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The Story of a man who has commited murder and is paying the price of his Acts.The man signifies that he is not afraid to die , he just wants to be put out of his mental miseries.

It was a clash of Consious neurons with adrenaline..//
but i just chose wrong, like a newborn never intends to sin//
it ascends within each level of guilt swallows me//
demons infest my skin.Feeling a burn , Satan follows me//
the blood in my hands is fresh, i dont need to bleed//
couldnt thresh right from wrong,i agreed to feed the seed//*
i cant see wat i seek, its like im blind to desire//
designed to require.As humans we'r jst assigned to retire//
reminded of fire when i picture the sequence of slaughter//
vivid like mental photage, i killed him but not his daughter..//**
everyones interest swells, but im the one living a-loan//
im the nucleus of this cell, a captive king surrounded by ozone//***
with cold bones ill smile in my coffin, like laughing at life//
in need of euphoric whore-moans,but im crafting the knife//****
i hope death'll be like a dopamine gush in my brain//
pleasure in the chambers,rushes in my veins flushin my pain//*****
lethal injections!!.Execution contained in glass vials//
evil intentions!! piercing my system im past exile//
some playing advice,never rush in swaying the dice//
cos ull be astraying to vice like me. Im still payin the price//

*thresh = to seperate
**altho he didnt kill her but by later bars u should understand that he raped her, when he implies to euphoria
***Interest and loan!!! get it.since he's alone he's locked in a cell, cells(biological one) hav a membrane but the membrane this man is surrounded by is ozone and if u didnt know Ozone is toxic(O3) .GET IT!!!!!
****whore moans/hormones, and the knife part goes on to show that he drives pleasure by killin , thats why he's cleanin and sharpenin his knife
*****the hormone that makes a person feel euphoric is called Dopamine!, hope yall get it.

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dope verse yo good lyrics and rhyme patterns..and double meanings too. PEACE