View Full Version : help improve my writing and rapping skills

05-16-2007, 10:46 AM
Yo my name is Jaexon or The Key to Destiny. I'm a rookie mc and I got some skills but I need to improve. I'm nice on certain situations but I haven't reach greatness yet. I just got out of trade school and looking for a job. But I been rapping for 6 years and left it alone. Now I'm back but I lost skill. Well if any of ya'll would like to help a brother out, can you give any suggestion or advice. Here is a short rhyme I did.

I spit accapella with no beat my voice sounds better

My words give niggaz goose bump quicker than breezy weather

My rhymes is hard grilling, bone chilling, ear thrilling

My style surpass styles of other niggaz, those niggaz I be killing

I'm not like the others, who bite off one another

Don't bite from me brother, My wig splitting is ahead of time, I warn you my brother

Cause I spit verse to verse, combine ryhme to ryhme

Letter to letter, word to word, the lyrical pressure I apply

To much pressure to the eyes, got those balls popping out the socket

I take another leap over this victory and still lifting off like a rockets