View Full Version : "Da Clocks"

05-27-2007, 10:39 PM
picture dis,
a fly ni99a circlin bull$hit,
wit no purpose in dis circus but workin a full shift,
closed curtains,
dirt on my name,
soul drained like dem ni99az servin em pain,
n hang where dem murderous thangz BANG, (bang)
we need change to insert n da game,
one man left Em-cees slanged,
while ni99az hang by the noose,
I heard dat southern trees bare a strange fruit,
dat produced a bitter juice,...
I plant my timberland boots in the mud on rainy dayz,
to lets my spirit take root in the hood dats where I stay,
hate discerned in da ghetto,
da color of day is grey,
ni99az learn in da ghetto,
a OG turned to say,
earn a wage,
burn a page,
streets carroded n decayed,
hope spark a light dats bright,
but nobody notice when it fades,
So I ignite da flame rage flicka,
life as a slave…why dey won’t pay ni99az

You Tote da ace of spades but every dog got his day,

05-28-2007, 12:15 AM
yo i love this man this had allot of great imagery man keep killin it ya structure wasn't bad you remind me of J Dilla in how we rhymed