View Full Version : That's All Folks (we're Comin' 4 Ya)

07-09-2007, 12:38 PM
Donít get roasted newly
Hosted I flow accosted/
These Boston Baked Beans scam schemes
As I slide through ya living room/
Gotta sit down and watch my favorite cartoons
From VOLTRON to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/
Verbally who knew they would influence me to be me keeping my imagination more active than a nuclear reactor/
Flash a gasket Inspector Gadget I magically appeared mad Valiant like a Prince of thieves I believe Robin Hood had me hooked in FANTASY/
I got seven on the head again after playing wit my PSONE then
Purchasing a PS2 a few years later I came wit more data
Than a SONY betamax cassette tape before DAT tapes/
So donít pick on these grapes I rape the case coming from 80ís
I remember that Hulk Hogan cartoon then Mr.T in the afternoon/
Before the Power Rangers we had the THUNDERCATS to He-Man
I became a man by watching Japanese Anime back in the day/
Loved the Akira movie to Ghost in the shell to Teknoman
Even seen allot of Jackie Chan flicks before he blew up/
Threw up beats on Fruity Loops while still shitting on beats
Making mince meat outta weak commercial platform tracks/
I remain actual when the game was still real and grimy
Now weíve ventured too far and gone to gimmick mimic land/
Itís a hindrance to the culture we foster had enough saki
Sorry I couldnít offer shit but a pot of green tea/
I even gotta reminisce back to the days of Space Ghost
Even before he went ďcoast to coastĒ wit Zoltar and Brak in the back/
Gimme a beat so I can rap spit like Static Shock Iím going Batman Beyond
On you peons without skills to lean on like Morgan Freemen/
Trying to get grown like Transformers Iíve always been an AUTOBOT
Fuck a Decipticon I reign on wit the Airel Bots and Grimlock/
So when you slim down you can maybe fit into the Go Bots
My flow rocks ya snot box like Ali and Frazer my flow MAJOR/
Stop trying to become Lee Major ya raps are staged like Broadway plays
Spit these bars in a major way cuz the skills are laid, paid and made/

Iím in tune
To get all you goons
Better get cha cash flow right
Cuz we coming for ya
We gunning for ya
We coming for ya
We gunning for ya
We coming for ya
Wit no warning
We coming for ya
We gunning for ya
We coming for ya
We gunning for ya
We coming for ya