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Johnny 6-feet
06-10-2007, 07:03 PM
The Holy Grail

i took my training skills that i learned in the dojo
and left on a quest to find the next level of mojo
my posessions in a napsack and sandals on my feet
i walked the rocky road to a random base beat
i'd heard of a legend told by the old and frail
of an object called the hip-hop holy grail
the chalice is only touched by the chosen few
the rest who failed the test merely froze in view
of its beauty, so shoot me, thats where i was headed
keeping my eyes peeled for danger wherever i treaded
i met a traveller from an antique land
who told me, to boldly, make my way to the sand
the great desert of dispair where travellers unaware
would become forever lost in its gravelly snare
i walked a 100 miles in the blistering heat
sweat pouring from my body and hissing at my feet
dodged rattlesnakes, fought battle dates set along the way
other emcees could tempt-me and lead my quest astray
suffering from dehydration, my voice nearly lost
i wondered if the price was too dear a cost
i'd nearly turned back before i saw the oasis
i thought it was a hallucination and faced it
a man stood at the edge with a mic in his hand
and told me that to drink i had to fight for this land

i summoned my last strength and commenced the battle
threw punches with loud crunches like a foot hitting gravel
he acknowledged my skill and gave me the draught of life
he grinned a sad smile, laughed a laugh of spite
said he'd taken the same quest and met with failure
found himself banished by the holy grail, no saviour
he'd been cursed to man this post until the end of time
to rend the minds of travellers and pen his rhymes
he was a veteran very few men where better then
if no-one could get the grail his curse would never end
i learned the next step in my path of trails
to find the speakerbox palace, a task thats wild
confront the gatekeeper who was holding the keys
show him my steez and make the man bow to his knees
"how do you plead?" i said guilty and continued to walk
it was a full days travel with many sinews and forks
in the road, now feeling bold with the sun on my back
i picked up my pace and began to run on the track
the spires came into view on the red horizon
i stared in awe, no denying the sight was surprisin'
there were towers 300 feet high and covered in amps
that glared without light like they were smothered in lamps
another quick glance, the message could be told in braile
this was the next step to the holy grail

the gates to the palace were sealed and barred
they stood 20 feet high all covered in barbs
i saw a bard with some turntables standing nearby
he told told me his learned fable, how to cross and here try
to negociate the gates i needed philosophy
some souped vocabulary and imagery
i stood pondering, constructing up the bars in my mind
to use on these bars, put the bars to the grind
i said:

"if a wise man is just a fool in disguise
then the whole ocean is just a pool on the rise
my potential is sequential to become expontential
obsticles are illusions displayed in the mental"

the gates rusted and dusted, blew away with the wind
the bard faded into nothing, i could play this to win
with renewed hope, i walked through the gates to the courtyard
with new strength in the muscles i brought, hard
my next step was ascending and such
a spiral staircase, there placed, depending as much
on the endurance as pure sense, i started to climb
inventing more lines with the spark in my mind
six hundred and sixty-six footfalls more
i was confronted quick with a seven foot tall door
beyond it was the end, the object of my quest
i was left speculating what project was next
i drew my mic, clutched it tight, my knuckles turned white
a holy weapon with the power of a shuttle burned bright
the door flew back, a man stood with a crown on his head
with tattered clothes and eyes that were drowning in red
he said:

"this is you last task, child of the beat
either teach me defeat or be resting in piece"

the sky darkened, light from the windows had vanished
all i could see remaining was the glow from the chalice
this was no time to back out, i closed my eyes
and read the lines imprinted on the blackest of skies

"since the birth of the universe without a question
to learn lifes lesson is to obtain perfection
from this life to the next one, reincarnation
seek the power that could put the 'what' in tarnation
across every nation, radio station
every channel broadcasting comtemplation
its my meditations that have lead me to this
verbal penetraition, narrative or a diss
you cant stop me alone or a million men strong
or with a manuscript written a billion pens long
my hundred bars give you a hundred scars
and leave echoes in time and thunder far"

with that, the king dissolved in a cloud of smoke
yet i still heard the words he proudly spoke

"congratulations warrior, you've completed your quest
so heres the reward for you for defeating the best
take a look inside the cup and observe the reaction"

i did as i'd been told, from the heard to the action
inside the shining grail was a message in gold
that glowed in the darkness, impressively told
it read:

"the road of progress is a neverending path
theres no limit to our limits, forever it lasts
this cup is a trinket, but a symbol of skill
you've taken the next step to being truly ill"

06-12-2007, 01:30 AM
Nice story, dude. This reminded me of some of Canibus’ material, where he writes about mc’ing from a really serious standpoint, and describes it as a real art. Your writing is very well balanced. You don’t go over the top with rhyme schemes, but you still use plenty of multies and other patterns without letting it control what you write or forcing anything, which is where so many people go wrong these days. You move fluently from line to line too. No awkward word combinations or crowding or anything. Like I said, really well balanced. Imagery was tight too, as always. Keep up the good work.

06-12-2007, 12:01 PM
props j6-


06-13-2007, 12:32 PM
Niceness Johny it's tight as hell! Good writing you have a deep mind, and it shows you take time to write because it all flows together so well! And Noel was correct your imagery is crazy so keep writing.

Johnny 6-feet
06-21-2007, 01:22 PM
^^Thanks guys, uppin this one time.^^