View Full Version : Level Of Greatness

Big Risk
07-14-2007, 08:11 PM
Enter my labiryth of darkness.
I'll sacrifice a life before I start this.
smite you a sword, ill like the lord but regardless,
Ill still carve a 6-6-6 on to my target.
escaped from hell's audit
my heart is a cage, it holds the rage of the departed.
and when my darts hit, ill leave everyone of you straight retarded.
In these times, you gotta be trife and well guarded.
ILL hearted.
killin the snakes thats in my garden, spittin knowledge i am on it.
My raps be sicker than drinkin ya own vomit.
disrupting the earth's orbit packin heat like armed forces.
I wrote mad lines crossin the desert on blind horses
had a home as a child but in my mind i was orphan
seeing satans face often, feelin depressed but never softened.
I grew up strengthened by the pain that I was lost in.
so bite my rhymes and watch my words break your jaws in
i'm torchin all my enemies.
I'll Keep their ashes in my mantle's center peice.
my wild infantry live lifes of infamy.
a sacred energy destroyin your entire entity.
stop your heart beat and watch your soul enter me.

Sleep Sinatra
07-14-2007, 10:26 PM
raw shit.....