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06-26-2007, 09:31 PM
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HHDX: Why has it taken 4 years to get from released from Def Jam to getting a release out thru Koch?
Keith Murray: Well Def Jam released me in 1 day.

HHDX: Yeah thatís what I mean, itís been almost 4 years to the day.
Keith Murray: So I was like this, I went home [and] said, You know what, let me just regroup, get a grip, come equipped. I sat down with Erick [and] we talked about the record. We came from the high hat to the snare to the kick to the bass line to the word to the sentence to the paragraph Ė everything was built from scratch. It didnít take 4 years [to record the album], but 4 years had elapsed. I didnít even realize it was 4 years to tell you the truth. It donít feel like it to me. It just feel like we was working on the record and boom. But plus, I had to wait for 4th quarter to go by last year, and stuff like that. So, I dunno, itís a feel. When we do records itís about feeling. It ainít, Yo, I gotta hurry up and put this record out.

HHDX: Well itís justÖ I was listening to Lilí Wayneís new song, ďLa La La,Ē and itís the same sample that you flipped on ďIíma Smoka.Ē
Keith Murray: The same exact sample!

HHDX: Yeah, so now itís gonna look like youíre following him.
Keith Murray: That ainít on my album. I got a whole rearranged new [tracklisting].

HHDX: While weíre speaking on tracks from your album, thereís a new Def Squad joint on there called ďNobody,Ē so are we gonna get a follow-up to the first DS album, El Nino, in time for the 10-year anniversary of its release next year?Keith Murray: Yeah, we goní come out with that on the 10-year anniversary. Itís called Tsunami. We recording now. Erick is giving us the beats.

HHDX: You got any other projects youíre working on for Ď07/í08, besides your album and the Def Squad album?Keith Murray: I got the L.O.D. project coming out, Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide. They finally goní come out.

HHDX: That only took 15 years.
Keith Murray: Yeah, but you know L.O.D. is really a street gang, not rappers. When I was rappiní none of Ďem was rappiní. They didnít even really fuck with rap, we just was in the streets. And then some of Ďem adapted. And you know between death and jail, and all types of setbacks, the shit just never came out. But itís coming out like 6, 7 months from now.

HHDX: Any guest appearances you got lined up, maybe on a new EPMD album?Keith Murray: Oh yeah, Iím definitely on the new EPMD album. And Iím on that Redman album that just dropped, ďWalk In Gutta.Ē What you know about Pinot Gregio and roasted duck/With a mean street team outside posted up/Toasted up, ready to roast a duck/When I say street team, I donít mean niggas that put posters up/Let's be blatant, you achin and ancient/We capered in your hood with dirty machetes and bloody aprons.

HHDX: This generation is not ready for that.Keith Murray: They ainít?

HHDX: Youíre speaking in tongues to anyone under 21.
Keith Murray: I am? Why?

HHDX: This flood of nonsense over the past couple years I think has just turned everybody into zombies.
Keith Murray: Yeah, but thatís cool because I enjoy the challenge. Iím approaching this thing as a new artist, so Iím covering all my grounds. I go to high schools. I go to the clubs. I be on myspace. Iím in the streets, walking down the block talking to people. And they all seem to have a real good perception of Keith Murray.
Iím here to give my core audience what they want and what they need from me, which is the true essence of hip-hop - conceptual albums, not just one single. Rapp-Murr-Phobia is the fear of real hip-hop. Hip-hop is taking a real beating right now. You got Al Sharpton running wild. Man, fuck all that shit! Letís get back to the essence of this shit. This is for those who love it, want it and understand it. Iím not trying to beg to be accepted by muthafuckas who donít know what this is.
On Koch I have a goal to reach with a certain amount of numbers, which will set me up way better than if I was on a major. Or I coulda just got the advance [from a major label] and went out and got the show money, and they woulda put me in red tape from the record sales. So me and Erick made the album. Now we get the backing and we go out and do the shows. And Iíll walk this muthafucka city by city barefooted with my muthafuckiní CD in my backpack if I have to, to let these muthafuckas know Iím out.
ĎCause all Iím hearing now is, ďOh, I didnít know this was out. I didnít know Redman was out.Ē Like, what the fuck is going on?

