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05-27-2007, 02:40 PM
http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/6243/digitalsmokeml3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

This collaboration comes from one half of Tha Dogg Pound and a member of the Likwit Crew. The first single is "All We Smoke".


1. Smokestra
2. All We Smoke
3. Iím Just Sayin (w/ Roscoe & Tri-Star)
4. Get It (w/ Goodie Mob & Roscoe)
5. Iím Too Gangsta (w/ Gail Gotti & Styliztik Jones)
6. Summertime (w/ Y.A., Gail Gotti & Nire')
7. Digital Experience (w/ Bigg Gipp)
8. Smokin (w/ Y.A. & James Debarge)
9. History (w/ Butch Cassidy)
10. Weed Types
11. Los Angeles (w/ Samuel "Shawty" Christian)
12. Itz Nothin (w/ Roscoe)
13. Got Me Going (w/ Knoc-turn'al)
14. I Came In The Door (w/ Kokane)
15. Likwit Smokestra
16. Let Em Know (w/ Tha Liks)

05-28-2007, 12:25 PM
What's the verdict on this one Tragedy?? Shit I've been looking for this all over my city but haven't had any luck. Is this worth buying? I'm a huge fan of Kurupt but his newer shit and the new DPG shit isn't that great to me.

Sleep Sinatra
05-28-2007, 12:34 PM
hmm...wonder if this bangs or not? Ima fan of tha likwit camp as well as dpg so if any one gotta review it'd b appreciated