View Full Version : "Quest fa Death"

05-28-2007, 08:57 PM
You can tell where niggaz been by their soles(souls),
Gum at da bottom of timberlands n shell toes,
A lot of sticky situations,
After life n purgatory Iíll be rappin to da gateman about my reservations,
Preservation of da soul,
Watch me laminate it,
Apocalypse now,
But you false prophets canít mandate it,
Hands in da churches pockets,
Rapppin bout skies fallin GODs coming,
so is death,
but when da reaper come,
Iíll make sure my welcome mat is swept,
I felt da night he crept,
He breathed a silent breath,
Woke me out my sleep,
Oops chief my bad da wrong address,
And I never felt a deeper depth,
It Exceeds 2000 leagues,
Woke up da next mornin - broke me down to my knees,
GOD please!!!,
Iím doin my best,
I know youíre da most revered,
But I stood there in fear as dey beat my lord to death,
Quiet is kept,
N deaths warnings are well heeded,
Embedded in my heart so he need not repeat it,
He like dis scythe here cut through da flesh pierce da soul,
And Iíll see you soon If just enough for da city is all your livin fo,
Dat be da last straw plucked from da scarecrow,
So when I holla revolution what da hell are you scare fo,

05-28-2007, 11:22 PM
it was cool, i liked the beginning