharp From The Heart
I See Threw Crews Like Whateva With Weak Dudes Get Played Like Spades
Caught By Plagues After The Blade
Slit Neck To Neck Arraingment Settlement County Document Trumpet Monument Foundation Feed The Knowledge
Who SeekS Wisdom Donations Taking Them For Salvation West Killah Bee Invasion Spread The Worthy Battle
Beef Cooked
Heres My Recipe Book Trumpets Antidote For Hope Heres The Signs 4.4.4

07-28-2005, 03:49 AM
listen up punk, i got a nine in my pocket/im lyin/ i got nine shots wit a glock in ma pocket/ for any chumps who think they can knock it but they cant knock the hustle/ my mind is shot and its troubled/ plus people get shot wen im in trouble/ cuz my shots i like them doubled/ and wen i get hot i make you bubble/.....you think u can run around in my block/ well maybe you can but i can go faster then u just walkin on my hands/ cuz ur just a little slow/ u just learnin the shit that i already know/ and thats includin ya flo/ while u wastin time doin them hoes im lootin ya doe/ and u kno i got a sickamore style/ which is sicker and more pure then urs/ so good luck to you and ur whores/ cuz my words are pollutin your pores/ and ill knock down ur confidence/ they way the cops knock down and shoot up ya doors huh...and you kno some girls say that a guy is run by their d***/well i didnt hear u complainin last nite wen u was ridin that ish/ plus my d*** got a head wit a mind of its own/ and i seemed to have forgot my other one at home so u leave my big one alone,get it......i got a fire inside of me that'll burn thru ya eyes/ some say its called an arsenist homicide/ but i like to think of myself as a cold killin lyricist wit the rhymes/ cuz as i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death i leave dead mic trails wit they last breath/ and i must confess that if i dont get this shyt off my chest i could start grownin man breasts/ and you kno im the number one emcee/ cuz nobody can see mee/ and its easy to see this cuz theres no other emcee near me/ and i shall never fear thee because i flo fiercly/ and i b the one who spits fire in the sea just to get these words out of me/ so u myte say that this is long but i c it as just another song/ i can switch my flo then go on and on so stay tuned for the next episode cuz im lettin my tongue roll/ and if it rolls of nice the way i roll them dice/ then u myte start hearin my lyrics for a price.....the whole idea of u havin a career is makin me laugh/ cuz u just started writin shit that i forgot in the past/ as a matter of fact, if u sold ur best rymes u still couldnt pay for ma gas/ u so messed up in the head that u wuldnt fall over even if i kicked u in ya ass...please stop wastin my time wit ya punk ass rymes/ and do ya self a favor/ stick to ya day job ,makin nickles and dimes/ cuz i kno its ma flo your admirin/ dont be mad other labels are hirin, and im the reason they started firin...wit so much drama goin on in the NYC its kinda hard bein someone as fly as me, cuz my style is deadly, and these other rappers dred me/ cuz im on a level that is higher by ten feet.

07-28-2005, 03:52 AM
yo let me kno on that cuz i need some1 else point of view

07-28-2005, 04:12 AM
Trumpets Flows From Killah West Bee Nest Harvest The Best Realness Is The Matter
4.4.4. Signs That Matter
Capture Foney Actors Sitting In Bedrooms Flame The Candle
Youngstas Wit Thoughts Have The Ripe Seed Wu Killah Bee Feed Plenty
Keep In Mind The Stings Deadly Controversy Stable The Commitee
City Of Angels Swing My Sword Lifes Stable
Forest Keep Energy As One With The Universal Language Nyc To Cali
Who Ever Is Againts The Killah Bee Rally Confrontation Is Necessary
Million And One March
Takeover Buildings Succeed Elements Of Surprise Indeed Lead With Knowledge White House Painted Wu Agknowledge The Scripts Trumpets Unleash
4.4.4 Trumpets Againts Jihad Wu Forever
Significant In Ways Of The Mind 4.4.4.
See Realness In My Eyes

