View Full Version : Rapid Spitfire

07-11-2007, 12:52 AM
Since birth I’ve had game like Jesus Shuttlesworth
Big man on campus, Trailblazin’ like Greg Oden in Portland
Mexican Samurai with the mentality of a Shogun assassin
Eastern barbarian soldier destroyin’ without seekin’
Unseen laser beams coil necks like cables of weight machines
Arizona’s Rabid Wolverine with fangs bladed like guillotines
Took a bite out of Chris Benoit and cut his head off clean
Ragin’ roids, lyrical chemo 3rd degree burnin’ thyroids
30 shots fired in 30 seconds like Gunfights at the O.K. Corral
Surgical curettes scrape the insides of cervical canals
Verbal spears shear mind-body dichotomies like pap smears
One-man infantry ridin’ in tanks like Tankodesantniki
Chupacabras blood-thirsty, animalistic tendencies
Lyrically trigger happy like the Comanche Apaches
Rapid spitfire, Bob Feller Heater from Van Meter velocity
I spew spit with the pinpoint accuracy of target analogy
Military technology weaponry, sharp Asian cutlery
Jet Li was Fearless until I Unleashed the Dog like Danny
Jeffrey Dahmered his limbs and kidneys with visual anatomy
Jack Dempsey Mauler, backyard bare-knuckle brawler
Dikembe Mutombo pointed-elbow flows will Slice Kimbo
Heads from torsos get severed like Apocalypto
Brain cells scatter when skulls shatter
Volcano magma lava flow incinerates the coldest foes
You’re the fly-weight so why you takin’ me lightly?
The ice in your veins will leave your feet frozen in the mortuary
It was this Ted Bundy MC that read the obituary to your family
I layed you to rest with fishes still swimmin’ in your ballistic vest
Baked slugs sewn to your chest like titanium plates
This pussy emcee bled easily like Carrie in school showers
Closed casket viewin’ recommended at the funeral parlor
Due to cranium being granulated like black powder
If you survived this lethal lyrical I’ll get you in the sequel