HHDX: Especially with the Internet, yeah, it doesnít make any sense.Keith Murray: Doesnít make any sense. I figure yo, Koch wanna make money. We ainít friends and we ainít buddies. You wanna make money with me, I wanna make money. You do your part, Iíll do my part. What more can I do but deliver a dope album?

HHDX: Well thatís good to hear that youíre prepared for the road work, because I know Redman, the last Soundscan report I saw I think he ended up a little over a 100,000Ö
Keith Murray: Yeah, last week he hit 107,000. But heís out [on the road] all the time. I donít get it! Heís everywhere. Why ainít they picking that album up? The label. And then they look back at the artist like itís the artistís [fault]. The label is the one that distributes and promotes the music to the people.

HHDX: So if you donít get to that 100K are you gonna keep working thru this situation youíre in, or you think youíre gonna just go and do something completely off on your own?Keith Murray: Iím sayiní, I got the #2 most added record in the country. Tyrese just did the video. They just added the rough mix to BET. How canít I reach my goal? I mean, Iím not trying to compete with Redman Ďcause he did a 107,000 should I reach a 107,000. But I know where my money lies. I know how much I get off a record, and how many records I gotta sell to get a certain amount.
Shit, over here a 100,000 is successfulÖ I got minimal goals, modest goals, nothing unrealistic. I know Iím dealing with an indie that runs like a major, not a major. So every dollar counts and you gotta be smart.

HHDX: Iím just curious, as a fan, that there are going to be more Keith Murray albums though, because the way things are looking now it seems like thereís so little motivation to put out an album.
Keith Murray: Iím picking my new beats right now. Iíll walk down the street. Iíll be on the Internet. Iíll do it for those that be like, "Yo Murray, when you coming?" All that trying to go please these middle-class American muthafuckas, that shit donít matter. You be chasing a muthafuckiní dream doing that shit.

HHDX: One last question, as a lifelong fan I just gotta know if this ever really took place. I know your uncle used to bodyguard for Big Daddy Kane, but did you really defeat the legendary BDK in battle?Keith Murray: No, I didnít defeat him. I exchanged flows wití him. And later on we became good friends. I just was in England with Big Daddy Kane. He brought me out, Ďcause I was performing with EPMD a day after but I went to the show. He brought me out [and the audience] lost they minds! Go on YouTube and look at it, lost they minds! Yo, this shit is alive, man. So anybody who donít think that itís real hip-hop heads out there waiting, they sadly mistaken.
But now Iím telling them, Yo, yíall gotta go support us. Donít just get on the bandwagon and overlook the shit. But I got things on my album they really, really gonna love. This is an album me and Erick made, like Enigma, like Most Beautifullest. Those two albums, we made those with no outside influence. We went in the basement, banged our heads on the wall, and came out to the world and said, "Look!" And this is the reaction Iím getting nowÖ I didnít answer a question properly [before] about why it took so long [for the album to drop]. Like, when I had left Def Jam I knew I was dope. I knew I could make another hit record, a dope Ďnother album. But it was like, why would I wanna go to another label for them to look me in my face and tell me bullshit? E was like, ďGo independent.Ē I was like, ďLetís just make the album first and then go.Ē So we didnít even go to a major. The only record label I woulda went to is G-Unit.

HHDX: Word? Why them?
Keith Murray: ĎCause niggas say Murray youíll go Gold with G-Unit/But because you smacked P, 50 might not do it.

HHDX: Is that on the album?
Keith Murray: Nah. Erick wouldnít let me put that on there.

06-27-2007, 04:39 PM
haha, good interview
Keith is an incredible emcee, i got all his albums.
cant wait for the new joint.
hopefully a lot of dope def squad joints comin this year

06-27-2007, 07:38 PM
keith is dope, gotta get that album