07-28-2005, 04:16 AM
Trumpets Flows From Killah West Bee Nest Harvest The Best Realness Is The Matter
4.4.4. Signs That Matter
Capture Foney Actors Sitting In Bedrooms Flame The Candle
Youngstas Wit Thoughts Have The Ripe Seed Wu Killah Bee Feed Plenty
Keep In Mind The Stings Deadly Controversy Stable The Commitee
City Of Angels Swing My Sword Lifes Stable
Forest Keep Energy As One With The Universal Language Nyc To Cali
Who Ever Is Againts The Killah Bee Rally Confrontation Is Necessary
Million And One March
Takeover Buildings Succeed Elements Of Surprise Indeed Lead With Knowledge White House Painted Wu Agknowledge The Scripts Trumpets Unleash
4.4.4 Trumpets Againts Jihad Wu Forever
Significant In Ways Of The Mind 4.4.4.
See Realness In My Eyes

07-28-2005, 12:29 PM
Realness conveyed through dangerous blades vague ness is swayed from my illustrated speech manipulating peeps I slither like a snake eat all the wrath of grapes pile high my stack of papes as the brains of the wacked get raped I'm on lock channeled my chi my kung fu hustle achieves with the Lions Roar and Buddhist Palm my notes cut throats long with knives and swords my sounds devour the fighting hordes cornered the globe the trumpets sound its time for war

07-28-2005, 04:13 PM
dam ben u got some skills

07-28-2005, 08:25 PM
dam ben u got some skills

Thanks folks PEACE

07-28-2005, 09:08 PM
Trumpets Elevate The Battlefield
Legs Broken Twisted Stance Buddah Appeal
Who Keeps It Real
Sword Play Lisps From Lips Snake Hiss Slice The Head Left For Dead Laps Around The Earth Got The Mind With Wisdom To Each His Own Teach The Lessons Born Again Battles Extend Prove The Signs Give Life Many Ignite Sword Fights Leap Year Ended The Calendar With Fear Of Nature 4.4.4. Blows The Winds Four Corners Blends The Revelation Told Through The Other Side Of Conciousness Pages Flip Reality
Who Wanna Battle
Trumpets Corners In Position

07-28-2005, 09:13 PM
Trumpets Elevate The Battlefield
Legs Broken Twisted Stance Buddah Appeal
Who Keeps It Real
Sword Play Lisps From Lips Snake Hiss Slice The Head Left For Dead Laps Around The Earth Got The Mind With Wisdom To Each His Own Teach The Lessons Born Again Battles Extend Prove The Signs Give Life Many Ignite Sword Fights Leap Year Ended The Calendar With Fear Of Nature 4.4.4. Blows The Winds Four Corners Blends The Revelation Told Through The Other Side Of Conciousness Pages Flip Reality
Who Wanna Battle emcees
Trumpets Corners In Position

07-29-2005, 07:01 AM
cali fire rally ciphers mass graves in the snake pits smash fakes end tours put to rest best to worse all get retired consentrate mental state to elevate over enemy hate detinate on contact like a middle east asian pain sensations overcome your body orchestrate invasions get inside your brain like malignant tumors ignorant fools worse than a bitch who spread rumors real life shit step on humors anchor thoughts on spot lock and load propell shots out scrolls like musketts put holes in your caskett bayonette text stick to the next when im through with you they gonna have to carry you out in bucketts relentless attack pows crack in interogation no need for negotiating all you disintigrating in to ashes when we clashes war technique far superior for infirior soldiers with weak tactics lost the object of this shit thats why you slip catch a face full of clip to crush youre skull with the force of a redbull phycological wafare can you sustain in position mobilize troops youre gonna need em visualize the battle field with a third eye intuition with more might than adolf hitler and joseph stalin west coast most dominant chosen one running shit true lokes spit bullet proof scripts that will put you in your crypt warrior from california destroying you southern crystal blue murder persuation above and the jaguar knight constant elevation thought you had what it takes to rumble with the big dogs but didnt do youre studying

