View Full Version : 6what131's quick thought and purpose of writing.....

06-30-2007, 12:31 AM
what up. critisism is welcome and appreciated. enjoy and peace

i check and balance, steady settin up position
but im over drawn,bounced,out the boundaries that im livin
i over sea stress,forget the smokes and becks
lets not get to pacific on my bars im back in prison

minus chains and locks, self look-out, but associations on my chest
times well being, stress plus sucess divide the line of intersect
equals the far east but to me the close west,
failed the test,put a x in the box next to reality check

ive had nightmares when im awake, daydream instead of slept
right there i stopped,paused,looked around and took a breathe
masterpeice of artwork,priceless i grab a pen
forever changing story,my synoposis, where do i begin

prelude to interludes, stay true to what i say fool
no exagerations, rap about thigns i seen,know and been trough
ive had short cut oppotunities but always took the long way
rights and lefts,ups and down, the world so hard portray