View Full Version : Crimewave - What'z Their Story!?!

06-08-2007, 01:51 PM
CRIMEWAVEThink Big88Crimewave8.0Rap/NY/Und
A piano ladden beat that reminds me of the exorcist is the back drop in this underground track..
CRIMEWAVECertified Killaz99Crimewave7.0Rap/NY/Thugged OutA soso thugged out song..

^^^ This all I could find on 'em.

Certified Killaz was mah joint back in 2001.
Think Big wasn't to bad either, but got damn that Beat on Certified Killaz had me fiendin' for more.

I was given a copy of their EP when 1ne of mah CO D'z (@ the time) got outta county. . Said they was rollin' wit Roc a Fella or sum shit.

Anybody know what happend to these catz? They come out with anymore music??

And if sumone got the Certified Killaz track - up the shit plz.