07-29-2005, 12:53 PM
Trumpets Enter The Domain
Four Corners Winds Some Cant Sustain The Pressure Of The Whats Told In Scripts Whats Real Devilsh Deeds In Battlefields
Who Wanna Battle
Trumpets Ingage Enemy Rage Out The Interior Cage Exterior Blade Cut Throats Lost Body In A Maze Different Level
Another Stage
Higher Mental
Pursuit For Knowledge Envious Minds Im Calling It Out
Trumpets Bouts Get Knocked Out The Frame Picture Cant Remain Of Moments Lost Who Forgot About The Cost The Value Of Life Trumpets Forsee Signs Trumpets Blow Winds In Sight
Caveman Dusty View While I Rock
Rocks On To You
Above You Ceiling Caves Through The Open Sky Let Loose The Third Eye Old Words Used Ancient Chants Thai Dance Got The Buddah In Trance
Battlen For Lifes Glance Of Future Memories In Time
The Lands Gone Thiers To Many Rocks To Climb
Afgan I Thought I Told You Againts Jihad Suicide
Moutains Explode Reload On Competition Body Missing
Who Wanna Battle
Trumpets 4.4.4.

07-29-2005, 02:27 PM
Reload the competition Battle stations event horizon blazing spaced out amazement I contain the Light This Solar might flares moving Magnetic Fields Bodies condensed congeal Absolut power moving mountains at will one swipe thousands are killed I'm on the battlefield cattle blood spills satellite eyes concealed watch as i build contractor style I pounce and prowl with a leapords scowl pounding the asphault down cracking the earths mantel heres a sample bending street lamp poles dodging the blandful my spices precise my ingredients more than a handful take a bite and get sliced...

Undead Ninja
07-29-2005, 02:38 PM
Reload the competition Battle stations event horizon blazing spaced out amazement I contain the Light This Solar might flares moving Magnetic Fields Bodies condensed congeal Absolut power moving mountains at will one swipe thousands are killed I'm on the battlefield cattle blood spills satellite eyes concealed watch as i build contractor style I pounce and prowl with a leapords scowl pounding the asphault down cracking the earths mantel heres a sample bending street lamp poles dodging the blandful my spices precise my ingredients more than a handful take a bite and get sliced...
Stab you in the back the sword I used was poison
I got you on the move nigga run you orphan.
You greedy little man lets got all technical
the rhymes I spit down are stright professional
I don't even have to make this one long
your not worth the time and i'm starting to yawn.

07-29-2005, 03:17 PM
as you yawn you resemble a fawn Goldie Hawn bitches get suffocated at dawn I'm a whale your a prawn I'm a Bishop to your pawn ya just a coconut palm getting pissed on WHAT!!

07-31-2005, 12:41 AM
these ghetto's drastic classic fanatic lunatic crack addicts damaged cabbage raped and bandaged souls savaged! baseheads batted life taken for granted economic advantage leasuring habits space monkeys landed scurrying rabbits stretched and snapped elastic wood sanded spastic tactics ass kicked static granite cracked systematic slaps bandits wrapped tempered glass smashed

08-01-2005, 06:58 PM
people got disgusted, thats when i busted
i came through the door and im still never trusted
left you plain like a hamburger without the mustard
damn i never loved the ladies that i lusted
for those who said i couldnt, you i just did
i flipped the scrip and made a few adjustments
i ripped and dipped, god damnit im exhausted
i flipped and slipped, but never fucken lost it
positves and negatives, upsides and downsides
niggas think they big, they step up and get downsized
my flows so fat, its supersized, im super fly
when i swing the mic from left to right your hypmotized
no disguise, i aint hiding behind a mask
like a bank robber, but ill still take all your cash
empty out your pockets, im even snatchen pennies
when your on the mic you cant even kill kenny
i killed plenty, verbal clips are empty
im awall, knock you off the wall like humpty dumpty
i bet u still in the club doing the humpty dance
wearing z cavericci's, mc hammer puffy pants
are you from france, ill school you like tony parker
you cant put up a fight, my price is right like bob barker

08-03-2005, 05:01 AM
prey stalker liquid fire walker think harder war starter blaze choppers smoke breaks catch visions of white eagles over the night sky to bring insight exercercise my third eye like gunfight fortelling battlenoids i destroy for peddleling weak thoughts fievel tactics get smashed cyber bandit the rest small like nano tech erect a monumental explosion cause brain corrosion display no emotion when i write like i ride against evil elements surpass bounderies strike on your astral plane knoledge contained on a higher plane frame of thought digital shit is critical wars fought on many fronts blitzkrieg like the germans still i stomp those vermon left sqirmin intellect propell enough energy to gennerate portals chosen one imortal scolls fortold the past clash of the titans blaze straps catch a heat rash critirion carryon passages light years beon the date etched on my sarcaphagus codes scribed on paparys afterlife force like osirus ghanguis kahn of this shit you all just blind from the iris manifold war doctorate marksmen hunderd percent accurate wise intuition telling me to bring fricction fuck it spark a revolution drive devils past the brink of their extinction non fiction on a mission front line rymes in times cold never fold wise like a 44 year old man smoking blunts drinking fortys cranial capacity hold data for the millinials son hot like fire ice crystals

