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06-12-2007, 11:46 AM

Check out this info on Wise Intelligent's new album and Challenge


Talented Timothy Taylor Album Update and Challenge

Wise Intelligent iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor is almost here…July 17th 2007 is just right around the corner. The album release party for the record will be at FAT BEATS in New York, check out the show dates on the front page of this site for more information. Did I tell yall that Wise’s new album is straight FIRE and in my not so humble opinion it’s his best work since his last best work!

The God really dug deep this time around to give you something that’s not only going satisfying to your Hiphop needs but the Talented Timothy Taylor speaks directly to the hard issues that we are facing today.

Here goes the final Track Listing from the Talented Timothy Taylor album…

1. Another Chance @ Life
2. I’m Him
4. Sensi Party feat. Somer Lane
6. Go With Me
7. Youth & Thugs feat. Popula
8. John Kerry (Interlude)
9. A Genocide
10. Alex Jones (Interlude)
11. Ganja Smugglin
12. Skit
13. Police Can Do
14. SKIT
15. Passing Tha Time
16. Still Black
17. Mama Cry
18. Summer in da JECTS
19. Barnes & Noble (+ Lesson)
20. This Is Love feat. Tye Austin
21. Intelligent Wise
22. Set U Free
23. Cold World*


Now here goes the Challenge…

DOES CONSCIOUS HIP HOP SELL? PROVE IT! We challenge all those who talk about a positive CHANGE in Hip Hop to spend some CHANGE on positive Hip Hop! Wise Intelligent Iz the Talented Timothy Taylor IN STORES JULY 17th presents an opportunity for progressive Hip Hop fans, artists and proponents to SEIZE the TIME and PROVE to major corporations and all the world that POSITIVE HIP HOP is as marketable, promote-able, and most importantly just as SELL-ABLE as any other ideals in rap. This is the record that brings the much talked about BALANCE that Hip Hop artists and fans say is needed.

It’s time we stop the mouths of those who say that the Hip Hop community is too DUMB to support INTELLIGENT MUZIK by being doers of the word and not hearers only! SUPPORT Intelligent Muzik!!!!

Wise Intelligent's new single "I'm Him" will be available for .99 Download @ ITunes TOMORROW 6/12/07 (yes you may have already heard the record; It's Hot! You may have already downloaded it for free some place on the Internet. But, this is bigger than the muzik, this is about PROVING that WE THE PEOPLE have the power to EMPOWER the artists who put the PEOPLE OVER PROFIT and not PROFIT OVER PEOPLE!)