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Ultimate Fist
05-14-2007, 06:29 AM
Tell me how you were different as a child.

For me, I was probably much better off...

I didn't notice other people's race or culture as anything but an interesting fact about them until I hit middle school.

I didn't know about politics

I didn't know how fucked up the world was.

The only thing that was bad was I was raised a little too Christian and I remember being scared to death that the anti-christ was everywhere. I would refuse to let them stamp my hands at amusement parks because I was worried it might be the mark of the beast. I'm glad I outgrew that.

05-14-2007, 06:52 AM
as a kid i did a lot of stupid shit ... but i had lots of fun doing it :)
growing up in an ex-comunist country was different from growing up anywhere else ... i was naive of course i didn`t know much ... but i knew we were in a transition and shit was not going well around me (not that i knew how to express that .. but i knew things were not the way they should be)
for example when cable-tv got here ... i was seeing all those commercials with toys and stuff ... but those things didn`t get here till i got over the phase
you know ... but after that at about 10-12 when i was watching mtv and started to like rap ... i wanted baggy pants and jerseys and shit ... but you couldn`t find that around here either
so i sort of grew up knowing my whole country was underprivileged ... but i can`t say i wasn`t happy ... actually i was really happy and joyful
now shit is a lot worse ... i wish i was still naive and didn`t care about shit... i wish i was either still a kid, or either an idiot ... things would`ve been much better
but anyway ... if i was a kid again, i wouldn`t change anything ... i`m happy with my childhood ... i wish my kids will have a childhood as happy as i got

05-14-2007, 07:48 AM
i was a fuckin mess as a kid, i dident develop my own personality through junior school to the middle of high school, i was too busy tryin to make katz laugh, start trouble and rob dudes, i was oblivious to this world, and oblivious to the chaos that plagues the streets of my country and most others, i stated emmcein got my feelins out and basically went all out.....devoloped my true self and have been on a search for truth and a higher enlightement ever since

05-14-2007, 02:07 PM
do you ever remember the things you thought about or the ideas you had as a child?

fuckin scares me sometimes.