08-03-2005, 08:52 AM
rollin through the dark pissed wit mud on the clarks pass through the park avoided beef
any nigga want to start gotta get home need to spit my darts rip the mic apart wit a
tight ass verse not my usual style so my part was diverse but none the less it was still
dope i mean so dope that the lines were like coke choking aint close what i have this game
in, knock opponents out like sean wit the sweet chin, murda musik slick like rick walkin'
wit the devils stick, niggas is apparent i see the other side ya rhymes are transparent
Odd Men Out stormin witout warnin' swarmin' like kiLLa Bee's everytime i spit i get hotter
so i rise in degrees, experties can't even chark me, i spark thes iLLest, the realist
never off point cause i think like an idealist, imaginary state desecrate the fake estate
use other rappers like sparring mates debates are not an issue got you niggas worried
cause ya are superficial i'm the official ambassador the master atom smasher, track slasher
the ashur don't deter concur the rap conquerer

OmO < Idiom

08-03-2005, 08:58 AM
"above", i gotta say, u would team up good with killah priest, that shit was hottttttt

08-03-2005, 09:00 AM
and u picked it off right where i left it very smoothly, nice transition

Luther Large
08-03-2005, 09:06 AM
idiom is white right not a rcist just want to know ya know

08-03-2005, 09:08 AM
yes sir i'm white and yes i'm far from racist

OmO < Idiom

Luther Large
08-03-2005, 09:13 AM
no disrespect man but if you white you should find a word to replace nigga

08-03-2005, 09:14 AM
i've never had a problem usin the N word before, even live in the flesh, so i use it :)

nah mean

OmO < Idiom

Luther Large
08-03-2005, 09:20 AM
yeah it's just a little funny to me you did have a nice overall verse tho

08-03-2005, 09:33 AM
yeah, it sometimes does to some people. if white people do use it you gotta know when it's aight to say it and when not to say it.........much appreciated on the nice verse part :)


OmO < Idiom

08-04-2005, 07:48 PM


(=X=)Writing Falls, Invisible Walls(=X=)


Counting Back ^) Years 2 Day


Unmanifest Ight, Re-Back Ignit, THE BUDDIC Plan’I’ UPLINks Thoughts To An UNPRENOUNCABLE name…

Dumi Don’t attack with these thoughts Me just brought UP 1

444 Trumpets Hearing You)-( Birdman’s Virus Flu, Pic@chu Ricachu, DUM and done )( Reflectin You…

Natural Disaster SyncS! Etnas Mass Plaster…P n E’s Erased Cause Diseas Aster …

Erupting thoughts THINK when Dum Struck-Thoughts-link, interpreting Tongues Show ya, selves UP b Playing, Reflectin (=A.N.D=)-(=D.N.A=) birth of Hip-Hop iT Appear, Witnesses UP Here/Hear NHearing… No interfearin With the IiI on the Attitude Latitude, The Compass Glaring, Mission Scary Missionary Martyrs There Visions, Entrapped Temples Glarin

Gay Light Flaring Mushroom DecleariN Abode Temple


Soothsayers Collapse Behind MiKal’s Light well !444! Angels Scream Entomb Omnipresent Light! | UP| N2 The Life Of Anonymous, Numerous/Luminous - Translatid Scriptur, Slayin Dijinns, SacrificiN Pigeons, )Manifest-Bullet Time( nsertes Meteorites, Exits) Distracting Hiiissin….

Bringin UP 2 U live a Movie Omen

About Ready To Start Stoning

Listen U hearin A Childs light n Thoughts, Teasing, To keeP us Pleasing….

Start Believing….

(=X=)Writing Falls Invisibles Walls(=X=)



!DUM STRUCK Plead 30 Minuets Silence While We Pray!


