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07-02-2007, 01:20 AM
YO check this verse out..some battle type shit i wrote years ago for my album "BURNT BRIDGES"...

Iím staying booted,
Vein polluted,
Ya talking loud but your brain is muted,
So I grab the mic load aim n shoot it,
Instructions came included on committing suicide,
Do or die,
Thatís your choice Iím letting you decide,
Truth and lies are explosive when the two collide,
We got different perspectives like I aint looking through human eyes,
We ruin lives,
Ripping through wit my ill crew,
Donít depend on ears you donít hear the shot that kills you,
We drill through- the ground stompin in the street,
Choppin up your meat,
Thatís how we marketing the beef,
Yeah we sparkin up the leaf,
While verses complement the beats,
The consequence of each leave your hardest men deceased,
I got the confidence to speak- I voice the facts,
Me and my boys attack wit poison raps
Twisting fourty caps Destroying tracks,
Avoid the traps,
Before you get caught,
10 shots directed by the red dot,
will make your fuckin head bop.
Leave em absent minded,
Half are blinded- half are speechless,
Mastermind these masterpieces,
Cats rewind n blast their speakers,
Clap ya heaters but the sound the track releases,
Got the same effect- save ya breathe,
You bout to suffocate to death,
We rated X,
No fuck it triple x,
You and ur crew the typa cats getting bopped by citizens arrest,
Iíll slit ya necks- cut ya lives short like cigarettes,
Then attend your funeral to pay my disrespects,
So check the intellect,
Hit the deck cuz yall are targets,
Never call me heartless til they rip it from my carcass,
On these tracks we run the farthest wit the hardest of rhymes,
Yeah im back twistin caps wit my partners in crime,
Lines are planted seeds and its harvestin time,
So if you got a gased head we put the spark to ya mind,
These snitches dropping a dime,
Like pennies down a wishing well,
Words are captivatin bars will trap u like a prison cell...

The beat to this track is bangin too..i'll prolly upload it sometime..

07-03-2007, 04:10 AM
hey good shit man , the structure aint the best but i def followed the flow and it sounded koo, good multis up in this.coulda done better with ya concepts and idea's nam sayin to bring a lil "wow" spice in the verse that "u dont hear the shot that kills ya" line was nice.just work on a more consistent structure nam sayin.and work on more fresh and creative punches.