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06-20-2007, 12:57 PM
Suspect In Stack Bundles Case Found Dead

On the day Byrd Gang rapper Stack Bundles was buried, his alleged killer was found dead in his bed with a pillow over his face and two gun shots to the head.
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What goes around comes around.

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Written by Chris Smith

It’s funny how in the midst of this summer morning, the only thing on my mind is how easily senseless death begets senseless death. And how it all has become routine. I passed by J.Foster Phillips Funeral Home over on Linden Boulevard on my way to work yesterday. The street was swollen with people, so much so that traffic slowed to a near halt for about four blocks. Mourners and policemen stood on the fringes of the crowd. Cars here and there bore the simple phrase, “R.I.P. Stack Bundles”.

A phrase doubly ironic when you think about it. Around the way girls, chickenheads and other ‘hood maidens sauntered back and forth in somber dresses and heels. Some dudes tried to kick game. Others chose to huddle together to give each other support. Others stood off to the side holding purpose laden conversations on cellphones, cup in hand. Hype Williams would kill to have this as a scene for a video shoot, I thought.

The sad thing is, someone did die. Right before they were to get the lion’s share of success they had worked so hard for. Stack Bundles’ death has brought about more violence and more tough questions we have to ask ourselves. Charles White got murdered execution style last night as a stroke of ‘hood justice’. From initial reports, it sounds like he was set up. But I don’t claim to be a detective. I just observe. And what I’m seeing right now isn’t making any sense to me. Like certain responses on a message board saying something to the effect that he deserved it.


And doesn’t anyone else besides me think this attitude is ridiculous? He was found with a pillow over his face, which makes me think whoever did it thought it would be cool to imitate something they’d seen in the movies. I don’t know if it’s true that Stack Bundles was pushing a Porsche around while still living in the projects in Far Rockaway, but if so then he and Charles White and many others died for some warped idea of street hubris. Pride that gives no quarter but is willing to drop dimes and do whatever for the dollar.

But the biggest thing is that these cats are dying over what can literally be considered crumbs in the grand scheme of things. Should Stack have been happy he made it onto Jim Jones’ team? Yes, because he overcame the speedtraps that exist for brothers in this country. But someone else didn’t. No one even knows what they wanted except for his life. And to be real, his life was worth more than any car or social position. I just hope that in the wake of all of this, people can grasp the idea that the deaths of Stack Bundles and Charles White were senseless. And maybe they’ll consider that the next time someone makes a wild and random threat on their radio show or on some ’street’ DVD series. Pride in the end, isn’t bulletproof.

Words from a close friend of Stack Bundles

Having knowing Stack personally i warned him of flossing in the hood when you have hungry wolves all around you, he brushed my words off saying "Man i can't just leave the hood'. But maybe he would still be alive if he took my advice, one thing you can't be rich and still live in the hood.
I don't see anyone learning from Scott la rock, tupac, B.I.G., Big L, or Doc doom's deaths! When your successful there's a price on your head.
Stack i'll neer forget that last time we chatted and you told me That you getting this deal won't change your life! And the next day you were murdered r.i.p.

06-20-2007, 01:41 PM
Chris Smith is right