Miraculous Simply Inhales the Toke OuT Exhales, Spits out Holy Smoke! Jonah N the Whale!

Wake…Again Repeats Bringing UP Live Formats, Surfing Tropical Waves of life’s Tourmap, Dumi’s Truth Or Dares... Reveling Fraudulent Acolytes…. Truest Apocalypse Contradiction Works, Split InD Hears N Pairs Revealing Guiding Lights…. N Stairs….

This Noah Turned To HorneBlower….. Casually hinking Thrice, )( Reflects 69 Woes In Paradise)( Consequence Striking Slash Fasters Then Lightning, Encidences, A New Song That’s Produced Which Links Incoded Divine Truth of A Sphinx….Above/Below…. Tutankhamen Thinks…..

Next Move Me Thinks

(=UP’S Bullet time back, Forwards Bat Before Your Attack…=)

I Iqual The Table Buck Back to the Sequel/Prequal , Labels Show around the Stable September the 18th Equal Three Kings Aroun Table… 4th willing and Able, at least Stable…

Recollect, Let Wise words Manifest, Surfing group thoughts Logic like Genome Projects…Eliminates Hex Karma )( Slash threads the way we be Slinngin these Heads!

Incidences That bleed Ya Hear N MiiK thoughts u b, Testifying Ghosts While we Quote Enspireing… Beam N color and mine splitting colours between Red)=X=(Blue Wine

Freewill Mirrors and tooth picks Son Of man () Word, Tongues sharper then a Iron Scepter Bridge River: KiLLa Breez,, Buttirfly floatin BiiZ Monks that be Bullet Truth Sitting Medusa’s Gaze Aloof…. Undeniable Proof…

DUM Waters…. Wake up from your Waki Up from the Tomb disorder, the curse of ya Bed… Unwarppin Words from ya feet to Head…. ya Dead Now Resurrect, Examin Vertical/Horizontal threats….Manifesting vibe through DUM wrappers, Clicking Ya Braen/Soul and Spirits @ Meek Order, Ya brain tape Recorder…

Thinking the battles lost and One, its all set, its done! Ya Brains spun Stoni Froze Scared, turn and run, Lost in Room One Zero One……..One Key…..To a Thousand Tongues.

Token my Role on Keyboard…Watching the heads slip off Reflected SAzG’s Lightening Claw Chess Cross (=X=)

nternet Battle I eurly Fall from a Fire Saddle…Now Free from the Psychosis of Babble

The Seat Belt Battle……..



(=Inverted Manifested Light A Balanced Force Applause, Twin Genius’s Bow… THE Audience Understood, DUM STRUCK Establishing Mass Communion Across The Waters, Inter-Independence Day A New Planet in Hawii
The Granted Word, The Divine Universal Mind, Forms of Dumi Speak, Science Including the Invisible E, investigating Hebrew illusion…Reading Backwards with a Capital E, I Bread the Synthetically Reversed Dyslexic, with a rough guide to the Dum1 the Divine Universal Minds Internal Impressed Image, Bringing it to you live via the Unmanifested Presence, The Holy Ghost Abstract Translation, Clear Pure Glass…

Dumi NEVER word battle we Mime to the air N If You think you hear…Keep watching yourselves, smoke mirrors disappear N re-appear, Dumi never take nothing personally, neighbors, manifested/unmanifested thoughts…. Were All Self Taught.

A Genius said a brothers bond was hard to break; Hover Back as the Earth Shakes. Watch the Testimony unravel and flip its skin, then change like a Snake

I’m speaking here, the no equal the truest mc like 444 TRUMPETS I Iqual, Yesterday investigating the silent E for us Dum people, Simultaneously expressing liquid swords legends, the decoding lights Nothings equal! Giving all Dumi’s back stolen Sight… for the prequel/sequel, its known what’s no equals.

