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06-20-2007, 03:49 PM
id apreciate sum feedbak plz, more than last time cos only like two ppl posted bak, cheers. appreciated

if i say im gonna ride, im gonna roll,
dont forget the balaclava cos im parole,
if i do get caught i wont care,
cos wen u got the money the judge can be scared,
raid his house, tie up his kids and spouse,
wait for him to break, giv him a firm hand shake,
stare str8 into his eyes asif your invincable,
unplug the phonlines, keep it proffessional,,
jump bak into the car, im lookin for trouble,
see whos who, and who looks vunerable,
spot your victim then open ya door,
'what you lookin at bitch?' then knok him to the floor,
ignore his cry for mercy, kick him half to death,
rob his phone, his wallet, and his last breath,
leave him for dead as he screams for help,
terrorisin the innocent, to make a name for yaself.

im meetin my dealer at 10 but iv only got a tenner,
he beta bring the goods or its goodnight vienna,
good lad, hes brought the stash,
the worlds gone mad, a 13 year old lad sellin hash?
o well thats how it goes in this drug endorsed life,
theres only one person who can say if its wrong or right,
thats the man upstairs, time to reach up to him,
roll up, light up, smoke the skin,
mashed out, stareyed, starin into space,
i no what ur thinkin, this guys a headcase,
to true my friend im fukin crazy,
my mum, a psychiatrist, not even God can save me.

07-12-2007, 03:50 PM
Cool And Funny....