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Johnny 6-feet
05-23-2007, 03:36 PM
The End of the World

It’s a late night, a group of children sit around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and putting each other in headlocks. A hushed silence falls over them as a grey haired old man appears from his tent, approaches and takes a seat on the other side of the fire. One of the kids speaks up:

Kid: Elder, sir, we were told that tonight you’d tell us one of your stories.

The old man makes an irritated noise and starts rolling a ciggarette.

Kid: Please? Sir?

Old Man: Can’t a senior citizen enjoy a smoke in peace? Ahh, don’t look at me like that. Ok, very well. There is one story I’ve never told you. It’s a story which took place a long time ago before you all were born.

The Old man took a drag on his cigarette and leaned back on his seat.

Old Man: Ahh yes, times were different then. Let me just set the scene for you…

The Old Man- Johnny 6-feet

The year is 2199; it’s the coldest of eras
Technology is advanced and the soldiers are fearless
Scientists are peerless, they spawned the AI
Which rises on their own intelligence, self aware now, they fly
The people, they die; the rest saddle up for war
The human race faces extinction, nerves rattled more than before
So follow this record of events that unfold
As the bombs dropped, guns cocked, now follow the bold…

The Soldier- Psykosis

Howard: Darling, I’m sorry but I must leave after what I've seen on TV

Wife: No please! I don't want your back to be the last thing that I see

Howard: I'll be back within a week, I'll be at the base not overseas

Wife: ok....(as she pleads) but I want you to come back to me

The soldier turns & leaves kissing his baby on the cheek
& he rushes out the door as his son falls back to sleep

"Howard" his radio blares "In an hour" heard from his superior
he relay's "Yes sir, I'll meet you there who is our carrier?"
"That’s on a need to know basis" with that it's dead silent
"ok" as he continue down the highway, speed getting higher

his heart sinks as plumes of smoke come into sight
closer he gut wrenches as the bloodshed reaches his eyes

grabbing his rifle his eyes stretch a bit wider

he loads a clip....

Howard: "Now let’s go look for survivors"

The Old Man- Johnny 6-feet

And so the battle begins! Time to cut the chatter and swim
Through a sea of twisted metal, blood splatters and sin
Plans are drawn up digitally, monstrous squads are deployed
And thunder tears the sky apart as if God was annoyed

The Machine Army Advances- HighEngineCheif

Molten Metal Monsters Moving Massively in Numbers March
Men, Women, and Children live with fear deep in they Subtle Hearts
The Rubble Parts, Tanks Trekking over Terrain in the Tundra’s Dark
In Mud and Stock, through Bone, Blood, Burnt Guts and Other Parts
Suffer Harsh, Never Stand down though Severed Sounds Surround U
Whether Rounds Re-mound Do Never Run, No matter Feet Allow To
Retreats for Scoundrels, Never let Cyborgs in, Machines will Pound U
Beat you Bleeding, Barley Breathing Buried in the Sea to Drown U
The Cold Steel are Calculating Creations Come to Command Rule
And Stand Cruel, Tools of Tasteless Tribulation to Hold Man Mules
I Stand Tall, A Sure Yet Steady Man Falls, I’m a Ready Man’s War
Leave the Metal Clans Torn Burn and Scorn Let the Heavy Hands Roar

Howard Among the bombs- Djb

Pestilence pronounced on deaf ears profound but emptiness cares
Intent super suspense tears bindings reminding of bullets into air
The moment that we cared was lost fallacious to break this cost
Arms in arms this is a battlefield enigma only seen in cinema spots
Mouths drop hearts stop blood blocks the blue sky, an Armageddon
Spawned with weapons a resurgence of futility, I’m hardly stepping
Only drifting into an abyss opposite of bliss the life of a foot soldier
The night stood colder, but hot passion burned ……………………….
……………………………………………………………..so my kid could grow older

The Old Man- Johnny 6-feet

A sea of fire washes over the battlefield and flares
Howard dives under cover, his skin peels and tears
He stifles a cry then, moments later, risks peeking an eye
The smoke clears, where’s the support planes? He seeks in the sky

The Smoke Clears- Berlin’s Best

What’s left is dust and steam and catastrophe
Bodies looking like pastries, this war done put a cast on me
All I see is ashes 3 feet thick, the smell is nasty
Vast numbers have passed, its no longer just a tragedy
We couldn’t find the switch or shorten the battery
Machine gun funk distorted humans anatomy
We went way passed our salary, got our check cashed
the past is the battlefield, we went in dept fast
now the lasting melody is what dead raps
machinery has accomplished what was once planned by Bagdad…

The Aftermath- Massacre.

Sundered corpses decaying motionless among titanium shells
as a legion of ghost assemble at the gates of heaven and hell
mankinds worst enemy, sprung from our own knowledge of mind
we stare towards the sky, but god can no longer answer our crimes
flames rain from above, as much as we shove, pushed and fought
until we broke through the ranks, into a man-made canal of distraught
a once noble society, a concrete jungle through which humanity creeped
lies in ruins through which the statue of liberty casts a frown upon the debris

The Old Man- Johnny 6-feet

Yes indeed, the war was won but at a terrible cost
Nukes now pollute the land; it was a hell of a loss
Many lives were snuffed out, and even more technology
Which probably was for the best; that was our soul’s robbery
So now our modern day philosophy is; live for the moment
By happy with what you have, if you don’t, you’re soulless

With that, the man stood up and walked back over to the tent he’d appeared from while the children sat with their jaws hanging open. An old lady sat inside waiting for him.

Old Woman: You’ve been smoking again haven’t you?

Old Man: Yes, but just a small one, I promise.

Old Woman: You know, I remember you ‘promising’ me that you’d quit after we got married.

Old Man: I know honey, I know.

Old Woman (sighing): Just shut up and come to bed, Howard.

The End.

05-23-2007, 04:08 PM
pretty good, you spit at all?

Lil' Ruger
05-24-2007, 04:46 PM
he's johnny 6 feet doy you john john can i get on a story like that with you?

it has to be like a poem it cant be like a rap? lemme know that shit was interesting.

05-25-2007, 11:19 PM
That was a really good read. Is Hit 'n Run a whole bunch of people? I wasn't entirely sure who wrote what. If it's a whole bunch of people then I get it. But yeah, that was a great story. Great imagery. Seems you've hooked up with a bunch of guys who are on some similar shit to you. I especially liked Highenginechief's part.

Johnny 6-feet
05-28-2007, 12:44 PM
Doc, yeah man, i'll write something up with you, just hit me up with a concept and i'll get something to ya.

And to answer kwu and noel's question, Hit n Run is a group i write with on another site. The names of who-spit-what are next to the title of each verse.

Cheers for repping fella's.