Decoding Mike Lights, Dumi’s like this, Just One handy message I encode and spit, Interpreting tongues is a gift, swishing languages AT mouse clicks!,
I’m smoking a Spliff, SnakeStaff in my grip, Red and Blue Sea’s Splits,
Bullet Time Hits, Above N below…. Surprised levitating inside we sit,
Wise as Serpents Harmless as Doves flying Birds from above

True White Brothers A light mix of A Back and White Knight, a tongue that slays entire Nations in a night… Indefinitely Hovering 30 legal minuets above the fallen night…. Through the silence… we hear the ancient of days hiss…

The Reflecting Boastful Speech, although not quite the truest way to teach, keeps him beyond his own reach… the 3rd dimension he mentions The 4th Iris to seek… Blowing his own Trumpet with a stolen Beak… as the Virus, of Jericho’s walls peaks…

Hear UP and listen… I int no thief not pointing fingers or kissin, just here to reveal the false truths you Dumi’s keep missing.

Resurrecting Track Flippin The slipped N bomb like a MIKE, we caught the hook; just like The Big Fat Pike…ONE DUM fish livin twice… so only that he might… Teach all Dumi’s how to Read and Write….Mystical exegesis striking between lines, decoding encoded truth between PARRALLEL MINDS, not like it’s easy to FIND… like BLIND Blunt needles in a Fire HAYSTACK… The stable Buck with his Hay Track , Springin the Beat back with New WOE style DEAF and DUM MINES…….. Creeping back from behind…. .

Dumi’s I int playin, so maybe I int staying, truth be known, First time MC maybe last, like Kanye’s donkey… I’m praying for THE nations Ass… Dumi’s Dunno present from the past, where we’ve been, what’s seen gone and been… flowing The Waters of Cyberspace through the temporal Abode, none needed, a monitor light alone reflects mortal thoughts impressed from mental temple… Trapped in The First and Last tempo…..

Expanding Unmanifested light our Thoughts ignite, Shining Force, Reflecting sore pebbles in the night……Goliath, One STONE N pebble… THRICE….=)


A Moment Of your time please You Dont know whats at Stake



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08-04-2005, 10:00 PM
Normal or abnormal, call me the admiral

Forward lateral, im running shit in ft Lauderdale

As i avail, smoke exhales, u inhale

The second hand, heads spinning like a windmill

Run through the lane like latrell sprewell

The clock strikes 12, Cinderella’s pissed

Pumpkins get carried by munchkins through the darkness

See me in the bushes with a blunt about to spark this

Fuck this, ill put an end to the bullshit

Grab the butcher knife, filet u, leave your wig split

My indebt dialect will make u sweat

I spit until im breathing all hard, loosing my breathe

I’m like the junk yard dog, if u invade these premises

My pit bulls tear u apart, they eat the evidence

And now your past tense, does it all make sense

Im all tense, testing my defense and offense

Voodoo magic mixed with static will have u in a trance

In your relationship, your chic’s wearing the pants

It’s your last chance, real life truth or dare

If u dare to tell the truth the end might be near

where am i, im stuck somewhere without a map

gotta watch out cuz anything can be a trap

secret messages in my raps explain this crap in detail

i feel like a donkey and everybody wants to pin the tail

spin the wheel, but never win the fortune

cant even feel the pain no more, i lost all emotions

explosions, feels like the 4th of july

i got one dart left, i better hit the bullseye

vanilla sky, feels likes its melting, raining milk

no words could explain all the pain i felt

when it rains i feel every drop, they say thats god crying

the pain wont stop, sometimes i feel i should stop trying
stop your whining, one of my homie's tell me
but he dont reolize the demon's put a spell on me
hexes, who's next on this checklist
im dissapearing at night into the thick mist
speak to be heard, its all about your deleverence
hold the mic with a glove so i dont leave no fingerprints
no evidence, fuck your forensics, im dead sick
dont u know im the wrong motherfucker to mess with

08-05-2005, 11:57 AM
Peace to the Gods

08-05-2005, 02:51 PM
Damn Hollywood Idiom and Above ya'll are lighting this thread up PEACE

08-05-2005, 05:23 PM
the feathers of angel wings shine wit heavens light , takin' flight into the sky
brings gods heart much delight, the first sign on danger i wiLL be the knight
to lift my sword high and prepare to fight, a soldier of the lord puttin my life
on the line for no reward, wake everymorning and prepare for war, that's all
it is, it's just a test the conscience thought weighs heavily upon the chest
those prepared to die are those you can't deny like the soldiers in iraq
the homage you pay should be high, power and equality my religion is
mathematics and scientology..

