View Full Version : Sharpen tha sword**Siris** Drunken Style Lyric interpretation contest for $$

05-19-2007, 04:18 AM
A lil freestyle from the other night. I re cooped ok. That E&J el get ya Sun. Its a interlude for my album.
On my soundclick!!!
P.S. Word Iz Bond...the first cat who can peep my lyrics and tell me what it was that i said in the verse, that made me say "Thats 7, Thats Peace at the end of the track. I will personall send you $50 american cash!!Any Way U Want It.... You must also "Define" Wu-Tang, and how it iz defined by RZA, what does it mean??
Testin Swords here. This should be easy for a cat that likes to "Listen" to the WU/gravediggaz/bronz/exc. or me for that matter. Thats Peace

Awnser must be posted in the thread in the audio booth!

comming 07/07/07