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06-08-2007, 08:44 AM
Kryme Life of T.M.F. and Ghostface Killa's Theodore Unit (Def Jam) presents his first solo LP. This is a professionally manufactured album, and trust us its FIRE! Featuring production by Mental Instruments, special appearances by Trife and Tommy Whispers!

1. Intro
2. Let Me In
3. Bout Time ft Tommy Whispers
4. See My Movements (skit)
5. WHO
6. Get Off Your Wallet
7. Anything Goes
8. They Call me Krymelife (skit)
9. Streets Without Kryme ft Triple OG
10. HYPE ft International Eav
11. Thugs In da Club ft International Eav & Triple OG
12. The Apple
13. You Wanna Be A Rapper? (skit)
14. Breathe
15. LALA ft Tommy Whispers
16. Y.E.S. intro
17. Y.E.S.
18. Never Tell ft Tommy Whispers & Triple OG
19 No More Tears
20. On My Shit (skit)
21. Stars and Stripes
22. My Name Rings Bells ft Trife Da God, Jew Dew, Tommy Whispers
23. What That Boy on the Ground ft Triple OG & International Eav