OmO < Idiom

08-05-2005, 09:18 PM
cosmic light force chart your dark course coarse with razor sharp teephus son like a godhead yet far from jesus positive energy hundred percent all yall feather heads trying to dump off chosen one represent for an eternal construct a lethal rap melody so deadly the notes will kill you harmonicly as i resonate conscience wave to devestate those i eliminate i must weeds got me stuck in disgust on this way lifes living plus how this rock spinning wisen up clocks ticking stay sppitting slay fakes kicking game at pigeons wind gust solar sun cosmic son why attempt to challange machete swing blade melts through challangers kid ill damage ya blast on sight late night to broad day light fuck a silencer and a vest son the best trust me you wont last try a step and get wett fast wrecked off the hour glass thrown off the canvas over the edge of the atlas cant none surpass this bruce lee shit strickly adaptive to any technique that dare enter panic zone the battlefield catch a temple of darts soon as baphoon goon fucking loons disembark upon the hell on earth center liikes damm who sentts ya! peace god one.

08-05-2005, 10:10 PM
IM ON ONE CASTING LIGHT AND SHADOWS dense pulling in matter crystal souls are shatterd sun bathe in my storming rage radioactive gamma rays sun block and uva shades try and contain but I'm twisting every frame on a cellular level genomes I turn on with my cosmic levers crushing all life in my solar blender light speed sender red dwarf pull ya off course and make ya gravitate and circulate with brute force around my illuminated state my murder rate you cant escape i reach the furtest of place born eons ago my wisdom is hotter and colder than you'll ever know your just sand on my beach a bug on my leaf a dog bit by fleas eventually you'll die and decompose under me...I bake the hungry starving and diseased I'll leave you parched chapped.. dehydrated as you beg and plea...

08-06-2005, 12:59 AM
444 trumpets come thru let the mic spit the virus flu infect those with a "achew" sneeze ya through bloodstreams brew... saliva spit couldnt digest enter through the sinus.. cavernous minds congest as I fill the chest with liquid.. drowning my victim on land with my sickness come and itch this!! epidermis inflamed scratching cant contain the burning sensation in ya leg kidneys feel a sharp pain your bladder fills with blood remains you piss out bloody stains you liver resembles a charred steak you violently shake horrified tortured dying awake convulsions foaming spit uncontrolling motions you've just been slipped the lyrical virial potion...

08-06-2005, 06:48 AM
intoxicated, solids liquids and gases coming out your asses, all the people, the masses watching u collapsen, which do u prefer, fast death or slow pain, wish u had novicane to take the agony away, but big ben insterted the needle in your cerebral, causing u to foam from the mouth, this aint a dream its real, your last thoughts going through your mind, the times are dark and gloomy, thinking about the fucked up shit u did in life, its zooming... like a camera zens, you think about your friends and enemies, doctors tellen, theres no turning back, you start yellen, its like your possesed by the devil, you try to confess but its too late, the shovel... already digging your hole, god determined u had no sole, burnt like coal, the game of lifes like poker and u fold, the stories told by the gods who remain to walk the earth, this is our turf, our playground, while fools lay down, we wear crowns, bow down to the gods, if not, your body becomes a science experiment, making his angels infect you with syringes, the fluid enters your bloodstream and it remains to be seen, when big ben put the needle against your vein, your tried to escape from the chains, nobody wants to answer the words your pray

08-07-2005, 08:24 AM
intoxicated, solids liquids and gases coming out your asses, all the people, the masses watching u collapsen, which do u prefer, fast death or slow pain, wish u had novicane to take the agony away, but big ben insterted the needle in your cerebral, causing u to foam from the mouth, this aint a dream its real, your last thoughts going through your mind, the times are dark and gloomy, thinking about the fucked up shit u did in life, its zooming... like a camera zens, you think about your friends and enemies, doctors tellen, theres no turning back, you start yellen, its like your possesed by the devil, you try to confess but its too late, the shovel... already digging your hole, god determined u had no sole, burnt like coal, the game of lifes like poker and u fold, the stories told by the gods who remain to walk the earth, this is our turf, our playground, while fools lay down, we wear crowns, bow down to the gods, if not, your body becomes a science experiment, making his angels infect you with syringes, the fluid enters your bloodstream and it remains to be seen, when big ben put the needle against your vein, your tried to escape from the chains, nobody wants to answer the words your prayen