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Iron Curtain
07-26-2005, 02:26 PM
What up?
This is fam right there repping BK! Be on the look out for his album called ''Two Sides To Every Story'' which is about to drop soon.

Someone done efffed up, left the door open and Juxx Diamondz has kicked the damn thing it off the hinges. Not waiting for an official invitation from the rap world this gangster straight takin it, Brooklyn style. Someone must have been sleepin' on the job, cause y'all done let the kid in the game and now it will never be the same. Ya heard! "Im just a young dude out the gutter, that survived a lot of the things that some grown men couldn't survive," offers the young rap-slayer who describes his style as a smooth gangsta. "And put it into music. Basically all my stuff is based on reality, Im a reality rapper." Admittedly influenced by Biggie, Tupac and a lot of heads that kept it gutter and had success, it was another rap star and Brooklyn's own, Jay-z who was one of his biggest inspirations in rap, "He definitely let me see that a nigga from the hood could put it down." Which clearly explains the album title, Go hard or go home. (Draftpikz/ Biggboyenterprise). Signing with the label Biggboy enterprise was an easy choice after they proved themselves to Juxx when they bailed him outta jail and stood up for him in court, before he was even really down with them. That one act showed him that they had his back, and in the grimy rap world everyone needs somebody they can count on to hold them down, when it's goin down. After starring on the streets in the mixtape circuit for a minute Juxx Diamondz is repping for his click J.O.B (jump off boyz) and is about to set it with his debut disc. Expect lotsa gangsta tales, rhymes and ruckus from a another BK rhymeslaya He is in the talks with numeros labels but the main focus is Roc A Fella. Check out some of his songs and drop your thoughts here.

Juxx Diamondz - Pause (http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2EFA68I1PES5X35VIRCUXL6TGM)

Juxx Diamondz - Streets (http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=31TE4VYUJAQUU2UP6GAJNKQUIL)



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08-01-2005, 03:05 PM
What up, nobody got love for him? oh cīmon